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Funny posts

Harlequin wrote:

The Omnipotent Pirate wrote: If i did a god vs. sasuke topic, you would vote for sasuke.

Based on the sole fact that Sasuke is capable of becoming completely invincible, whereas God cheated and still lost in a wrestling contest against Jacob (Genesis 32:23-34).

Sasuke would fucking murder him.

Lol at this one saying IM taking the internet serious after this post.

AfterGlow wrote:

Morpheus wrote: AfterGlow being the inbred mouserapist he is, fails to comprehend the difference between lies and inferences.

A fat slob like you plays NO sports, you are a pussy therefore you have no combat experience, and the fact that India has a much more highly trained army than Sweden proves their innate athleticism.

I would rather be the son of a whore than the bastard child of 2 siblings.

You claim nothing is above omnipotence even though there are LEVELS of it and nothing has absolute power i.e. see paradoxes etc.

I never said nostalgia means quality per se so you fail.

Nope, you’re still lying and making shit up, you fucking retard. You don’t know anything about my life or me, so you’re just showing everybody what a inbred fucktard you are since you can’t debate without making shit up and lying.

India, the country of 900 000 000, who hasn’t even ten gold medals from summer/winter Olympics combined are suddenly known for their great athleticism. Yes, because everybody knows Indians are the biggest, baddest mofo’s on the block, without having a single famous athlete.
You’re so fucking off, as usual, idiot.
You never know shit about anything you’re talking about.

Yeah, I know, it’s hilarious to see him fail.

And no, there is no fucking levels of omnipotence you fucking idiot, there is omnipotence and anything below omnipotence.

Your pathetic attempt to drag out that motherfucking stupid God damn fucking “omnipotence paradox”, a way for philosophers to debate God and use this as some proof against omnipotence is just so fucking embarrassing and really proves how fucking stupid you are.

You are trying to shoehorn in your stupid idea of omnipotence using human standards, your mushy brain can’t grasp that something has created every aspect of the universe is free to bend the logic laws of it in ways humans would never be able to comprehend.
But nooo, just because that stupid son of a bitch moronicus is too fucking stupid to grasp such a concept it must mean that omnipotence doesn’t work.

You are just too inbred to understand this, probably because you’ve jacked off too much to DBZ during your sad childhood, so you think everything is measured by the stupid power levels of that moronic show.

And keep up the lies, shitbreath, you claimed that people were nostalgic about DBZ because of it’s quality, arguing that people wouldn’t remember it fondly unless it was good, implying that nostalgia is linked to quality.

Owned you fucking shit of a dog.

AfterGlow wrote: Internet - Serious business.

At least if you’re 12...

Sheko wrote:

Life Is Bagel wrote: Lance... who’s side are you on exactly?

He’s got two hands for a reason.

To hold two dicks. BAM!

Cid wrote:

Sheko wrote:

Cid wrote: I thought pokeniggas were about being chill? Why you and Link so ragey, Sheko? J-Ketch and I were just joking around, but you two are disturbing the PHRESH with your serious business.

Haha, shush! We all know how you rage when someone mentions you or Luck’s weight problem. I’ve never been to that level. wink

Hey, I might weigh 500 lbs, but there’s 300lbs of dick in here.

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