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Name: Cid Highwind


Last seen: 03-09-2016

Account type: Regular

Registration date: 10-10-2007

Posts: 7,210

Age: 24

Location: Alabama, United States

About: I'm just a laid back guy.

Hobbies: Art, games, surfing the web, and pondering the mysteries of life

Reputation: 98thumbs-up


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Previously known as

Cid Highwind until 03-10-2009
Lucious until 03-04-2010
Ender until 11-18-2010
C.I.D until 11-18-2010
Cidius Maximus until 05-18-2011
Snorlax until 09-28-2011
Cidius until 09-28-2011
Snorlax until 05-03-2012
Captain Highwind until 09-05-2013
Devourer of Worlds until 02-17-2014
Devourer of Worlds until 02-17-2014

12-13-2014 from The Fantom Convoy
thumbs-up "Cid's alt army is supreme"

11-30-2014 from The Living Tribunal
thumbs-up "awesome guy"

05-02-2014 from Fuck you Luis
thumbs-up "BL"

04-28-2014 from Ryan Burns

04-18-2014 from Nerd

04-18-2014 from Paris

02-03-2014 from xR
thumbs-up "93 for you"

01-24-2014 from Megatron

10-09-2013 from Izayoi
thumbs-up "Always glad to be of assistance~"

10-08-2013 from R3
thumbs-up "thank you kind sir."

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J peth wrote:

Cid Highwind wrote:

Chaos Theory wrote:

Cid Highwind wrote:

Chaos Theory wrote:

Cid Highwind wrote:

Chaos Theory wrote:

Cid Highwind wrote:

Chaos Theory wrote: Well I dunno what to do, I may just get random one day shocked

Like I said... Andrea. wink

That be weird, she’s been a friend fer a long time @_@

That means you guys know each other already. Just do it. Message her on myspace RIGHT NOW and see if she wants to go see a movie Saturday. =]

Nah, she’s may be may equal in evilness, dunno if I can stand that 'nite

You two are like carbon copies of each other. O.o

Sept you dangle and her sex organs are aesthetically pleasing. O.o;

*quoted House again*

Ah House one of the best shows out their, and opposites attract, we might get along at the start but it might blows the hell up.

Then you can simply say you tried.

Come on. You both like the same anime characters. For different reasons, but still!

i now have vivid images of CH and that girl saying they like gin cuz they both think he is hot... >.<
bad images! Damn you cid!!!

Moe Lester wrote:

LinkHeroOfTime wrote:

Moe Lester wrote: I cant help but thinking Your Attention Whoring :/

Do all black people capitalize random words?

Where do I start.
Ok...................Dumb Bitches need you to Capitalize your key words so they feel as tho they are getting the exact attention they Crave. If they do not feel attenion-whorishly pleased, they will either rage into insulting other females of the there insecurities, Spam the shit out people’s pm inboxe’s asking “Do you really think Im Fat/Annoying/Pretty/Ugly?" etc etc.
Or God forbid........but if worst comes to worst..........They forget the tomato on the Sandwich you asked her to make 20 FUCKING MINUTES AGO AND HAS THE NERVE TO NOT BE NAKED IN THE HOUSE AT ALL TIMES FOR EASY ACCESS FUCKS! which will end in a Death by husband......and worst of all.......a wasted sandwich.

So I really by capitalizing key words.....I just saved a bitche’s life.


Izzy wrote: Cid gets the money, the bitches, the power. He even gave up being admin so the site wouldn’t become a super epitome of internet gloriness under his flawless and perfect direction.

Lord lash wrote:

Crusader wrote:

Lord lash wrote: That’s just gross Imo.....

^ Look who’s talking....the kid that writes devil signs and 666 with his girlfriends blood on the walls of his room.

Dude.... Drinking at 14 and fucking your COUSIN, what in gods name is wrong with you...

I have not tasted hers, she on the other hand, well.. Still a better love story than you and..your Cousin. straight

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