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Supra wrote:

Darth Nihilus wrote: Reminds me of when I wanted to be an admin, he asked me if I wanted to mod the versus forums instead, haha. True story.

lol sounds like girl saying “I just wanna be friends” lol

Zetta wrote:

Kinasin wrote:

Abigail wrote:

Kinasin wrote:

Abigail wrote:

Kinasin wrote:

Zetta wrote: Guys, I’m getting a feeling Kinasin is your version of our Unknown, Raigen and Sentry.

Wait, doesn’t Sentry post here? You poor people.

Who are you again? Oh right the faggot who came her begging the mvc to troll your precious narutard forum. Yeah gtfo you fail far far too much.

He basically drew you a detailed map of how to troll it correctly and you still fucked it up.

Bastion of brilliance this one is.

LOL we sure have a lot of these faggot’s on this site. If we had more strict mods they would be banned but I guess that is are downfall/blessing.

Exactly, but, alas, you’re still here.

Yes you are. OBD approved and stinking of shit.

Kinasin, did you actually misspell my name here? Really? It takes talent to fuck up this hard.

I R .R.E.A.L.I.T.Y. wrote:

everyonebothersme wrote: Lol.

Im taking AP English 3 and RCC Huskin Law Enforcement at the local community college through my school, and no I dont have any college forms because down here is the useless wasteland of North Carolina, schools still keep their records on paper. I cant even check my grades online.

Look up Randleman Community College. Thats where Im taking Law Enforcement.

As for claiming I am less than you, you work in a club. Nuff said.

Law Enforcement? Dog your like 120 pounds wet and your a bitch. If you pulled me over, I would beat the shit out of you and then get hired on the squad after they fire your worthless ass.

And yea son, you are FAR less than me. I bought a sports car, your daddy gave you a truck. I got a model girlfriend, you got your hand. I am enrolled in the military for policing, you are going to a mediocre school, I work as a security in two major clubs AND bartend at an upper class restaurant full of beautiful women, you ride tractors and touch cow tits, I am gorgeous, your hideous, I bench 270 for reps, you don’t know what that means, shiit even my 20 pound Scottish terrier has got more going for him.

KlNG JOHN wrote:

I R .R.E.A.L.I.T.Y. wrote:

Kinasin.... wrote:

I R .R.E.A.L.I.T.Y. wrote: This little shack??

Faggot. Come get rocked I gave you my address and everything.

Oh its on my phone, if I ever get near Washington. You might just get an unwanted visit.

When are you coming to Texas?

Shaman King Hao wrote: I have a level 74 black mage blood elf. You’re going down kid.

The MASK wrote: Jamaicans don’t die they transform into super marijuana.

KlNG JOHN wrote:

LinkHeroOfTime wrote:

KlNG JOHN wrote:

LinkHeroOfTime wrote: I’d also kill Justin Bieber, the Jonas Brothers, and Demi Lavato. Oh, but I’d do Miley. Oh, and yes gabby, can’t forget that piece of shit Snoop Dog. He sounds like a 11 year old on weed for the first time. (no lie) I’d get an executioner to anal him with a hockey stick till his colon and intestines are like... fucked up man.

Kill Yourself.


Oh god, I heard him in the radio, it sounded like he was singing to preschool kids playing jump rope. Worst rapper ever. Worst musician ever. Disgrace to music.

Once again, KILL YOURSELF!

Moe Lester wrote:

Kinasin wrote:

Moe Lester wrote:

Kinasin wrote:

Moe Lester wrote:

Kinasin wrote:

Moe Lester wrote: Your full of shit.
Or your an idiot.

Ok Mr. 22. You clearly know nothing about me. When I was younger I grew up in gang infested area. Shit was pistol whipped at the age of 12 by someone who was 23 have a titanium plate holding up my eye socket. Not everyone on here is a lil bitch.

Right, Because Im a lil bitch that grew up in a culdesac.

Shut the Fuck up. really.

Only an Idiot would post pictures and admitting to having a fucking silencer or suppressor of any kind.

When you ask stupid ass question like why is it harder for people in the bay area to get guns I tend to think your a sheltered idiot.

Well, when you realize that the Bay is not a world fucking known violent hell on earth, you wouldn’t get so upset over dumb shit.
lol, silencers.
The fuck. This aint METAL GEAR SOLID nigga, lmao.

I ain’t your nigga, dog.

Nigga, Shut the fuck up.

Count Bleck wrote:

The MaFuckin Supra wrote: Nirvana does suck tho...

You’re black. Of course you’d think that.

Allie in da Mallie wrote: quit being a retard

The MASK wrote: You were breast fed until you were five weren’t you?

The MASK wrote:

Titan Maximum wrote: I’ve seen bigger.

I bet you have.

The MASK wrote:

Chilly man wrote: WTF I ain’t got no sound anymore. And I don’t see anything funny about child abuse.

Obviously from first hand experience you find it quite enjoyable.

Cid wrote: I donít know who you are. I donít know what you want. If you are looking for lulz, I can tell you I donít have any. But what I do have is particularly large ban hammer; a hammer I have perfected over a very long career. A hammer that makes me a nightmare for trolls like you. If you stop being a retard now, thatíll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not troll you. But if you donít, I will look for you, I will troll you, and I will ban you.

The MASK wrote:

Shadow_blade wrote: no


OMG DEVIL CHIBI!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111111

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