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Name: Chaos Theory


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About: Asshole, get over it. Nao!

Hobbies: Shinigami Chop ^^

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The Swords

Previously known as

Chaos Theory until 09-09-2009
Shinigami-Sama until 03-30-2010

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Brawndo the Thirst Mutilator wrote: This chapter could be a poetic commentary on how without evil there can be no good and without good there can be no evil, or a reflection on how love of god isn’t really love if it is compelled. Or it could be a fat black man in a daiper...i don’t fucking know...

KIlluminatic wrote: OK, Chaos, you know what? Fuck this. My stupid phone’s browser crashed when I was typing up my rebuttal. And I was up to the Cirucci thing. Never again...

You can consider this a concession. :/

Brawndo the Thirst Mutilator wrote: What if all the empty panel space isn’t Kubo being lazy; its kubo being obscene,
and shonen jump censoring out all the semen and zombie guts and things deemed too boundary-pushing for shonen?

Ciddy wrote:

Chaos Theory wrote:

Crusader wrote:

Chaos Theory wrote:

You see how he threw the SOD away?

That is such an accurate depiction of this topic

Lol. It does look like he’s just tossing SoD.

Cid wrote:

Anon4 wrote:

Son of Re wrote: @loll

If some1 with haki rapes smoker, then they probably just got thru reiatsu crushing zabuza

What is this...? I don’t even...

Didn’t you hear? Aizen started the war at Marineford by leaking the information on Teach’s whereabouts to Ace.

Zack Fair wrote: The fact that Itachi vs. Rukia can even be debated speaks volumes about how Itachi vs. Gin would turn out.

Tyrant wrote: Grimmjow got hired by Vertigo.

He’s going to be kicking Wonder Woman’s ass in the next Crisis, since Cheetah is on vacation.

Most Powerful Quote on MvC ^^

Bjarne wrote:

-Wanted- wrote:

Bjarne wrote:

The Legend wrote: Yo Bjarne, what happened to other pages in the sections? In each forum there is only one page. sad I can’t find a topic I created a few weeks ago. I needed an image out of it. T_T

Now I have to use the search function. straight

Fuck me!!! Stupid fucking bug sad

Just fixed it.

Way to fail again you stupid cunt for a webmaster.

Hey why don’t you just go and get a REAL forum base already.

Looks here’s a REALLY nice one

No, you wouldn’t, because YOU’RE FAIL


Chaos Theory wrote:

Steam wrote:
what’s your job?

Last job, as I is unemployed, was working for the government and if I told you more then that I’d have to give you a full noggin Shinigami Chop.

Now you wouldn’t want that on mah conscious now would you?

Knight_de_Diablo wrote:

Chaos Theory wrote: You have horrible deductive reasoning

i dont know wat u just said but it pissed me right the fuck off!!!!

Kyle Knight wrote: ouch and my ass take’s a royal pounding mother fucker i dont know what’s more desturbing the fact a Tranceformer can beat a gundam or the fact Chaos Theory know’s so much about

Haylias wrote:

Chaos Theory wrote:

Haylias wrote: Cya Skull.

Chaos why is that character in your sig being stabbed by a Nazi?

Because it rocks shocked

Actually it’s from the latest BLEACH. That is the hilt and hand guard of Ichigo’s sword. Before the Nazi’s took that symbol and flipped it, it was, and still is a religious symbol to the Hindu if I remember my history correctly

Yes, it is a Hindu symbol of good will or luck.

Dangit, I ruined my own lulz o.O

Tyrant wrote: Unicron blows up the multiverse.

Only to find that Cubone is still alive.

Why? Because his helmet is made of bone. Do you have any idea how durable bone is? That shit is hard as fuck.

Spellca wrote: Hyperboles are a pain in the ass. Especially when idiots try to use them as proof (I once tried it) and then Chaos comes, proves you wrong, kicks your ass with another argument and then calls it a day.


Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici
By the power of truth, I, while living, have conquered the universe.

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