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Name: Itachi Uchiha


Last seen: 01-21-2009

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Age: 17

Location: Konohagakure

About: The reason why the Uchiha Clan said to be the most strongest and reputable unmatched, let me show you the true power of Sharingan

Hobbies: ???

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Mangekyou Sharingan...

The Mangekyou Sharingan has a very unique characteristic. Once you awaken it your eyes will start a descent into darkness. The more you using them, the quicker the process moves. The Kaleidoscope will eventually lose its light.

During my Tsukuyomi you saw me ripping your eyes from its socket. And I will make that dream into reality.

The picture of me:

People live their lives bound by what they accept as correct and true. Thats how they define reality. But what does it mean to be correct and true? Merely vague concept. Reality may all be a mirage. Can we consider them to simply be living in their own world and shape by their beliefs...???

Dark Phoenix

Another Dimension

Saga Galaxion Explosion

Another dimension



Destroying dimension

Power of galaxy



Superman altering reality already being done by titans... shit Aries Mu defeat him... Saint Seiya power beyond Aries Mu when reach Dunamis

and at last kill the Titans...

Athena exclamation

in front of the mighty apollo

Galaxion Explosion

Itachi Amaterasu

Respect The Amaterasu

hades universe

Aioria Speed of light


Camus freeze an oceans in blink of an eye

Virgo Shaka

Get ready for yourself...

Leo Aioria could launch 1 billions of lighting plasma at full effort...

here it is...

Move faster than 1 billions faster than light... at maximum power.... and making him cant see anything at that speed...

From the text above

Pontos' reaction in that last scan:

Pontos: “Divine speed?"

Pontos: “Movements that surpass light are not human!!"

Pontos: “This man, being human.... entered the territory of Gods...."

Capricorn Shura slice off planet...

esta hecho del cosmo de todo lo viviente de este planeta y es lo que me va a ayudar a proteger a todos los dioses
This fact cosmo of all living things on this planet and that is what will help me protect all the gods
Note: I never consider that those Gold Saints could beat The Celestials... But I consider the dunamis level...

Kanon vs Wyvern Radamanthys

The planets and stars dissapeared...


Things to keep in mind.
Kannon can not perform Galatic Explosion in this position.

Delphi 5 download free trial edition

reconstruct body from atoms


Indy programming

Fingerprint sdk



read manga online

universe that created by Iapetus

Krona want to know how the universe created...

Dimension Iapetos gladly show him how to create such...

Dont worry all he creating is Parallel Universes...

universe that created by Iapetus

Dont worry this guy can create universe inside the universe and even with its populations...

not just one but many universe in single blow...

*Kronos stronger than him*

Face Palm

OMFG (cat)

SS hypermyth;topic=48.0


Bush the gog and magog prince


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