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Name: AK-4Deception


Last seen: 06-29-2015

Account type: Regular

Registration date: 03-04-2008

Posts: 54,732

Age: 16

Location: Philly

About: fuck

Hobbies: shit

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The Official MVC Automobile Thread
Remember Those Bastards that beat and Ran Over that Black Guy????..............Well.............
Official RNS thread
My thoughts on Black History month
Now taking request for Drawings.
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Supra until 03-11-2009
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98Supra until 10-31-2010
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Cid the Kid wrote: [youtube][/youtube]

The Power Within wrote: nigga please

BausMan 117 wrote: Sup my nigga?

BausMan 117 wrote:

gabmed wrote: YEAH!

In your moms face, all over her face...
and in her hair, and possibly her mouth
ima give your mom a face painting

Supra wrote: Im gonna act like I know what the hell that is.

Skully wrote:

surferdude1212 wrote:

Skully wrote:

surferdude1212 wrote:

Skully wrote: well im off for the night.
send me friend requests,
ill be on my social networking stuff while im on vacation, but not here, since i wont have much internet time, since ill be with my gf.

anyway, if you need my name so you can find me
Nicholas Luke


should be all you need to figure out which one is me

night all

lol the spam prevention code is “Swell Party”

nighty nighty, dont let the homos and rapists bite

65 76 65 72 79 20 74 68 69 6e 67 20 77 65 20 74 79 70 65 20 69 73 20 61 63 74 75 61 6c 6c 79 20 68 65 78 20 63 6f 64 65

Which means: “every letter we type is actually in hex code”

Back in the day to edit or encode something {like a BBS or images} you had to Hex it. Not type letters, but CREATE the letters using computer code. Then over time applications were created to automatically input the hex into characters.. Now we just type and the code is hidden within the character. It’s like every letter is an image file that contains the Hex code, or C or whatever code is now used

But man.. Back in the day it was rough lol

damn like WTF.

I would mae something like “Suck a master Chief Dick, Apple Mac“lol

53 75 63 6b 20 61 20 6d 61 73 74 65 72 20 43 68 69 65 66 20 44 69 63 6b 2c 20 41 70 70 6c 65 20 4d 61 63

lol Baus man

Haylias wrote: OMG PRAISE JESUS!

deadkamakazi wrote: gran tourina was ballin as a motha fucka

Crimson_Blade wrote: He’s a girl.

jomas the grunt wrote: my heaviest bench was your mom
nearly killed me though

Rogue wrote: wtf i wish i had a sexy black voice.
fucking retarded .. whatever i am.. voice.

gabmed wrote: Chuck Norris has counted to infinity.

Kurt Donald Cobain wrote:

KingBoo wrote:

BausMan 117 wrote:

KingBoo wrote:

BausMan 117 wrote: This thread wins.

You fail.

No, bad noob, go sit in the corner or i’ll send your mom home with a a black eye again.

I have your mom’s dick in my mouth, dont make me bite it of.

You put dicks in your mouth?

BausMan 117 wrote:

Supra wrote:

BausMan 117 wrote:

muyoman wrote: well i am an equal opportunity offender so fuck the blacks and their welfare watermelon

Right on brother!

*Grabs noose*

*looks at supra*


*halls ass*

Its k, i wanna make you a necklace.


Supra wrote:

-King- wrote:

Supra wrote: ejaculate

My thoughts exactly.

gay minds think alike

Indalecio wrote:

Raoul Duke wrote: Woooooooooooow.

Shinra Tensei up the ass.

Sounds like a PAIN in the ass. grin

Tyrant wrote: I’m pretty sure I said he did it in the anime. Did you forget how to read?

And why you so mad, faggot?

Eminem wrote: “Don’t do drugs, don’t have unprotected sex, don’t be violent... leave that to me”

Eminem wrote: I am whatever you say I am, if I wasn’t, then why would I say I am.”

Eminem wrote: Momma, jimmy keep leaving on us, he said hed be back,
He pinky promised, I dont think hes honest,
I be back baby I just got to beat this clock,
Fuck this clock, Im make them eat this watch,
Dont believe me watch, Im a win this race,
And Im a come back and rub my shit in your face,
Bitch I found my neck, you gonna hear my voice,
Till you sick of it you aint gonna have a choice,
If I gotta scream till I have half a lung,
If I have half a chance I grab it, rabbit run...

KlNG JOHN wrote: lol, god dam, the motherfucker turned him into a cookie and ate the nigga.

S.Africanus wrote: Germany was Hungary, so he grabbed a piece of Turkey, dipped in some Greece and fried it in Japan.

I Smoke Fags wrote:

A Metal Fan wrote: I hate rap so much that I’d blow the fuck out of every rap fan and rapper in this world.

you’d do this for free, right? sign me up! hopefully you swallow.

J peth wrote:

Shaman King Hao wrote:

J peth wrote: dude... she got a gun!

RUN! straight

Chill. She’s a woman. She can’t use it!

but what if she’s in the kitchen? and it’s a Sandwich launching gun! straight

That wrote:

Gary Oak wrote:

Astro wrote: It wasn’t what he was talking about. It was just an example of how Gary Oaks thoughts aren’t very intelligent.

A thought is a process, it doesn’t have a conscious. Thus can’t be intelligent.

Besides, that’s the only error I’ve made in my entire life.

Besides being gay.

Dongtacular wrote: Every motherfucking post you have ever made on this fucking forum falls under the category of spam, you retarded piece of shit.

You were banned for spamming the fuck out of the forum, and the first thing you do when you’re back IS STARTING TO FUCKING SPAM AGAIN.

How fucking retarded are you?

Seriously, whenever the admins sees this, I hope they realize that you have wasted any and all chances given and you’ve once and for all proven that you can’t behave and need to have your IP banned.

Robert C. wrote:

Xatos wrote:

Rhine wrote:

Xatos wrote: what were they argueing about anways?

Did you...Watch the vid?

yes but i didnt pay much attention

Your an idiot.

Ultimate Crack Head SSJ3 wrote: It is a widely known fact that white people are genetically inferior to black people. They do not possess the melanin power that the black man is born with. Now the white man may have a bigger dick than the black man, but I guarantee the black man has bigger rims, muscles, lips, and bitches than a whitie. They also have a much better ear for music. Instead of listening to a bunch of white boys squealing and whining about love and their guitar and all that bullshit they listen to music about what this brave new world revolves around; drugs, money, and pussy. So fuck you and your bullshit complaining, the black man is god. Praise Allah praise him. For the black man is Allah and allah is good. Heaven is what you make the life you are given and hell is the trials you go through to reach happiness. Kill. . . all. . . the . . . white people.

kingpin wrote: Wolverine slices off his penis and makes kinasin eat it

Anime18 wrote: Always sorta knew facebook, myspace, and even twitter were quiet fishy. Smh...glad mvc isnt that way....hopefully :/

Cid wrote: Moviecodec’s global positioning satellites log your IP and use it to triangulate your location every time you log into the site. From there, our eye in the sky keeps an ever watchful eye on you. We have agents that track you down if you try to leave the site and slip an addictive substance we call chemical mvc into all your food until the craving for the unadulterated drama of moviecodec is too strong, forcing you to either kill yourself or return to us.


X.t.r.m. wrote:

ModFather wrote: Well I’m 6 foot 3. I guess I’m a midget in comparison to say... A bear on it’s hind legs.

Oh okay, I could have sworn you had a pic that made you appear as a midget. LOL I thought you were a midget for years. Hahaha
So actually, you are Two Inches taller than me at 6'-1” . Interesting.

MASK wrote: I stabbed a girl in the throat because she made fun of me in art class in third grade.

Ichimaru321 wrote: I told my bible teacher he was a hypocrite the conversation went like this
Meblushut sir you kind of a hypocrite
Him: Oh? and why do you think that?
Me: Im fairly certain the bible says not to be an asshole

Whole week of detentions ahhh it was worth it

Vanilla Iced Cream wrote:

The 7th Messiah wrote:

Vanilla Iced Cream wrote:

Ladd Russo wrote: Stardust.

Nah,he weighs almost 200 more Ibs than this guy.

How do you know that?

I can sense it.

ewww21 wrote: Fuck ya’ll faggots. I’m about my shit. I’ll fuck a nigga’s life up. Then I’ll fuck his wife up. And if he doesn’t have one, whatever girl he loves is getting this dick. Even his mom.

Professor Eidolon wrote: Cause I want a cock in my mouth >:[

The Butcher wrote: MvC members?

Having friends?


Sekundes wrote:

Mau5 wrote: lol. That sounds like your threatening him.

It’s true. I was walking around in Philly going to catch a train( I was in an ally for some reason), Supra and his gang rolled up and talked about “going balling on the court” and I asked “What do you folks mean?" He looked at me with that “dude you’re so retarded face” and then he smiled and laughed and said “Basketball white boy! Basketball!" I just nodded that I understood and said “Alright you boys be careful now” and he and his gang suddenly got angry faces on, I could feel the sweat run down and soak my thick sweater and my khakis. Fear in my face. “You did not just call me BOY. Consider yourself hung." he said and I took off, he and his gang chased me for 10 blocks before I finally ran on to the bus just in time for it to drive away. As I looked back, I could see them shaking their fists at me.

Later I explained to him it was all a misunderstanding and we’re cool now.

King Louie wrote: Yo didn’t Clit say he gave a nigga head ?

Irony wrote: 2013ers are the definition of bitch niggas. Repping for the sole purpose of being repped back. They don’t know the struggle.

I drink sugared water with bread erry morning.

Xexubel wrote:

Tori-Bot wrote:

Xexubel wrote: with yo fuck up phto skills i took dat with a trac phone and a mirror

Lol, I got an american-made phone so it’s shitty.
Fuckin' metro pcs.

I’m going to get Samsung Galaxy.

dats the phone i took that pic with

Jay visiting for a bit wrote: ...I am not thirsty.

Lvl 101 Magikarp wrote:

ekyls wrote:


The fuck, small chested man body lookin bitch

The hell you mean /thread lmao

E.O.S wrote:

KlNG JOHN wrote:

E.O.S wrote:

KlNG JOHN wrote: East Coast niggas can’t fight tbh....

Southern niggas can’t speak proper English so they end every sentence with tbh tbh.

I got a mean right hook though....tbh

I already told you you’re from down south you need to stop worrying about fighting and get “hooked” on phonics.

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