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My First Post

XBL: NeonMan5
PSN: GuyleeGuy

The Origin of MovieCodec - The Bjarne and Nazi Spy Story

In the beginning there was darkness. Not one living organism lived in this darkness...nor micro-organism or organic organism did.

But, one day, or night, or whatever, the Internet was formed! Life spawned in the masses and 1337-ness ruled! All those living in this peaceful existence looked up upon the almight creator, his almighty noodleness, the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

But sadly not all was well, for it was soon after this time that a new found threat was born, a threat that raped the very English language itself, and those who did so...
nobody knew of their origins, nobody knew who created them, but they were soon given a name, and that name rings in this history’s darkness...
They were...noobs!

But thankfully the FSM found a way to takcle the threat head on, and here did he created a system known as the “Bjarne” program. This program was designed to make the Internet a hella cool awsome fun place, and to eradicate the noob force!

And it did, with mighty ferocity, the noobs were gone! The Internet was made hella cool once again, and his noodleness was praised forever more!

However, an unknown, unforeseen error corrupted the Bjarne program. To this day we are still unsure of the cause, but it has been said that a single noob managed to hack the systems defenses.

From this arised a new evil, for Bjarne itself, from it’s greatness and hella awesome-ness, the project spawned “The Nazi Spy From Hell”, the purely noobly evil and dark side to Bjarne.

The FSM was called forth once again to deal with this situation, and so he did. He had decided to seperate Bjarne from Nazi Spy and hopefully break the bond. He was at risk however, for if he was to split these two, then both of their powers would be diminished greatly, but that was a risk he had to take.

It was in the FSM’s vision that a Utopia be created in order to restore Bjarne’s powers after the split had initiated.

This Utopia was created so that only the 1337-est of Internet users could enter, and it would keep Nazi Spy and any other remaining noobs at bay.

This Utopia was, and the Primary section of this Utopia was named 'The Lounge'.

The primary objective of MovieCodec was to promote the Internet hella cool awsome fun placeness.

However, due to a flaw in MovieCodec’s systematic noodle-frier, an unknown portal formed, and through the demon that is Nazi Spy. It was not long before he discovered the domain and, while he did not become the Omnipotent Lord of MovieCodec, Nazi Spy had managed to bypass every single one of the domain’s defenses. It was not long before he became known as 'The Unbannable Member'. He made sure thatt his presence would be widely known, that his name would be screamed for decades to come.

Ever since that fateful day, since 'Noobly Day', the portal has stayed open, and not even the FSM can seal it...not on his own.
For now, noobs have found their way back into society and throught the Codec portal, but all has been achieved to keep them at bay.

At this current moment the Flying Spaghetti Monster is attempting to brin sentinel life to Bjarne, and so far he is 73.3451141443465474241346920364647238244718474627824% complete.

Even today, fight for MovieCodec between Bjarne and Nazi Spy continues.


Quote list of appropriate.....quotes:

Buster Sword wrote: Actually it does matter what people think, opinions do matter. People have the right to chose and believe which is right whether they are right or wrong imo. It doesn’t make them wrong for believing one over the other.

NeonMan5 wrote: That’s why he’s asking, which do you 'think'.

Hijacc wrote:

98supra wrote:

Hijacc wrote:

98supra wrote:

Hijacc wrote: with her boyfriends

lol, her boyfriends?


All of them.


Dnt tell me she turned into a pimped whore?

wat guts did she leave with?

Dude aqua was whored around with everyone
She even tryed to go out with me which i responded with a nice:


NeonMan5 wrote:

Maggot Face wrote:

NeonMan5 wrote:

Tyreaus wrote:

Maggot Face wrote: My avatar is a .jpg file... I don’t know what could be causing it.

Some people get it, some people don’t, it’s really odd.

It’s the dreaded curse of avatarious gifious.


Yes, that.

NeonMan5 wrote:

Maggot Face wrote: NeonMan5
Rep: 8thumbs-up

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Current Time: 8:33 - 26 July 2008
I lol’d.


ligytt wrote:

Sean of the Living wrote:

hottie191 wrote: y dont u type normal teenage stuff

cause the stuff u lot r writing is seriously stupid

sad i came on here to chat but it looks like u lot r so ot kool

so get a life

i hve a life before u type tht bk

o yh u need to stop all tht crap u write and write real stuff

omigod, we r so naut kewl b/c we dun tipe like a dislexic munkey!

hahaha pwned!!!

Darth Nihilus wrote:

Cid wrote:

SKITTLES666 wrote: Bah Weep Granah Weep Ninni Bong
*did not impregnate Joshy*


Bah Weep Granah Weep Ninni Bong!!!


Xtrm Liability wrote: It just feels right here. This is the only forum I’ve ever known since 2005. I enjoy fawking with Cid, it’s entertaining. The layout of this site is simple and nice. No fancy shmancy bullshit tokens just to earn a right to PM somebody you need to pay for or play in a lame ass arcade game. ZOMG you have to earn tokens to play Tetris. Shit if I wanted to play tetris I would just play it on windows or XBL arcade for free. I enjoy messin' around with you all and the cool thing is, you all know I like to fuck around for the lulz.

Cheers to Bjarne and his brilliant yet simple and easy going site, and to all the anime nerds and strange Canadian Paganist witches.

May there be more lulz and fucking around on MvC to come.

NeonMan5 wrote:

SENSFAN wrote:

firewolf81 wrote: I had an accident at work today. In shit my pants. Wanna see. I saved it up and mixed it in with the beef at dominos. All I can say is some people are gonna geta spicy pizza whether they ordered one or notwink

Oh shit!
I just ate a fucking dominoes meat lover’s pizza, and now I think I just ate a shit lover’s pizza!


The Power Within wrote:


my shit

BausMan 117 wrote:

tylergamer wrote: u people.....the elder scrolls iv was in tamerial wich is a part of cyrodil. cyrodil is the whole thing, tamriel, morrowind, elsewyr, skyrim....

No! bad idiot, think before you speak.

NeonMan5 wrote:

Crimson_Blade wrote:

Squipple wrote:

Forsaken Corpse wrote: Happy Birthday, the only screenshot of tes v thats been released. the name skyrim has recently been copyrighted by bethesda, so just take a guess where it’ll take place.

Holy SHIT!

Roger that.


1indainfinite wrote:

Not hyped about twilight wrote: Everyone seems to be hyped up about the books and movie, so I thought I might get the first book and see what everyone is so crazy over. Is it worth it, or just a waste of time?

Sorry were not gay

watermelon man wrote:

derdev789 wrote:

CPO Fraser wrote: I just realized, how fun in you’re opinion would the Halo series be on the Wii? (graphics aside)

Very much more fun than it not being on the wii?

no no no no no no no

no halo on wii... ever.

Crimson_Blade wrote:

Crimson_Blade wrote: Jesus i get tired of doing this.


Man i love this job.

Who is this fag?

The Power Within 3 wrote:

D.W. wrote:

The Power Within 3 wrote:

D.W. wrote: If I’m told to go to the kitchen to make a sandwhich, I’ll cut there balls off and feed to mutts.

make me a sammich bitch

Naw I’m good, go to the store and stock on bread and meat, then maybe I’ll think about it, can I have this beer? You don’t mind? Okay.

i love you too

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Works of literature - Previous and Current

A fan fiction based upon Silent Hill 2

1. The Past

In the name of the father, the son and the Holy Spirit.
Indeed I have stood by that phrase for many years, but now I’m just not sure anymore. If there truly is someone watching over us then how can I explain this? How could he have let this happen? How can I assure myself that this is his doing? I’m just not sure whether to believe or not.

As of now, I have only my own path to follow, and mine only. Life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and nobody can save me now.

As I looked at my pale face in the grotty rusted mirror, darkened by shadows, I could only occupy my mind on her. She asked me to come here, but for what exactly? What horrors will I be forced to face and how will I face them? What lies ahead?

I’m so confused…

I’m so afraid…

I looked at my surroundings of the severely worn down restroom. The cubicles and urinals were destroyed, if not obliterated in some manner. The wall paper had been stripped from the walls and now peeled at the slight touch of the winds’ icy breath. The doors to most of the cubicles had fallen off, most likely due to a large amount of rust on its hinges. I tried to open one out of curiosity but the damage was so intense that it screeched with a near unbearable pitch. I decided that it was best left alone.

There was nothing more for me in there so I left immediately into to fogginess outside. Besides, who would want to stay in a restroom for much long?

The fog was so dense that I would have to stand quite close to anything to actually see reasonably clearly. I walked wearily to the edge of the road and rested my scrawny little arms on the low crumbling wall.
Why? I thought to myself. Why did you have to go? I’m so confused; I don’t know what’s going on anymore. Did you really write that letter? Was that really you? I find it hard to believe, but every time I even glace at it I feel her presence, her sent looming over me.

In my restless dreams, I see that town…
Silent Hill…
You promised me that you would take me there again…
But you never did…
Well, I’m alone there now, in our special place…
Waiting for you…


I got a letter. The name on the envelope said ‘Mary.’ My wife’s name...It’s ridiculous, couldn’t possibly be true...That’s what I keep telling myself...A dead person can’t write a letter. Our ‘special place’...What could she mean? This whole town was our special place. Does she mean the park on the lake? We spent the whole day there. Just the two of us, staring at the water. Could Mary really be there? Is she really alive...waiting for me?

I sighed with grief and concentrated my view on the trees just over the ledge. Despite the thick fog, which actually gave an endless view of the surrounding area, it was such a beautiful sight to behold. Hundreds of acres covered in magnificent pine trees which over looked the navy river, just opposite the park. I stared at that view for a few moments longer, looking upon my sorry past. The open space gave the area a very peaceful existence. Now I can see why she liked it here so much. Mary always did favour quiet and calm places; she was not a very loud or energetic person at all really. And soon I had taken a liking to it as well, and not just because I wished to please her.
But these memories I have maintained inflict sorrow upon me, to know that it was all in vain. So much sadness plagues my mind, she even died here. They just keep flooding back to me, crashing down upon me like tidal waves, and it’s all because of that damn disease. The doctors here attempted…no, the tried desperately to keep you alive, and they did the best they could, and I couldn’t thank them enough for giving us those few precious last moments together.

But you wouldn’t have that…

You wanted it to take over…

You wanted to die…

Why did I ever have to do this to you…was it out of pure selfishness? Did I really believe that I would gain my own life back like this?
I’m so sorry Mary…..

I managed to pick myself up and drag my weary feet towards my car. There was no through road and it was far too foggy to be able to see anyway. Walking seemed to be my only current option. I grabbed the map from beneath my car seat and trekked down the long, steep, stony stairs and across the muddy path. It was rather long, and it was only a few kilometers in that the fog started to clear up a bit, or maybe that was just my mind playing tricks on me. Perhaps my vision had adjusted to it.
It was as if I were walking on some kind of walkabout path or something along those lines to say the least……
But something was amiss. I couldn’t place my finger on it, it didn’t seem right at all. The further down the path I went the louder it became…and by it, well even now I’m not entirely sure what it was.

It was just so eerie…

So disturbing


I don’t even think it was human, but then again I never really did. At first I thought it was just a bundle of forest animals until I discovered that there was no wildlife inhabiting the area, none at all. It sounded as if someone, or more suitably something, was operating a kind of machinery; the sound of rusted metal gave it off and echoed through the night.
Well, night was all I could call it. Even if it was day I couldn’t possibly tell, the fog was still thick enough to block out any entries of the sun. Perhaps that is why animals do not tend to accommodate this area.

Great, as if I didn’t need reminding.
Ironically I came to a graveyard; however, not the one Mary was buried in. But it’s were she would have wanted to be. I did not let the tainted past gain the better of me, and continued forward. I heard whimpering, that of a human, a human girl more precisely; no, a young woman who appeared to be searching the graves. She was casually dressed. A plain gray sweater over her shoulders and plain black jeans. Her hair was a deep brown, hazel in fact, stretching past her back. I was worried that if I approached her she would gain the wrong impression of me; I didn’t want that, now just wasn’t a good time. I took a deep breath and decided to ask for directions to Silent Hill.
“Stay away!….Oh, I’m sorry, I thought you were somebody else”. Somebody else? Who could she have possibly mistaken me for?
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. Don’t worry, I expected as much.” I explained. “Are you ok? Were you looking for someone?”
“I’m looking for my mama... I mean my mother. It’s been so long since I’ve seen her. I thought my father and brother were here, but I can’t find them either” She replied. Her voice was very uneasy and nervous. Her words were soft and quiet.
‘Well I’m sorry to hear that. My name’s James. I’m looking for Silent Hill, is this the right way?”
“Yes it is, but…..I think you’d better stay away” She explained. ‘This uh...this town...there’s something...“wrong” with it. It’s kind of hard to explain, but...never mind, don’t take my advice…It wouldn’t help anyway”
We seemed to share the same fate. We were both looking for someone dear to us and we were both confused and frightened. But what did she mean? There’s something wrong with this town? What happened?
“Thanks for the help; I hope you find who you’re looking for”

I continued my fate into Silent Hill, through a large rusted Iron Gate and past down what seemed to be a lumber yard which was surrounded by mesh and wooden gates. Logs were piled everywhere in neat and tidy stacks, one on top of the other. There was enough to last a few years, so the residents of this area were clearly prepared. I could here the roar of an unattended chainsaw in the background. It was like a thunderstorm battling against nature, it roared through the atmosphere. Soon enough I saw it in the distance stuck in a large piece of and collapsed tree. But the closer I came to it the slower it ripped through the wood until it eventually stopped. It must have run out of fuel and was now useless. Not that I needed it anyway; why on earth would I take a chainsaw with me?

The dirt track carried on for several minutes, and seemed to stretch on endlessly. At some points I wondered if it would end at all, so I had to keep thinking to myself it would be that much longer.
Not much longer James…not much longer.

The track was long, and yet I did not feel tired, I did not feel fatigued. It was an odd sensation, the feeling that I could walk for hours, maybe even days on end. And before I knew it I had arrived at Silent Hill.

2. Silent Hill

I wasn’t sure where to start. The roads were as wide as race tracks and the landmass around it just seemed so…empty. It was as if nothing was there, just me, the wide road and the empty atmosphere surrounding it. The fog had re-thickened again and blurred my vision. I hadn’t gotten any more used to it than when I fist stepped out of the car.
I checked out a few roads hoping to find some source of information, but how could anybody live in this town? It used to be so peaceful. But now that peace has turned to emptiness…nothingness. Just an inhospitable wasteland. It may have been a least an hour before a few signs were clear enough to read. I passed Randall Road, ventured down Kenny Street and eventually ended up at Farnseth Avenue. I could never remember the roads; there were so many. It was like trying to memorize an encyclopedia, so my only option was to continue with trial and error and, of course, human instinct.
“What’s that smell?” It was horrible. It reeked in the air around me; I thought I would vomit, but I managed to refrain myself from feeling sick. Now just wasn’t a good time.

The sight was horrible, black ooze was smeared everywhere, all over the gravel and garage doors that caved in on the small and enclosed alleyway. The stench was putrid, almost as much as the strange colour, like rotten meat and burning flesh. I wasn’t sure exactly what it was, but I believed it was blood. The thought alone wanted to make me vomit. The trail led onward, just the place that I didn’t want to go to. Something was waiting for me, and of course I was the only person to find out.

As I followed the trail of putrid blood I could hear a familiar sound. I took me a while to be able to interpret the sound but soon it hit me. It was the same sound as I heard on the steep path a while back. That unexplainable screeching that rang through my ears and bounced around inside my head, just like a football bouncing off the net of the goal. I tried to subdue the terrible high pitched noise but it soon disappeared on its own, the very same way as it did before. Was it repeating itself? Was it trying to tell me something? No…that would be crazy, wouldn’t it? But then again, today is a crazy day.

The trail soon led to a small construction site. It didn’t appear complete and just stood there ready to collapse. The scaffolds were supporting a large, brick built bridge standing tall in the foggy sky. The back of the construction had been blocked up with more scaffolding and wooden paneling and gave the under part of the bridge a cave-like essence to it. I neared closer to inspect the area for any sign of sentinel life, but instead I was welcomed with another strange sound. Not the same as the screeching previously heard but in place of it static like that of a broken T.V. or radio with bad reception. I could see someone in the distance, a strange figure that appeared to be patrolling the premises.
I squeezed through the thick iron bars to ask this person about his whereabouts, but the figure seemed odd. It was as if this person was constricted somehow and walking with a hip beat as if he were listening to music. Right next to my left was a radio that I heard emitting static. It must have been broken, or there was a bad reception in this area. Is this what he was listening to?
“Excuse me?” I cautiously asked. “I’m lost; could you tell me what part of Silent Hill I’m in?”…There was no reply. He didn’t seem to care. “Uh, hello? Can you here me?” Still no reply came from the person, but he, or she, just stood there. As the person neared closer to me a thick beam of light cut through the darkness and shed light upon this figure. I actually wish that it hadn’t now. It did not revealed a man, nor a woman, but a monster.

It was terrible, disgusting and frightening…and it had that same gut wrenching stench as the black blood did.

The monster had a lumpy body of a deep and disgusting brown all over. It seemed that its hands were molded together and constricted in a straight jacket of some sort with a severely disorientated face, if you could even call it one; it just looked like an oval bubble. The fierce beast staggered across the harsh debris crackling under its brick like feet, cocking its head and twitching in all places, head to toe. It screeched in that same unbearable pitch again blistering my ears and prepared to attack.

There must be some way I can defend myself, I thought. I looked around for anything that could have acted as a means of defense and noticed a large wooden plank with a couple of rusty nails embedded into the tip. That was all I needed, it had a good range and would do the job of finishing the creature off.
“What the hell are you? What do you want from me?” I bellowed.
But there was no reply, the creature didn’t talk; I don’t believe it even could talk.
As I charged towards the creature it charged back still screeching. This time though I did not submiss to the noise and kept going, as if I were racing towards the finish line. When the time was right I thrashed the plank in an upward direction piercing right through the beast’s jaw ruthlessly which prevented it from even letting out a squint of pain. It was a demon, and it deserved to be destroyed. Black blood oozed from its throat and splattered all across the area with an unrealistic form. The creature thumped to the gritty debris and writhed in pain slowly…slowly…slowly…until it stopped dead in its own pool of black and tainted blood, and I was covered in it. My Jacket, my jeans and my hair was black, stained with a putrid stench.

The static from the radio stopped a few moments after the monster perished. It was still on and fully functional but no more static
Could that monster have caused this radio to…I paused my sense of thought and concluded that the radio may provide some use to me after all.
“If that is what happens when those creatures appear then I should keep it close to me." But the static appeared yet again. I scanned the area, there was nothing, but instead there was a voice coming from the radio. It sounded like…Mary!
“Mary! Is that you? Can you hear me? Are you all right?”
“James…” A soft and uneasy voice replied.
“James…help, quickly…waiting...hurry!” The static had distorted her voice and cut out several words. That really was Mary, she really was contacting me. I knew what to do now. I knew where to go; I knew where our special place was. My fate had been decided and I was the one who chose this path.
“Mary…” I stuttered to myself, “I will find you…I will not fail you again. I’m sorry for what I did three years ago, but that’s changed now, please forgive me. I’m coming for Mary…I promise”


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