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Name: ebm


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Hobbies: I smoke good erryday

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Reborn MVC Rock Club

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everyonebothersme until 04-18-2011

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Quotes of Power

WINNING wrote: Oh how interesting it is to be young and rebellious.

Lets just try something really quick,

The Idea of an open mind.

We can point at each race and slander each.. White people are lazy, Black people are criminals, Asians cant drive, Your neighborhood Mexican/s are illegal immigrants etc..

When really.. all of these can be disproved quite easily.

It is soo easy to develop an opinion off of similar scenarios happening over and over again. As in.. you see a fat white man sitting down to enjoy a sub, then you see a fat white woman enjoy a pizza .. yet you fail to recognize the muscular and fit white people in the background because you are so fixated on focusing on ignorance of racial placement that you can’t think correctly.

You sit down and turn on the news, all of a sudden a police report comes on of a couple of black men who robbed a gas station. All of a sudden you’re feeding the fire of your ridiculous racial ignorance.

You’re on the highway and a Mini- van cuts you off and almost causes an accident, you see the Asian Woman with both hands on the steering wheel driving. Oh.. lets take a guess at what you’re about to do?? Not noticing the accident in the background caused by ____ ____.

It goes on.. and on.

YOU CAN’T look at a race, color, sex or ANYTHING and just judge it. If you do so.. you would be feeding your own fire of ignorance. When someone judges someone, they are not showing who that person is.. they are showing who THEY are.

Don’t be stupid.

Quotes of Lulz

OG Brock wrote:

ebm wrote:

OG Brock wrote:

ebm wrote: You’re kids, I shouldn’t suggest such things to you guys.

lighten up en class? back en tha day, we be lighten up en class wit tha teach', fuc dat bathroom shit

Oh beyond that. Weed high doesn’t make school amazing, speed does.

liit’en up fast liek sprite naw maek’tat pepsi
rephreshin NC liek jordan drive’byz en ten speeds
flyin high liek 23 planes passin gradient in class
ridin eye white 32 plain asses en maids en tha grass
now the red heads decked in green like parquet serene
while the maid screams like he the celtics dream team
ebm like 'didnt you know pimps wear green' damn sure
and pumps the bitch like bird did the air in 84'

“speed does” fly dat up en yo shit nigga, let dat speed fly

ModFather wrote: I call it


I get asked, If you were a genius what would you do?
I tell them, “Well good friend, this poem will tell you”

If I were a genius, I would not cure cancer
I would post on a forum, to show my wit.

If I were a genius, I would not use my mind for man
I would show math problems, that some can’t solve.

If I were a genius, I would not teach others
I would defend Naruto to the death, the greatest story ever told.

If I were a genius, not a man nor woman could disagree
that I am the best, top 5% of the gene pool of man.

If I were a genius, I would not be humble.
I would act like a jack ass, on a forum to you.

If I were a genius, Oh wait I am.
Fuck you.

I hope you all liked it.

LinkHeroOfTime wrote:

ebm wrote: Am I the only one who thinks this is a joke?

You guys cant possibly think Wolfenstein is serious?

It really doesn’t matter, it’s like putting a dick in your mouth and then saying 'LOL JKS IM NOT GAY!'

George Dubyuh Bush wrote: Me: I appreciate what my country is
Weeaboo/pseudo-intellectual teenager: No, fuck your country, even though I live in it. I believe I am japanese, and they are better than joo. lol bro i am smart huurduur i use big words i don’t even understand to try and seem smart when my IQ is under 150 lolz.

Dr Scientist wrote:

Ussj Future Trunks wrote: the bigger kid was the one picking on the 12 year old first. it was in an interview

Actually no.

You’re just fucking stupid.

Seriously every time I read one of your posts I can feel my brain scream in pain.

Greed. wrote: Stay away from my place, I don’t trust you black folks, you could try to rob me.

Falsey. wrote:

everyonebothersme wrote: I dont actually remember what my IQ is supposed to be, but I have a rare mental condition in which allows me to retain all information that I find useful or important, the cost is that I forget normal daily tasks like homework, chores, bills, and sometimes even what I had for breakfast. I dont remember the name of the condition (as I didnt pay much enthusiasm).

I dont do homework and I am rude to most other students, yet I am taking college courses as a sophomore.

Sheesh, talk about low IQ.

I don’t even need to have to retain any information.

Ask me a question and I’ll give you the answer within 0.00009 seconds.

You see, I have this rare mental condition where I’m practicly omniscient. Because of this, I’m smarter than 95% of everyone in the world.

Due to this, I passed all college courses as a five year old and finished Uni at seven.

Not boasting or anything, ofc.

MASK wrote:

El Toni wrote: Being sensitive about women does not make you gay, it makes you money.

I want your kind of stupid, it’s the type of stupid bred through generation of incestuous rape. Honestly every time you look outside it must rain rainbow cum spurting unicorn dicks.

Sheko wrote:

everyonebothersme wrote: Sheko knows thats not a good idea..

EBM doesn’t take shit from nobody.

He’s an attractive weapon master and straight as an arrow, so watch out fags.


Kamehamea wrote:

Robert C. wrote: Wanna sent You a Pic, dare Me
Since all u need is an index to find the G-Spot.
To big makes it harder.

dude you gay and i dont like gay people they make me sick

Tyrant wrote:

Darkbladex wrote: Oh...oh....thank god youre kidding.

Reiatsu arguments are largely ignored on every other board on the internet.

This is also the only forum i know of where people still try and say LAWL theyz intangible.

Why don’t you just leave then? Your constant bitching certainly isn’t helping.

I R .R.E.A.L.I.T.Y. wrote: You can’t make fun of me. Its like trying to make fun of god or insulting a banana. You can’t insult a banana, they are too fucking delicious. Don’t like the look? Make banana bread, don’t like bread put that fucker in a peanut butter sandwhich. But either fucking way, you can’t insult bananas.

Rorschach wrote: It’s, because your black neighbors dislike you and will one day assrape you, because they’re black and that’s what black people do.

1indainfinite wrote:

crys14 wrote: haha same here... girls in my case... jk grin

Guys love lesbians because they understand us.

Guy: See those tits?
Lesbian: Yeah, awesome
Guy: Awesome indeed

SENSFAN wrote: My name is LaQuazashanesa Dawitt-Demari Emani Smith, long name, but call me LQ wink

Darth Nihilus wrote:

Naraku the Eternal wrote:

Darth Nihilus wrote:

Naraku the Eternal wrote:

Darth Nihilus wrote: Has Satan actually killed anyone? I know he’s evil and whatnot, but has he?

Not that I am aware of. He just sorta sits around doing his thing.

More or less yes.

Just look at all those TVs. I bet he gets the best porn.

TPSHP isnt happy wrote:

theTrueChaosSpear fell to corrupt mods wrote:

theTrueChaosSpear fell to corrupt mods wrote:

Cid wrote:

Tippership Commander wrote: ill be back in a short while....gotta eat dinner

Your sig, there’s still one corrupt mod on mvc.



ppl prob didn’t see my message caz of the page

anyway, we’ll see how long THIS ONE lsts

No, it FELL


AND this one

“corrupt Mods are aplenty”

im serious, TRY beign a guest with those names, and see what happens when you post

ALSO, wait like 2 mins after this post ,and i bet this name will also be ....


Never Give Up wrote: It says niggers are dirty muslims.
I think this name is wrong.

Crimson Pheonix wrote:

Crimson Pheonix wrote: hey guys i just decided

from this point out im gonna be black well untill i get bored then ill go back to being the whitest mexican ever

Infinitus wrote:

everyonebothersme wrote:

SENSFAN wrote: I wonder if the people who gave him nega reps we’re white, lol.

i did, and im semi-racist

Don’t forget a homophobegrin

jomas the grunt wrote:

everyonebothersme wrote:

jomas the grunt wrote: and.... the absence of mods is noticeable again

are you gonna go emo now due to your excessive depresion?

im going to grow my bangs and die it black
then shave all of my head except the bangs
then cut off my left hand, then eat it!

Infinitus wrote:

everyonebothersme wrote:

Infinitus wrote:

everyonebothersme wrote: this topic fails

So your life is meaningless but I still pretend your a girl.

why would you pretend im a girl?

my life isnt meaningless, i have quite i few enemies, and friends, thank you

Why a girl?! Find you more rapable... you woulf nice firm b cupstounge

Those are reasons.

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