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Butch giving zero fucks about being a product of incest:

AIDB wrote:

Knight 0f Steel wrote:

GUMI wrote:

Knight 0f Steel wrote:

GUMI wrote: I’d still be the same. lols

Would you tour the world with me??


Looks like I’m going to have to abduct you.

Wanna see sum shit? Check this dude Krys out xD

Krys’s thoughts on the Twitch Pokemon LP:

Krystopher Malus wrote: It showed me how pathetic human hostility can be if everyone’s input wasn’t funneled into a consistent anarchic stream and people weren’t stuck behind their computer screens you can bet frustration would lead to physical violence and nothing would get done, but it also showed that hundreds of thousands of people could have fun together is leashed by anonymity and physical restraint

Krys in regards to the pregnant teen sister of another member

Krystopher Malus wrote: good luck with your sister leeching off your family to take care of her mistake, can’t believe that you live with that slut and couldn’t set her straight, I don’t feel bad for your situation

Krys’s thoughts on rape. Yes.

Depends on who gets raped and whos raping, some people deserve to be raped, and some people deserve to get laid, sometimes it just works out.

We all have our own perspectives on fairness and shit, there would be cases where Id cheer on the suffering or pleasure of others, other times Id fuck up someone if they tried to touch an innocent girl...

For example would it rustle your jimmies if Justin Beiber got raped? Or would you smile, chuckle a little, and leave a sarcastic comment on whatever thread put up the news. Lots of people might be like, rape is rape, its messed up, and then turn around and join the crowd of people laughing at dark humor all over the internet.

Honestly, for me, if some stupid, group minded, loose, indulgent, bratty, spoiled, bitch who was no stranger to sex (like Justin, but in this case assume its a girl) got raped at night while being a loopy, sluttily dressed dumbass I would hope it was unpleasant and humiliating as possible, because like Nagato said, Pain helps the world grow up

Some people need to learn pain and rape is a way for someone to share pain, truth. If no one pisses you off then you must get along with idiots, thus youre probably a conforming faggot


Hank Crawford wrote:

Molly wrote:

Snap wrote: My bullying is a defense mechanism.

You all made me this way.

Hug is what you need. Ask Cid for a hug.

Naruto in a nutshell.

Mu wrote:

Snap wrote: Well I mean, here’s the story.

I tried masturbating once, realized I was doing it wrong, didn’t know how to do it right, and just gave up.

I could probably get it right if I tried now, but I don’t see the point.

Griffith wrote:

Alpha and Omega wrote:

-Sheko- wrote:

Alpha and Omega wrote:

-Sheko- wrote:

Alpha and Omega wrote:

-Sheko- wrote:

Alpha and Omega wrote: Kill it

Afraid he’ll cause your parents to divorce?

The fuck is wrong with you


No, I am not worried, because they will smash it before I get to it

I think your dad will put a ring on it.

my dad would smash it

Well then

The Gunboat Diplomat wrote:



Ladd wrote:

Top 10 list of kawaii-desu members:

Sekundes wrote: Jay can chase underage poon and make sexual advances about showing his whole body on webcam.

But can he see why kids love cinnamon toast crunch?

Mitchie wrote:

Cirno wrote:

Thugs Bunny wrote: Amanda what’s your sig from?

Do you want to know?

Thugs Bunny wrote: Yes Oku that’s why I asked


Ori wrote: I actually kinda got back into sex rp a couple days ago. I decided to install imvu again on my laptop, and I used to always have lots of sex on imvu. I even use girl avatars and fuck guys for fun. Shit brought me back to my old self lol.

Jin-Kun wrote:

Hellfighter wrote: It’s not my fault you’re a paedophile.

Like you don’t even understand.

You’re the type of person that I really don’t give a fuck about.
Honestly? I really, REALLY wouldn’t care (and be happy about it) if you suffered and burned in Hell.

The fact that you’re alive, the fact that you even, you don’t even know.
I really would enjoy seeing you burn in Hell.

OrganizationXV wrote:

Kamen Rider Soul wrote:

OrganizationXV wrote:

Kamen Rider Soul wrote:
Give a 10 a year old a video game or some shit to drop his pants, he doesn’t fully understand his actions or the adult’s actions.

You are grossly underestimating any human being’s intelligence.

Yeah man, ten year old kids are really smart and have a firm grasp on the world and tons of concepts.

What ten year old is stupid enough to pull down his pants to some random guy?

If you were that dumb when you were ten, I guess that would explain why you’re arguing about incest with Hellfighter.

Knight 0f Steel wrote: one of these days before I move back I’m going to pummel you into the floor, and pour some fresh hot cocoa on your head.

Knight 0f Steel wrote: I intend to stretch KIlluminatic’s pussy so lose Hellfighter won’t be able to fill her up anymore.

Snap wrote:

The Poster Formerly Known as Zack wrote: Zeed is gay?

I sent him some pictures of sexy women. Safe for work, not against any rules at all.

He reported me because he “didn’t want them”.

Snap wrote:

The Butcher wrote: Gayest thing you’ve ever typed.

I’m sure it isn’t, since I’ve typed out your username several times by now.

Kinasin wrote: Jay’s Thirst is an uncontrollable quagmire of destruction.

When young black males walk towards him their erection’s literally get sucked out of their pants and into his asshole.

Raniero wrote:

Smfh wrote:

Beelzemon wrote:



Pretty sure Loli’s aren’t too deep for anyone :/ ¬¬

The True Rustler of Jimmies wrote:

Sheko the Messiah wrote:

The True Rustler of Jimmies wrote:

Sheko the Messiah wrote:

The True Rustler of Jimmies wrote:

Sheko the Messiah wrote:

The True Rustler of Jimmies wrote:

Sheko the Messiah wrote: Proof of your life? Concession accepted. #TTSWsoMad


Concession accepted. x2

You’re just upset that your dad considers you to be a disappointment and won’t let you hang out with your one friend(and he doesn’t even really like you). Lol #SoSadAndMad

What the fuck?

Are you going to deny that you have daddy issues? Come on kiddo, MVC always remembers. #StayMad #Ihatemydad

LMAO. What a sad bunch you moviecunts are.
These are the type of insults I’d expect from a Freshman in High School.

They aren’t even insults though. You have some serious rage issues with your dad, which is undoubtedly effecting your emotional growth. :I

You know what I have rage issues with? The fucktards on this website.
If it was legal I would personally track down every single one of you and murder you in broad daylight via shotgun.

GanjuDaGanjaMasta wrote: Cry because I decimated you in a debate, you worthless piss. Your existence is beneath mine, you despicable white trash. Kill yourself, because you have no friends, your family hates you. You have no prospects. You exist to be inferior to me. That is all.

Any non Naruto fans agrees that you’re an idiot. How about you just accept it? You’re a dunce. A good for nothing. A waste of breath. Nothing you can say will ever change the fact that your life is worth less than anyone else’s.

Nena wrote: I’ve cried over raging in video games.

Roxas wrote:

Snap wrote:

Le Fabulous Loli wrote: I may not be any of those things, but guess what, monsieur. I’m also real wink



Snap’s all like

Knight 0f Steel wrote:

Rougarou wrote: How’s the Cassara creamy going?

I can jizz in your mouth and you can tell me.

Hema Logical KingLash wrote:

Lint on the carpet wrote: The reason I remain chill, is because I’m a godless killing machine without feelings of remorse. Thus, I’m unbreakable cool


Sekundes wrote:

Sheko The Reaper wrote:

November Rain wrote: Chibi, you have the right to get anally raped. But if you use that right then it’s not considered rape, but intercourse.

To answer the thread, no. If you get your jimmies rustled each time someone takes a bite of a cheeseburger then that’s your problem.

Oh man, you told KA you could easily leave and never come back. I believed in you. My world is shattered.

He came back because I don’t give him sex. He liked it when I dressed up as Madara and told him I’d turn his imagination in to reality.

Brawndo the Thirst Mutilator wrote: I named my Goomy GUMI.

Its currently in daycare, getting mercilessly plowed by Tyrantrum.

Raniero wrote:

The 7th Messiah wrote:

Raniero wrote: I once punched my dad in the nose.

Did you get kicked out?

He beat my ass.

The Witch of Certainty wrote: I wonder what Lamia pussy feels like

Fure wrote:

pimples on penis wrote: drown in horse cum

I hope I die like this.

Kagami wrote: I cant hit a her she is too gorgeous.I knew her from fourth grade so we are long friends.Actually I tried to get her to be my girlfriend in sixth grade.Then I saw her and some other girl making out behind the school.I was clueless to lesbians so I thought they were playing.I tried to kiss her and just backed away and said Jay “I like girls nigga”.I said “yh I like girls too so why wont you kiss me is it because you think Im ugly”.“No Jay you are cute but I dont know why but I dont feel anything from you but around Denise I feel something you know what Im saying.“No I dont”.“Jay Im a lesbian go home and google that nigga and we should stay friends”“But I like you Rika”“Yh and I like you as a friend and unless you were a girl we will be friends forever"She continued “Now get your prepubecent ass out of here so me and Denise can finish!!!!".I ran into the bathroom crying that was my first heartbreak.

She lets me touch her ass since she doesnt feel anything from me.There are times when she walks around her her house naked.She slaps me if I try to touch her titties which are DD and pussy.


Chris Handsome wrote: You are garbage Snap freaking garbage and Gomi is a nutcase for wanting your dick while ignoring the many better dicks on this website like mine.

Rage wrote: *Le Magnum on MvC*

Mag: G-g-guys K-KLK is g-g-gonna suck so much l-l-loli dick

Us: What the hell? That doesn’t even make any sense

Mag: S-s-shut up! B-bet you’re gonna love that Medaka set HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHHAhaHAHAHHAHAHAhahahaHAHAHA guys I’m so funny LOLOLOLOLOL MEDAKA!!!!!!

Us: Whatever, lmao

Mag: Heh... f-f-faggots

*takes dick in hand*

*opens KLK pv*

Mag: dis b mai shyit niqqa HNNNNNNNNGH

Snap wrote:

Beelzemon wrote: Should really get round to re-reading it, can’t remember anything. Completely forgot about Ms. Smith’s monstergirl squad until you mentioned them... ¬¬

That was one of my favorite chapters, actually.

One of the weirdest feelings in my life was my attraction to Zombina after seeing those bullet-holes in her torso.

Not sure I’ll ever be the same. :l

some one new wrote:

Zackbaatar wrote:

YuNarukami wrote: No, there really isn’t.

Yes, there really is.

Would you like an example?

The age of the Earth according to the Bible is vastly different to what is accepted among scientists as the Earths correct age. Same with the origin of the Earth. Or mankind.

You must be referencing the “GOF”, Gospel of fake scriptures

“And the lord said, 2000 years after I send my son will mark the 6000th year of the Earth’s existence”-Gospel of Fake scriptures 1:1

This book contains more beauties such as, “And the lord said, I will make my son in the image of a Caucasian man." Or who could forget, “After Jesus ascended into heaven, the Apostle James compiled all the scriptures together which would be known as 'The King James' version. The lord commanded, read no version but this one."


Tori-Bot wrote:

Mein wrote:

.R.E.A.L.I.T.Y. wrote: Aight boys. That’s it for me

.R.E.A.L.I.T.Y. wrote: You fucks. Trying to keep this site semi-intelligent

well it seems you fulfilled your own request there ;3

Shut up before he lifts you up with his left arm.

Sheko the Reaper wrote:

Tori-Bot wrote:

Sheko the Reaper wrote:
I fucked your father in the ass for making my dinner late.

You have a gay fetish for older guys?

I instinctually dominate the weak. Not really a choice of mine.

Rage wrote: Not like being better than Haruhi is an accomplishment or anything.

Her character is flatter than Snap’s waifus.


The Heretic wrote:


The Heretic wrote:

da A.D.M.I.N. STOMPER wrote:

Tippership Commander wrote: (Fure’s avatar was originally modified to a Admin’s satisfaction)

Yeah, no.

Only diC was satisfied.
Chibi, on the other hand, didn’t care for it one bit.

Anyways, I find it odd that a stick-up-your-ass admin, like yourself, isn’t taking offense. Tigger was also complaining about the “hentai” a while back, but she somehow doesn’t care about Dino-porn? lolol

Y’all got some cute double standards, son.
When you and Bjarne finally get hit w/ a lawsuit from some kid’s parents, you’ll remember this. :I

Has anyone ever told you that you’re like... A drama queen? Like not just a drama queen but a half retarded rage filled drama queen?

Jus sayin~

has anyone ever told you to lose some damn weight you 300 pound monster?

Your girlfriend told me I was perfect the way I am.

my girlfriend is merely a figment of my imagination

Snap wrote:

Cid wrote:

Jin-Kun wrote: Lol, I really feel like beating the shit out of you if I ever get the chance.

One of these days, you’re going to type that to somebody who’s going to use your IP address to get a rough idea of where you live, then use your photos here to find out exactly where you are. Then they’re going to show up at your front door and beat you down.

Hope they youtube it.

Cid’s coming your way.

Better hope your doorframe is narrow enough to save you.

Wolfenstein wrote: My relationship with Rage:

8===D~ ~~~~~~grin

Smiley is his enthusiastic and cute face

BuroriReturns wrote: I think he’s abusing his e-power alittle too much for my liking. This is what happens when you give children adult responsibilities

Professor Eidolon wrote: He challenged my hand at an Anime style so I tried!

Pretty amazin init?

Tunnel Snakes Rule wrote: A prototype of the story, might edit it

* Ring Ring Ring *

“Finally, class is over." Magnum sat back in his seat and took a breath of fresh air. Saying his school was normal would be a massive lie. Each class had 26 seats, his class being the “MvC” class. It had 5 rows with 5 seats in each row, and finally, the grandmaster seat which was right at the back of the class. A student who’s name was not known sat on the grandmaster seat for every subject there was. The students just called him TSR. The worse you was in a particular subject, the closer you would sit to the Teacher. They just finished taste class at the moment, meaning it was not unusual for his younger twin brother Butch to be sitting in the front row. Everybody except Magnum and Butch left the classroom. Butch slowly got up from his seat and walked towards Magnum.

“So, why did you tell me to stay behind Maggie?" Butch seemed rather impatient, but Magnum did not care. Today, nay, now was the time he was going to do it.

Magnum pulled his desk drawer open while Butch watched on with slight interest. Butch’s eyes widened when he saw Magnum pull out a gothic lolita dress, along with all it’s little accessories.

''M-Maggie, what the hell are yo-" Butch immediately stopped talking out of shock, the reason for this being Magnum somehow managing to rip off Butch’s school uniform and replacing it with the outfit that he just took out of his drawer at MFTL+ speeds. Magnum did not waste any time as he powered up into his Super Saiyan form he kept as a secret for so long. The force of the transformation caused his clothes to be ripped apart, ( something he would come to regret later ) and revealing his 14-inch manly dong which was covered in tattoos and scars. Where he got those scars from, Butch did not want to know.

Magnum walked towards Butch who was cowering in a corner with slow but well paced steps.

“D-Don’t tell me you’re going to..."

“BUTCHIE-CHAN! I CAN NOT WAIT ANY LONGER! RAERHARHERHGAAR!" Magnum immediately pulled down Butch’s frilly knickers which was covered with the faces of shitty characters, and lunged inside poor Butchie-chan’s ass so hard that it made a Supernova as a side-effect. Butch screamed, cried and struggled, but whatever he did he could not even get Magnum to budge. Magnum did not notice Butch’s futile efforts as he continued to drill his manly dick into Butch. Butch immediately let out a scream of ecstacy.

“Heh... Found your prostate, Butchie-chan!" Magnum continued to hit the exact same spot continuously, to the point where Butch couldn’t think straight.

“I’M GOING TO CUM INSIDE YOU TILL YOU’RE PREGNANT!!! RAAAAARRGGH!" Butch felt something warm and sticky go down his tunnel, which he came to figure out was Magnum’s sperm. Magnum came so much that Butch’s stomach bloated into one comparable to that of an eight-month pregnancy. Some of Magnum’s sperm leaked out of his asshole, and he could have sworn that each one of his sperm cells had a face that looked exactly like Kenshiro’s. The sheer manliness of each individual sperm cell caused Butch to ejaculate seven times, causing him to pass out. Of course, this did not make Magnum stop. In fact, it only fueled his erection.

By the end of the day, the entire classroom was colored white and Butch managed to give birth. More than once.


Zackbaatar wrote:

Snap wrote:

Tunnel Snakes Waifu wrote:

Infligentes Dolorem Scriptor wrote:

Tunnel Snakes Waifu wrote:

Infligentes Dolorem Scriptor wrote: unbeknownst to everyone, the huge mass of letters that were on the ground know have formed into a gelatinous monster with hundreds of tentacles outstretched.

*eats jell-o monster*
Nice try, but no.

The tentacles squirm inside you as the monster is indigestible.

*sits on the ground and moan*

Called it.

Dr. Urologist wrote:

Ether wrote:

.R.E.A.L.I.T.Y. wrote: Snap get the fuck back in the kitchen before I quantum physics you with my left arm.


Sailor V wrote:

Shimmata wrote: Really? I impregnated one of your scouts yesterday.

You’re quarter inch penis couldn’t even get a mouse pregnant. Quit wanking. Wait, nvm, you can’t wank sad.

Mein wrote:

.R.E.A.L.I.T.Y. wrote: Well you’re constantly up my ass, you might as well get friendly with my prostate you rectum rover.

How could I possibly be up your ass?

your head takes up all the room.

Roxas wrote:

Raniero wrote:

Ether wrote: Thanks, brah.

Dat cancer

Gratz to you as well. 1 more year, joe.

No prob, bro. And thanks. grin

Yup, one more year and it’s a wrap.

Jesus, when I first read this I thought you guys had cancer and were celebrating another year being alive.

Demiurge wrote: I’ve had three major loves in my life.

One with lemon pledge, one with Gojira4life, and one with hellfighter.


Tunnel Snakes Rule wrote:

Dirty Sloth wrote:

Tunnel Snakes Rule wrote:

Dirty Sloth wrote:

Tunnel Snakes Rule wrote: Why is everyone jealous of my heterosexuality?

How can people be jealous of something that doesn’t exist?

Another example of jealousy.

You must be gay

Close enough i’d say.
Lance level broh.

Is that the level where you can’t even think straight unless you suck five dicks every morning?

Ladd wrote: Before Snap mods it away~

Snap wrote: Okaaaaayyyyy, so who fantasized about rubbing their faces in Tomoka’s tummy last night? grin

Snap wrote: No, now.

It’s super relaxing. Just imagine rubbing your face in soft loli-tummy. In a totally non-lolicon way.

Snap wrote: If you can’t rub your face in a young anime girl’s belly without feeling like a lolicon, then you obviously aren’t secure enough in your own sexuality and should seek immediate mental help, you pedo.

Snap wrote:

Cirno wrote: Snap, If you were stuck in a room with a loli.. What would happen? >.>

I would cuddle her to no end, and die happily.

Cirno wrote:

Snap wrote:

Cirno wrote:

Snap wrote: Maybe sometimes. But only because you’re a massive pervert.


Maybe sometimes. But only because you’re a massive lolicon.

It’s called “loli appreciation”.

It’s called “lolicon”.

Ladd wrote:

Snap wrote:

Shimmata wrote: Anyone got some more loli anime to watch? Dunno what to do after watching SS.

Snap wrote:

Fujiwara no Mokou wrote: Make a Loli/Shota thread gaiz

Let’s not, that’s a pretty bad idea.

Snap wrote: Let’s wait till people are more open-minded, Fuji.

Then I’ll make one myself. smiley

Snap wrote:

I’d let her pierce my heavens

If you know what I mean

And you probably do

A collection of sigs n shiet :0

By Cid:

By Snap:

By me:

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