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Name: Xehanort the Younger


Last seen: 02-16-2018

Account type: Regular

Registration date: 01-31-2008

Posts: 55,431

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Indalecio until 11-30-2009
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Larry David until 03-28-2013
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Judicator until 02-16-2018

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Sex scandals exposed

Duck Butter wrote: Every single fucking time I sleep I have a vivid nightmare of my house only there are realistic titans everywhere.Its me and my friends running for out lives from these giant fuckers but in the end its useless no matter how far you run they get you and eat your ass then I wake up.

The nightmares keep getting weirder each night.My house was some magic safe zone from the titans so everyone and me.To make things weirder my mind has started conjuring up realistic version of AoT characters in my nightmares and I fucked Mikasa before she was killed by a titan.

My dad opens the door and a titan comes in and kills him then I run like hell and my friend says we can beat them.I demonstrate by slugging a a titan bending down to eat me in the face.It was like 7 ftt tall.It did nothing so we ran.There as I ran I saw the psychotic crazed look on its face it wanted to eat my ass so bad.I didnt beg for mercy because i knew how mindless those things were so when I got exhausted I got eaten again.

Here is the weirder part I can remember every single detail of these nightmares except the sex part for some reason.So sometimes in the day I see the traumatizing images of giant titans coming over the horizon and then I slapped myself in the face to get ahold of myself.Im honestly terrified of titans now.

Its just so traumatizing make it stop I dont want them to eat me in my nightmares.I cant take it anymore its just I wet my pants too many times and shat myself once.Make it stop plz god make it stop.

Tranny Ranny x Smokey The Bear wrote:

It was a hot Summer day. Tired of their constant flame wars on the internet, Raniero and Tezcatlipoca decided to settle their differences like men. By meeting at a junkyard and fighting to the death. Now, Raniero didn’t know it, but Tez was a master at Muay Thai and Boxing. So when Ran attacked, naturally, he got his ass handed to him.

Slowly, but surely, all of Tez’s attacks were blowing off pieces of Ran’s clothing, until finally, Ran’s virgin bootyhole was exposed. Tez grinned. “My, my. What is this?" It was at that moment when lightning from the sky struck Tez. Raniero couldn’t believe his eyes. Tez was now wearing a Thor costume, complete with all of Thor’s accessories. Tez then whipped out his 20 foot penis, covered in electricity. Tez then bent Ran over. “Are you ready?"

Tez then plundered into Ran’s anus. Each thrust made Tez feel like he was in Asgard. “By Odin’s might! I have never felt an anus so tight!" Each thrust also made Raniero feel good. The electricity surging through his prostate. He thought he couldn’t take it anymore. But then, he remembered about his favorite female Animu character, Revy. He remembered how Ravy got buttraped. He remembered how he promised his Revy love pillow that he wouldn’t suffer her fate. That promise was now broken. Raniero was pissed.

At that moment, some thing snapped inside of Raniero’s head. Before Tez could finish, Ran grabbed Tez by his 20 footer and slammed him into the ground, causing the universe to shake.

Raniero said, “For too long you’ve molested the anus' of men. No more. It ends now." At that moment, Raniero revealed his very own 20 foot penis. Covered in ki. “Let me tell you something about us DBZ Fans. We’re the greatest. None of you bitch-ass faggots can handle us. We’re gods." Raniero began to power up. “As you’ve seen, my penis is 20 feet in my Base Form. Well, this is how big it gets when I transform. AAAAARRRRRGGGG!!!" Tez couldn’t believe his eyes. Raniero’s cock grew 50x it’s normal size. It was now at 1000 feet. “This is a Super Dick Level 1. But that’s not all." He powered up again. “I can go beyond even that. AAAAARRRRRGGGG!!!” Raniero’s penis now grew again. This time it was multiplied by 2. Giving him a 2000 foot penis. “This is a Super Dick Level 2. AND. THIS. IS. WHEN. I. GO. BEYOND. EVEN. THAAAT!!! AAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!” As he powered up, the entire multiverse began to implode. The last transformation became finished after 12 hours. Ran’s penis size multiplied again. This time, by 4. Giving him an 8000 foot penis. “Sorry for the wait. I’ve never used this transformation before. Anyways, this is a Super Dick Level 3."

Tez was terrified. “Now, shall we begin?" Tez gulped. Raniero smirked and then lunged his 8000 foot Super Dick inside of Tez’s asshole. The anal pounding continued for days. Each time Tez got tired, Ran gave him some ki to keep going. Tez had multiple orgasms, but Raniero hadn’t had one. Oh no. He was saving. It.

Finally, Ran reached his breaking point. “Tez, I’m gonna cum!" Tez’s eyes widened. “Please don’t! Please, spare me!" Raniero’s penis began to power up.

Ran: “"

Tez: “No...."

Ran “"

Tez: “No, no, no."



Tez didn’t get to finish. Ran’s Kamehamecock sent Tez flying at MFTL++++++++ speeds. Out-speeding even the Flash and Sonic. Tez was then wounded, floating in space, when the Kamehamecock finally exploded. Destroying 1213523 quadrillion Omniverses.

Tez said in a raspy, weak voice, “I’ll be baaaaack."

Raniero looked up into the sky, smiling. “I’ll be waiting."

Raniero then walked off into the sunset.


Fan quotes

Mu wrote: I hope Chibi doesnt kiss me with them beautiful eyes staring at me.
I might just like it...

Tru quotes

Zack the Farmer wrote:

Hellfighter wrote:

SuperMegaUltraGigaDrillBreakBURST wrote: Not always going to church doesn’t you you not Christian.

lol quotes v3

Stay in school, kids.

That’s what happens when you don’t go to Church.

lol quotes

NOBODYJUSTPOWER wrote: First of all ,dont troll ,second iam straight ,third the universe is not made actually there is an teori the beginning there was matter and antimatter and there was something like a battle the antimatter destroys the mater and the master destroys the anti matter but at the end of the master won and the left master turned in the what we call the universe and the question you should be asking in not why because no one can actually give you a straight answer to that !

The True Rustler of Jimmies wrote: I had to fight through my legit ADD all through High School and you’re going to downplay my graduation? For shame man.

The True Rustler of Jimmies wrote: To the troll: They don’t have ADHD diplomas. And even if they did, they wouldn’t be equivalent to a middle school diploma. Most Seniors in High School with ADHD do not function at the level of an 8th grader

The True Rustler of Jimmies wrote:
You know what I have rage issues with? The fucktards on this website.
If it was legal I would personally track down every single one of you and murder you in broad daylight via shotgun.

Knight 0f Steel wrote: I can’t trust anyone I meet, I can’t trust anyone in my family, I can’t trust my mom, I can’t trust my dad.

I quit school, fuck next semester. I’m going back to work. You know why? Immediate money. Know why else? All kinds of people pass through the place I worked, I remember a nice guy got hooked on heroine with another worker and OD’d. Money, all kinds of hook ups.

I want to live while I’m young.

Knight 0f Steel wrote: There are worse things than having no future or not having a lot of money.

Like being a servant, when everyone is fake.

Knight 0f Steel wrote: You should be jealous.

I don’t live a fake ass life. Don’t have to. I’m not a fucking robot, I have needs.

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