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Name: Gab


Last seen: 05-02-2015

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Registration date: 01-15-2008

Posts: 12,084

Age: 18

Location: Brazil!

About: I'm me!

Hobbies: Doing stuff!

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07-10-2014 from Heaven-Sent King
thumbs-up "miss ya so much!"

03-27-2014 from Nerd
thumbs-up "114"

02-08-2014 from - FS -
thumbs-up "2014 football WC"

01-20-2014 from Harlequin of Hate
thumbs-up "You're so gabulous!"

11-30-2013 from fuck bjarne all my homies hate bjarne
thumbs-up "Mr Mime sucks ass"

11-24-2013 from Munsu a.k.a Legendary General
thumbs-down "Doesn't have the balls to login anymore"

11-23-2013 from monster lord member
thumbs-up "Welcome back :)"

08-19-2013 from Silent Survivor
thumbs-up "Spread the love"

08-08-2013 from Cirno
thumbs-up "Ori ori ori"

08-08-2013 from Snap
thumbs-up "Senpai, Senpai~!"

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Rosputin wrote:

X.t.r.m. wrote:

Death the Kid wrote: A thread that an immature person post with a waring for Mature people only is probably the greatest oxymoron I’ve ever seen.

LMAO some “kid” is calling me immature on the Internet. Key words here McFly. Internet. You must know the Internets are not a place to fully understand someone and make a judgemental decision on how they are in real life....The Internet. I don’t know any of you people nor do you truly know me. So who wants to fawk around on the internet?

Actually Josh, I know you quite well. You are a 31 year old man who owns a cat which you abuse daily and records his house. While recording your house you yell at all the little kids on MVC like fucking Santa Clause on Christmas day then post it up on youtube. “HO HO HO MERRY FUCKING CHRISTMAS YOU LITTLE SHITS, THIS IS MAH HOUSE DAT I PAID FOR, AND DIS IS MAH CAT DAT I ABUSE, MAH CHIMNEY, MAH BATHROOM, SEE DAT SHIT! IT’S MAH SHIT IN DAH FUCKING TOILET”
You are a pretty cool guy.
also inb4lock

NeonMan5 wrote: No, you know what would really epic?

Have a private team deathmatch with about 6 people; 5 against one.

The one opposing team member picks off the other 5 one by one, and each time he hides in and out of cover all that is heard is a vague Peter Griffin laugh.


surferdude1212 wrote:

GabMedX wrote:

Titan Maximum wrote:

NONELIVER wrote: Well... I’m not gonna lie.... that was prolly the greatest bonding time, I had on this site with you guys XD

I’m glad I made this topic.smiley

You’re a nice troll. smiley

wait so if hes nice, does that mean we can feed him?

Only Hobbits can feed Trolls wink

ebm wrote:

Sin wrote: hahaa i was jus messin but yea haha jeeez peepz hav sum fun here

The way you type... I just want to punch you in the face.

That guy wrote:

R2 Ulquiorra wrote:

georgster101 wrote:

R2 Ulquiorra wrote:

That guy wrote: You mad Diamand Tiara solos Chrysalis.

Chryssie pokes that shitty cunt

Chrysalis’s plans are absolutely terrible.

You don’t need a plan to vaporize DT’s head with a lazer.

Chrysalis is a blank flank, DT solos.

Rython wrote:

OrganizationXV wrote:

SirCumAlot. wrote: That’s why you get a physical copy, Orgy.

I would’ve if they had-

The future now looks bright for you, my friend, after this comment was said.

- By EBM.

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