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Profile: Magnum Miracles

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Name: Magnum Miracles


Last seen: 06-02-2015

Account type: Regular

Registration date: 11-03-2007

Posts: 34,056

Age: 21

Location: USA, North Carolina

About: A guy in college

Hobbies: Watching anime, movies, TV, reading books & comics. Yeah, I'm a major entertainment junkie. I also like hanging out with my twin brother, The Butcher.

Reputation: 149thumbs-up

Previously known as

Ulquiorra Schiffer until 07-09-2009
Gundam until 01-11-2010
Lincoln Rhyme until 07-31-2012
Magnum Bookworm until 03-27-2013
Magnum Hentaipenis until 03-27-2013
Magnum Bookworm until 02-25-2014

02-27-2015 from Maximum D
thumbs-up "Vorona"

02-02-2015 from Helly The God
thumbs-up "cant wait till u leave again u stupid whore"

01-22-2015 from YuNarukami
thumbs-up "Welcome back, fren"

01-09-2015 from The Fantom Convoy
thumbs-up "How did you leave so successfully? I need to know..."

08-21-2014 from Demi
thumbs-up "I'll miss you so much, Perhaps we will se eachother IRL sometime?"

07-06-2014 from Chaos Theory
thumbs-up "Hate to see you leave brother"

07-05-2014 from Nerd
thumbs-up "Seeya bro."

07-05-2014 from Snap
thumbs-up "I'll miss you."

06-25-2014 from Agent.
thumbs-up "The Rep Whores will go down!"

06-22-2014 from PG15
thumbs-up "Rep4Rep? Repwhoring aside. You a good member."

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Fuck you Luis


Zanji Suzunami


Mr Couch Potato


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User Page

Hello, my name is Magnum Miracles. I have to say, it’s good to be back. I guess you can never really leave MvC, can you?

Anyway, I have an identical twin brother. You may know him as “The Butcher”. He’s my best friend in the whole wide world,and is one minute older than I am. Please don’t ask if we have twin telepathy(because we don’t; no matter how hard I wish to have it grin)
I’m a very quiet member. I have very little posts compared to the other guys who joined that same year,because I like to watch grin.

That’s everything I guess. If you’re a new member,can’t wait to meet you. If you’re a current member,can’t wait to see you again, and if you’re a crappy member. Fuck you.

Needed to keep track of this.

Credit goes to Rage for making me this Endlessly sexy sig.

Quite possibly some of the best words spoken on the Net:

Objectivity refers to anything that is an unquestionable fact. Therefore, since opinions are 100% subjective, there is no way that a reasoning based on a person’s opinion can be objective. It may be universally accepted that 80s and hentai dubs are horrible, but it’s not an unquestionable fact. Objectivity isn’t wrong, it just doesn’t exist as much as people love to believe. Objectivity =/= giving a reason. A reason is still subjective as it depends on a person’s opinions.

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