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Kuru wrote:

Samurai Billy wrote:

Harkensin wrote:

Samurai Billy wrote:

Harkensin wrote: Yeah, we should like, you know, revolt or something.

Don’t worry

Will you lead us?

When the time is right, we’ll need many leaders, but no authority. It matters not whether you stand behind me, or beside me, as long as you stand.

That was pretty badass.

Tevinssj7 wrote: Son Doku The Poisonous Ninja Back: Story: Lived normal life in the Cloud Village and one of the best in his class. Gekko PUT HIM UNDER A GENJUTSU AND MADE HIM KILL HIS WHOLE FAMILY. Raikage TITLED him a S-Rank Criminal HE RUNAWAY WITH THE BLOOD NOW HIS HANDS out the village.SWORE TO KILL Gekko AND ANYONE WHOSE WORKING WITH HIM.
Kekkei Genkai:POISON Release/poisonous Mushroom is wood release and poison release fused together.
Abilities:CAN MAKE HIS OWN POISON.CAN TAKE ANY POISON ATTACKS. Doku can also release poisonous spores like a poisonous mushroom.

Dark Ghost Supra wrote:

Marly wrote: Have fun, bud. :^)

I will tonight with my gay porn links and constant dicks on my mind. ttyl

Dark Ghost Supra wrote: I dont find black men more sexuality attractive than any other ethnicity of mine. But yes, I do enjoy like to slob on a nice cock once in a while

Im not sure where you are getting all of these bizarre ideas and fantasies from, but at least Im open about me


Xenosaga Demonbane wrote: Yea, if I have different powers, my personality will do a complete 360 and I will become a generous and happy doctor.

Pretty Princess wrote:
I’ve actually tracked people’s IP addresses on here before believe it not and could easily do a lot of damage, I decided not to because it’s generally not worth it, if they are stubborn about this, I will reveal the moderator’s IP addresses, if they still continue to be stubborn, I will do illegal things. Thing is, I really really do not want to have to do anything bad or illegal just to get my name changed. But if I have to, I will.

I am a 16 year old boy who is turning 17 this year. My favorite characters in fantasy/anime/video games series are usually Dark anti-heroes who often summon and control demons or are demons themselves. Do you really think I would like a name like “Pretty princess”?

2-D wrote: ((Last time I meet a man name kreg whom could pridictic the futer and after he and I got to know each other a little better we headed out to my final destination my home kingdom to kill my father))(The final battle)Zane:Kreg tell me what I wish to know.(I couldn’t help but wonder what had changed sense I left)Kreg:Fait tells me one of us will vanish.Zane:so you don’t know if I will win you?Kreg:sadly no but I do know that this will be the last time we speak to each other.(The rest of are trip was silent as he had predicted for there was nothing more to say.)(We stoped at the castel doors and a tall strange figure with a dark glooming smog surrounding it I couldn’t see its face but I could tell it wasn’t a harmless being when it spoke I could feel nothing but a darkining power and cold grip around me)Strange Being:I now take you souls and make you an unforgiveing being of pure power and wisdom.(The smog came faster than I could have ever imagined and grabed me and Kreg and pulled us ever closer to the being we could not get away.the last thing I saw was a large black neverending room and then I was standing again except my weapons a clothes as well as kregs were on the ground. I checked to see that I was not naked and saw a the black cloth that the figure was wereing.instintly I knew he had absorbed us and somehow I was in control of the body.I opened my mouth to speak but the word that came out were not mineVoiceblushehold the being of unfortold power I stand before you and declare that I Grong am the most powerful being in THIS universe and seek to be even more powerful in the next!!!being once known as zane I give you control of this power and this wisedom. Go now and finish what you have started and I shall relase the human kreg once I know what happens(I waited for a second and then I knew what was done kreg appered again and was on the ground back in his cloths and was speaking)Kreg:go now Grong and concure what once was yours.many praises to your dision and thank you for takeing you great stolen gift back.(Meaning whoever I was now I had the power to forsee the nearby futer)Grong:search my clothes and you shall find a potion that grants eternal life drink it and be wealthy.(He did so and I left my weapons and enterd the castle.I saw an army of soldiers in the old war room and the King standing giveing a speach)King:we have found the traitor Zane and he will die this day soldiers we attack now!!!(He looked up and to the back of the room were I stood and turned white with fear he acted as though he had seen a ghoast)

Redx wrote: Also why do people keep saying OP is for kids? if you look online the age rating for One Piece is 16+ and the age rating for naruto is age 10+ and bleach is 13+. Lots of kids dont even watch one piece. Kids wouldnt even be able to get into it because its a slow starter. kids arent patient they want to see instant action with flashy explosions and cool looking fighting moves. It takes a more mature person to be patient and let the story unfold.

One Piece by far has the best plot/story out of the HST.

King Kazuma wrote: lol if you are going to complain about sigs at least mention the people with actual oversized ones. I have two regular sized sigs stacked on top of each other. Is there a problem?

Knight_Of_Steel wrote: You’ll never guess my password if you wanna hack.

Darth Maul wrote: ha only a retard would believe a comic and its common sense that maul owns vader

-408Windsor- wrote: lol. Typical anime fag gettin' butthurt.And a kid like me? Oh you mean someone with weapons experience? Look, the zombies aren’t gunna care who wins between Inishumalolhockaho and SSJGotenksbugeta 3458645. You’d be the first to die, while I’d stay alive for atleast a decent amount of time before I died. End of story. Go post in a naruto thread or something and let the big boys talk about surviving a zombie apocalypse...

Shrazlax wrote: I might try it. though i don’t own any card so making a deck might be difficult. i stopped playing yugioh a long time ago. mostly because i lost interest. i love the smell of new yugioh cards though

Ussj Future Trunks wrote: yes its simplistic but thats what makes it greater than naruto. i dont want to watch whiny emo ninjas. i want fighting and explosions. anime is for entertainment and dbz is the epitome of that. as for predictable..really? it has some great twists like trunks being from the future and cell returning from exploding, and vegeta becoming evil once again. kept me on my toes when i first watched it.

I_ARE_IS_KOS wrote: These topics bother me.

Looking at the on-topic forum, I feel like there are a bunch of elementary school children running an entire forum, unable to debate on serious topics such as abortion, the creation of the universe, religion, stuff that matters.

ebm wrote:

J peth wrote: I like how no one notices the fact that Anonymous didn’t do it this time.... they even made a public statement (as public as they get) saying they didn’t do it as a group. However they will admit a few members may have acted on their own.. they didn’t do it as the group “anonymous”.

You do know how they work, right? They do Denial-of-service attacks- where they hack someone/something and deny any involvement.

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