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Profile: I R .R.E.A.L.I.T.Y.

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Name: I R .R.E.A.L.I.T.Y.


Last seen: 04-08-2011

Account type: Regular

Banned permanent from

Registration date: 12-11-2007

Posts: 11,653

Reputation: 144thumbs-up

Previously known as

.R.3.A.L.1.T.Y. until 05-21-2009
.ViiZiiONZz until 06-22-2009
Ib3Ndb4Rb3llZ until 06-30-2009
oh hai until 01-14-2010
.R.3.A.L.1.T.Y. until 10-28-2010
xX_BLACKROYAL_Xx until 11-01-2010
R.E.A.L.I.T.Y. until 11-01-2010 until 02-05-2011
LiveStrong until 02-21-2011

03-28-2015 from The Living Tribunal
thumbs-up "needs moar reps"

12-13-2014 from The Fantom Convoy
thumbs-down "Neg train time."

07-23-2014 from Flamelord

01-08-2014 from Munsu a.k.a Legendary General
thumbs-down "sorry but I have to do this"

08-14-2013 from HeteroLord

04-08-2013 from Lord Death
thumbs-down "Ha ha, faggot."

12-03-2011 from The Broker

04-12-2011 from Culpa the White Mage
thumbs-up "Oh sure, you nega-rep me now... But there was a time when you begged for my help. Stop Obsessing"

04-08-2011 from Stridah
thumbs-up "oh noooooooooooooooo"

03-23-2011 from Champion Lance
thumbs-up "Nigga U Ghey"

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Vinnie Gognitti

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03-28-2015 from The Living Tribunal
thumbs-up "needs moar reps"

12-13-2014 from The Fantom Convoy
thumbs-down "Neg train time."

07-23-2014 from Flamelord

01-08-2014 from Munsu a.k.a Legendary General
thumbs-down "sorry but I have to do this"

08-14-2013 from HeteroLord

04-08-2013 from Lord Death
thumbs-down "Ha ha, faggot."

12-03-2011 from The Broker

04-12-2011 from Culpa the White Mage
thumbs-up "Oh sure, you nega-rep me now... But there was a time when you begged for my help. Stop Obsessing"

04-08-2011 from Stridah
thumbs-up "oh noooooooooooooooo"

03-23-2011 from Champion Lance
thumbs-up "Nigga U Ghey"

03-21-2011 from -Jade-
thumbs-up "Stretching people's pages= not cool."

03-19-2011 from Kinny Cakes
thumbs-down "lil guy!"

03-18-2011 from Phobetius
thumbs-up "R3. :P"

03-04-2011 from AfterGlowZ
thumbs-down "He mad :D"

03-04-2011 from Lady Luck

03-03-2011 from The Man Who Sold The World

03-02-2011 from AK-4Deception
thumbs-up "u mad bro? :D"

02-25-2011 from ebm
thumbs-down "Somebody mad"

02-25-2011 from Stalin Krom

02-12-2011 from GOD of GOURMET
thumbs-down "fersion iz wayyz betterz then urs"

02-10-2011 from Armstrong Justice
thumbs-up "doing something right"

02-09-2011 from Acrius Reborn
thumbs-up "you big tough guy"

02-05-2011 from Man of Sin
thumbs-down "Faggot"

01-26-2011 from VZA
thumbs-up "Yes, I know all about physical fitness. I didn't spend 6 years in P.E. because I was overweight..."

11-30-2010 from The Librarian
thumbs-side "2 big is bad :)"

10-27-2010 from Kinasin
thumbs-down "Faggot."

10-24-2010 from Vinnie Gognitti
thumbs-up "log in more, you pretty cool"

10-24-2010 from Heaven or Hell
thumbs-up "How come I've never seen this guy do anything wrong?"

10-17-2010 from The Legend
thumbs-up "It's ok Chrsty, I'm not mad at yoo no more. <3"

10-09-2010 from Karasu
thumbs-up "There we go thats all I wanted. ^_^ Thanks for the page stretch."

10-05-2010 from Treenymph
thumbs-down "What are you talking about?"

10-05-2010 from zeedmillenniummon
thumbs-down "I like how everyone is neg reping you now that your not a admin... wait."

10-02-2010 from Stannis
thumbs-down "look at all these Neg reps you've got....How sad"

09-30-2010 from Genius.
thumbs-down "The only time this steroid popping ADHD prick has experienced the touch of pussy was at birth."

09-23-2010 from Gearbreak

09-19-2010 from Zack.
thumbs-up "C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER"

09-17-2010 from Fabulous Falsey
thumbs-down "Was a shitty admin. OMG I DISRESPECT U!!!111!!11"

09-17-2010 from The Goofy Gouf
thumbs-down "HAHAHAHAHHHAAAHHHAAAAAA..... I need to grow up..."

09-12-2010 from heavenly king
thumbs-up "gary is such a hard gay lol"

09-10-2010 from Black Cat
thumbs-up "I don't think that you're really that bad of a guy."

09-09-2010 from KlNG JOHN
thumbs-down "lol, if you're the definition of "grown up,&quot; then Imma stay on some Peter Pan Neverland shit"

09-03-2010 from Satanel
thumbs-down "Eh."

08-26-2010 from surferdude1212
thumbs-up "dont really see y everyone dislikes you"

08-23-2010 from Psychopeth
thumbs-down "for letting your personal feelings get in the way of admin abilities."

07-08-2010 from Spellca
thumbs-up "Eh...random rep."

07-02-2010 from tfw_no_qt_3.14_korean_gf
thumbs-up "balls in your mouth"

06-30-2010 from Mein Square
thumbs-down "Horrible"

06-25-2010 from Xehanort the Younger
thumbs-up "Your quote in your user page is great."

04-27-2010 from Aigis
thumbs-up "You are officially a cool guy ;)."

04-10-2010 from donkoehler
thumbs-up "didn't know you were the admin of this site"

04-05-2010 from The
thumbs-up "have i repped you before? meh"

04-03-2010 from Mecha Agent Turtle 00T
thumbs-up "or am i... a dick?"

03-30-2010 from Tippership Commander
thumbs-up "Try not to be too harsh, my only recommendation- But I respect Reality;he's doing allright. Props"

03-29-2010 from Shepard
thumbs-up "You have my respect"

03-28-2010 from Chronic The Hedgehog
thumbs-up "Doing a good job."

03-28-2010 from am l da baddest

03-27-2010 from Crys18
thumbs-up "congrats on being the new admin i guess"

03-27-2010 from MikeUN
thumbs-up "Sorry I know you asked for nega but you are cool"

03-22-2010 from XbugTerminator
thumbs-up "Cool guy"

03-21-2010 from Claire Stanfield
thumbs-up "You deserve this"

03-21-2010 from AfterGlow.
thumbs-up "pro-admin"

03-18-2010 from Rorschach
thumbs-down "Pedofork"

03-15-2010 from Saikyo Master

03-15-2010 from ezbay
thumbs-up "you give decent advice[real tallk]"

03-15-2010 from butterfly
thumbs-down "cause you wanted it and i aim to please lol jk"

03-15-2010 from Saosin
thumbs-up ":D"

03-15-2010 from Mosie Badazz
thumbs-down ""

03-14-2010 from ramunematt
thumbs-down "oh well, why not?"

03-14-2010 from Devil Prince
thumbs-down "here you go"

03-14-2010 from Marly
thumbs-down "derp"

03-14-2010 from Dr. Scientist
thumbs-down "Why not =/"

03-14-2010 from Squipple

03-14-2010 from Lucina
thumbs-down "i rep u :D"

03-13-2010 from Go2movies

03-13-2010 from NGRFGT
thumbs-up "C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!"

03-13-2010 from Firewolf81
thumbs-down "*yawn*..fine if it means that much to ya."

03-13-2010 from Krystopher Malus
thumbs-down "Scrawny anime fag needs to hit the gym"

03-13-2010 from Jomas
thumbs-down "wish granted"

03-13-2010 from Knight_Of_Steel

03-09-2010 from zeta
thumbs-side "right...."

03-02-2010 from -Wanted-
thumbs-down "wannabe troll/nigger"

02-28-2010 from LinkHeroOfTime

11-16-2009 from SwOOsh
thumbs-side "still cant pos rep u doe, lol. but good luck to ya"

11-07-2009 from Brutus Kicks Ass

10-26-2009 from drummergirl92
thumbs-up "thanks for the rep :p I remember the old days lol, of awesomeness on this site :p"

10-25-2009 from Abaddon angel of destruction
thumbs-down "you are retarded, seriously"

10-23-2009 from Sasuke  Uchiha
thumbs-up "80"

10-21-2009 from -408Windsor-
thumbs-up "Well you"

07-20-2009 from Agent Turtle 00T
thumbs-up "high tolerance for BS (King John)"

07-15-2009 from spencer the king
thumbs-up "why so much hate lol"

06-21-2009 from Musicdude
thumbs-up "Thanx for the tip"

06-21-2009 from King John-
thumbs-down "Any Time Nigga, Anytime"

06-17-2009 from MASK
thumbs-down "Your stuck in the closet."

06-15-2009 from xXSILVERXx
thumbs-up "I respect."

06-09-2009 from Gplex
thumbs-down "Get your head out of your ass."

05-22-2009 from Hiroshama
thumbs-up "Good answer"

05-02-2009 from some one new

04-29-2009 from Invaderzym

04-28-2009 from Chilly man
thumbs-down "No comment."

04-25-2009 from seed
thumbs-up "you too,thanks"

03-25-2009 from PussylickingHighIQbadasswithADD
thumbs-up "I don't care if u dislike me =)"

03-25-2009 from Oliver Proslmeyr
thumbs-up "Then It's Settled"

03-24-2009 from Never Give Up
thumbs-up "Here."

03-12-2009 from ShindaSekaiSensen
thumbs-up "uhh...thank you"

03-11-2009 from Machiavelli
thumbs-up "That is right bitch!!!"

03-10-2009 from The Surfer
thumbs-side "GUY ;|"

03-10-2009 from Magnum Miracles
thumbs-up "Yall tooo"

03-08-2009 from Mola Ramm
thumbs-up "An Awesome Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude!"

02-25-2009 from deadkamakazi
thumbs-up "i didnt know you can delete but yeah 7 is my hockey number wouldnt mind staying"

02-23-2009 from Gab
thumbs-up "Tasty!"

02-23-2009 from Hijacc
thumbs-up "Halfway to a hundred."

02-16-2009 from goldenraptor
thumbs-up "This is a positive reputation review."

02-12-2009 from mimi38
thumbs-up "thanks for understanding :$"

02-11-2009 from LeClairity
thumbs-down "spend more than an hour and 15 mins offline when &quot;playing hockey&quot;"

02-05-2009 from MOO_555

01-14-2009 from Nerevarine
thumbs-up "Pretty cool guy, and not a candian"

01-14-2009 from needforspeedfreak4
thumbs-up "lol pimp lol thanks lol lol lol"

12-11-2008 from GOOOGLE_QUEEN
thumbs-up "VERY NAICE!!"

12-10-2008 from Allie in da Mallie
thumbs-down "Shut up bitch"

12-10-2008 from Rigor Mortis
thumbs-down "Fucktard"

12-10-2008 from X.t.r.m.
thumbs-up "Haha You negative rep me! LMAO!"

12-09-2008 from R3
thumbs-up "Hittin the Gym Tomo , dude?"

12-09-2008 from needforspeedfreak
thumbs-side "Mehh!"

11-23-2008 from UpNORTHxLADYBoss

11-11-2008 from Vintage
thumbs-up "Gotta give respect on such an organized tourney---True Vet"

11-07-2008 from HALOOOOOOOO
thumbs-up "That's a better name for you."

11-06-2008 from Speakerzzz AKA Rap Beast...DAMN RIGHT
thumbs-up "one of the last vets spittin that fire. keep doin ya thing."

11-04-2008 from Amarrez
thumbs-up "May as well."

11-03-2008 from Beelzeboss
thumbs-up "Sup"

11-01-2008 from I_SMOKE_METH
thumbs-up "he he"

10-26-2008 from Babii_Chronic
thumbs-up "gona steal a sig prolly hahaha"

10-26-2008 from S.W.I.F.T
thumbs-up "How'd i forget to rep you lol...."

10-26-2008 from Statuz

10-25-2008 from .2.2.6.
thumbs-up "steroidz bitch haha j/k"

10-25-2008 from cholo
thumbs-up "little bit of an ego but a cool guy?"

10-23-2008 from Divine Saint Of Aries
thumbs-up "whad upi?"

10-19-2008 from pluto
thumbs-up "Is quite a cool guy,"

10-10-2008 from Dildodo
thumbs-up "Remember me? and whatever happened to your other account?"

10-05-2008 from The Power Within
thumbs-down "pedo walrus"

10-05-2008 from SHIT_HAPPENS
thumbs-up "I'm watching the sens and pens right now."

10-04-2008 from rocker chick
thumbs-up "lol yay Chwis :]"

10-02-2008 from needforspeedfreak2

09-22-2008 from Chaos Theory
thumbs-up "You need a rep for that comment"

09-18-2008 from needforspeedfreak3
thumbs-up "REALITY!!!!!!=D Do you still remmember me?!"

04-08-2011 to Culpa the White Mage

03-31-2011 to Izzy
thumbs-up ":p"

03-19-2011 to Andy Sixx

02-24-2011 to I R .R.E.A.L.I.T.Y.s Girlfriend
thumbs-down "Stop.. your not funny"

02-24-2011 to Massive Cock

02-15-2011 to AK-4Deception
thumbs-up "u care bear uuu"

02-13-2011 to ebm
thumbs-side "NOT NICE"

02-11-2011 to Anime18
thumbs-down "gtfo"

11-30-2010 to Realitys Girlfriend
thumbs-down "smd?"

11-01-2010 to Firewolf81
thumbs-up "<3"

10-20-2010 to SmallTurd
thumbs-side "im just fawkin with ya chump, ya look goo.. decent haha"

10-09-2010 to Karasu

10-05-2010 to Treenymph
thumbs-down "The moment you apply favoritism as an admin.. you will get run over. Personal Experience."

10-05-2010 to Genius.

10-05-2010 to GOOOGLE_QUEEN

10-05-2010 to Stannis

10-05-2010 to zeedmillenniummon

09-27-2010 to KlNG JOHN

09-27-2010 to The Man Who Sold The World

09-25-2010 to UM
thumbs-down "lol lik omg"

09-21-2010 to Man of Sin

09-10-2010 to Gary Oak
thumbs-up "Fake Girlfriend, haha *pats on the head* you'l get'er someday bro."

09-06-2010 to Mosie Badazz

09-01-2010 to 25 or 6 to 4

07-19-2010 to tfw you log in after multiple years

07-01-2010 to xR
thumbs-up "*kiss kiss*"

06-30-2010 to El Toni

06-30-2010 to tfw_no_qt_3.14_korean_gf
thumbs-up "fatty"

06-30-2010 to Mein Square
thumbs-side "Odd one, you are."

05-04-2010 to ganon the retard pig

04-16-2010 to D-Sandy
thumbs-up "fag"

03-30-2010 to donkoehler

03-30-2010 to opTic PaRRoTZz
thumbs-down "Get your head out of your ass."

03-29-2010 to The Questioner

03-27-2010 to Di5turbed
thumbs-up "Good Member, we are lucky to have you."

03-25-2010 to Jarb2104

03-24-2010 to -The Author-
thumbs-up "Keep it up seargent."

03-23-2010 to Olesya

03-21-2010 to goldenraptor
thumbs-up "A good user, an even better admin."

03-20-2010 to Rorschach
thumbs-up "i has a love on you"

03-18-2010 to Marly
thumbs-up "We should get married, no?"

03-18-2010 to Flaming Mecha Agent Turtle 00T
thumbs-side "Wutsup with you? Your not a dick, who are you tryin to convince??"

03-17-2010 to AshelyBabe

03-16-2010 to Master Ding

03-16-2010 to Bill Lumbergh

03-16-2010 to Rigor Mortis

03-16-2010 to zorro

03-16-2010 to Young Stunna

03-16-2010 to Old timer

03-16-2010 to Mr Green

03-16-2010 to Abaddon angel of destruction

03-16-2010 to Gab

03-16-2010 to Captain Planet

03-16-2010 to Eternal Darkness

03-16-2010 to amy22

03-16-2010 to Seras Victoria

thumbs-side ".."

03-16-2010 to Fabulous Falsey

03-16-2010 to Lucina

03-16-2010 to Stalin Krom

03-16-2010 to Stridah

03-16-2010 to yeobrooklynboii

03-16-2010 to Bjarne
thumbs-up "70th rep, thanks for making the site buddy."

03-16-2010 to Willow

03-13-2010 to Krystopher Malus
thumbs-up "lolol awesome comment."

03-13-2010 to surferdude1212

03-13-2010 to am l da baddest

03-13-2010 to Jomas

03-13-2010 to MikeUN
thumbs-side "this wut u get"

03-13-2010 to Lord Death

03-13-2010 to Knight_Of_Steel

03-13-2010 to ezbay
thumbs-up "two ways two settle this, rap off! love it."

03-02-2010 to NGRFGT
thumbs-up "Il give it to you nicely."

10-29-2009 to -Megan-
thumbs-up "Thanks for last night <3"

10-23-2009 to TiggerLover

10-22-2009 to -408Windsor-
thumbs-up "Clearly..."

09-20-2009 to beeberdup

08-24-2009 to Saikyo Master

08-23-2009 to Antisocial
thumbs-up "I have no idea who you are, but i think you are a pretty cool guy that doesn't afraid of anything!"

07-24-2009 to pluto
thumbs-up "A LOT smarter then he appears ;)"

07-23-2009 to Hawt_RockerGurl
thumbs-down "lol"

07-21-2009 to Demon Soul

07-17-2009 to shecouldchoke
thumbs-up "ur silly"

07-17-2009 to XU_zhongying

07-15-2009 to Xtrms best friend

06-30-2009 to Sir Dudlington
thumbs-up "i lika you, do you like me??"

06-30-2009 to Hijacc
thumbs-up "HALF WAY TO 100!!"

06-26-2009 to Magnum Miracles
thumbs-up "Your a cool dude!"

06-20-2009 to King John-
thumbs-down "Are you serious? You would get wrecked.."

06-19-2009 to hottie911

06-18-2009 to MASK
thumbs-up "Thinks I am stuck in the closet."

06-15-2009 to mirasore24
thumbs-down "Eww"

06-09-2009 to Gplex
thumbs-up "HAHA! He nega repped me."

05-19-2009 to AnarchistChristian

05-12-2009 to Nunya12345

05-12-2009 to Zeoc713
thumbs-up "Good luck in college mate."

05-11-2009 to car dice13

04-24-2009 to DBZfanboy
thumbs-up "To break the tie. +1"

04-24-2009 to Invaderzym
thumbs-up "+1"

04-24-2009 to seed
thumbs-up "Have a good day. :)"

04-18-2009 to Read this if your stupid 22

04-11-2009 to Shadow Archon

04-09-2009 to blondebeauty12
thumbs-up "<3"

04-04-2009 to GodzFavourite

03-25-2009 to PussylickingHighIQbadasswithADD
thumbs-up "Atta boy."

03-24-2009 to Allie in da Mallie
thumbs-down "Likewise"

03-24-2009 to .KOON KLUTS KLAN.

03-24-2009 to X.t.r.m.

03-24-2009 to King of Pussy

03-22-2009 to The Surfer
thumbs-up "k"

03-20-2009 to Oliver Proslmeyr
thumbs-up "alright-"

03-14-2009 to Itachi Uchiha
thumbs-up "Haha .. funny guy."

03-11-2009 to Machiavelli
thumbs-up "haha"

03-11-2009 to ShindaSekaiSensen
thumbs-up "No you are awesome."

03-10-2009 to Etain
thumbs-up "You go girl!"

03-10-2009 to LionFranky
thumbs-up "Yeaa..?"

03-10-2009 to Shepard
thumbs-up "Just to help ya out there budZ."

03-10-2009 to Lucian89
thumbs-up "Just to help ya out there budZ."

03-10-2009 to Claire Stanfield
thumbs-up "You still here, Niace."

03-10-2009 to some one new

03-10-2009 to Xehanort the Younger
thumbs-up "Haha I like you."

03-10-2009 to heavenly king
thumbs-up "Haha I like you."

03-08-2009 to Mola Ramm

03-08-2009 to Dante666

03-01-2009 to Mongoose715
thumbs-up "Interesting."

02-25-2009 to deadkamakazi
thumbs-up "7 is my hockey ## to, very niiice."

02-23-2009 to Crys18

02-18-2009 to Red_Calibur9
thumbs-up "+1 yay you."

02-12-2009 to LeClairity
thumbs-up "Nega repped me.. haha!!"

02-10-2009 to Rockman_Fan V2
thumbs-up "Aww... they nega repping you =(.. haha"

02-03-2009 to poochey
thumbs-up "Really good at rapping."

01-30-2009 to Mr.Young2009
thumbs-up "Your spits are amazing!! dayum.."

01-30-2009 to flash
thumbs-up "Your spits are soo dope!! You are the next Eminem."

01-25-2009 to Naf_namagem_lol
thumbs-up "up"

01-12-2009 to kev360

01-12-2009 to TERROR and HUBRIS
thumbs-down "Meh.. you deserve it and you know it."

11-05-2008 to Beelzeboss
thumbs-up "]/p"

11-01-2008 to Chaos Theory

10-27-2008 to Amarrez
thumbs-up "DuDE! WHere Is BaRnEY! Haha, jokes, Your a cool dude."

10-26-2008 to Babii_Chronic
thumbs-up "Kassy Poo"

10-25-2008 to UpNORTHxLADYBoss
thumbs-up "HAYY SARRRARRR1!!"

10-25-2008 to Ill Be Bach
thumbs-up "UR HAWT! Haha, pretty chill cat. Rock On!"

10-25-2008 to Speakerzzz AKA Rap Beast...DAMN RIGHT
thumbs-up "I saw some nice speakerz at Future Shop today ;P.. haha keep spitting fire bro."

10-25-2008 to .2.2.6.
thumbs-up "We go back farther then alot of these cat's, stay real bro."

10-25-2008 to -Tyreaus-
thumbs-up "Hey Travvyyy =)"

10-25-2008 to Kyree
thumbs-up "Keep Elevating and elevating and elevating homi."

10-25-2008 to cholo
thumbs-up "Is a Jamaican MAN."

10-24-2008 to S.W.I.F.T
thumbs-up "Keep ya head high homi, and keep practicing."

10-24-2008 to Klassic
thumbs-up "Got some nice piece's bro."

10-22-2008 to Silent Pyramid
thumbs-up "SP =)"

10-22-2008 to xXSILVERXx
thumbs-up "Hows it going brah?"

10-18-2008 to Beautiful_Scars
thumbs-up "Cause you love me already, you just don't know it"

10-17-2008 to Nerevar
thumbs-up "Temporarily banned until 10 Oct 2009 11:33 pm!"

10-16-2008 to Rochdale_Soulja
thumbs-side "Verbal's are aight."

10-15-2008 to Life Is Bagel

10-11-2008 to Dildodo
thumbs-up "Wutsup playa?"

10-06-2008 to Vintage
thumbs-up "Keep ya head up son. just not to high ;)"

10-06-2008 to The Random Within
thumbs-down "LAWL .. haha"

10-05-2008 to The Power Within
thumbs-down "How do people pos Rep you? THE FUCK?"

10-04-2008 to Squipple
thumbs-up "SQU-- No! Shut up! FUCk!!!! Haha."

10-04-2008 to drummergirl92
thumbs-up "I remember you, back in the day :D"

10-04-2008 to mimi38
thumbs-up "Hai Mom! ;)"

10-04-2008 to needforspeedfreak2
thumbs-up "rep whore!"

10-04-2008 to Statuz
thumbs-up "Cause u been here since tha chicken and eggs, son! Haha"

10-04-2008 to rocker chick
thumbs-up "Yay Sabwina =)"

10-04-2008 to OmEgAbLaSteR
thumbs-up "Cause you workout son! ;)"

10-04-2008 to l3376543210

10-04-2008 to SHIT_HAPPENS
thumbs-up "Cause you like Sens."

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