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Name: BausMan is HD


Last seen: 01-24-2012

Account type: Regular

Registration date: 07-16-2007

Posts: 8,134

Age: 1000

Location: The sea

About: Epic shit

Hobbies: Murder, Rape, Pillage, the code of the viking

Reputation: 70thumbs-up

Previously known as

BausMan 117 until 03-12-2009
I R BausMan until 09-18-2009
WTF iTz BausMan until 04-24-2010
BausMan 408 until 10-29-2010

11-30-2013 from Munsu a.k.a Legendary General
thumbs-down "Doesn't have the balls to log in anymore."

03-10-2012 from Krystopher Malus

11-28-2011 from Kinasin

11-28-2011 from Kinny Cakes

10-22-2011 from needforspeedfreak
thumbs-up "Still remember that "1Up" avatar kickass XD"

02-24-2011 from AK-4Deception
thumbs-up "................LOLOLOLOLOL"

12-19-2010 from AfterGlowZ
thumbs-up "Hurp"

10-17-2010 from Dead Head
thumbs-up "Auron is badass, and don't you forget it son!"

10-16-2010 from The Librarian
thumbs-up "avatar is auto win"

10-13-2010 from Ghost of Faggotry

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Funny posts.

Dongtacular wrote: It goes a little something like this;

then he asks; u mad?

Dongtacular wrote:

Poliwhirl wrote: What’s with this seemingly irrational hate for Kinasin? What did he do?

He’s a degenerate troll who spams mvc and posts some of the most stupid shit you’ve ever seen (both the Dragon Ball anime/manga are canon despite contradicting each other, Gogeta is an omniverse buster because I say so, etc.). He’s spammed so much he’s reached 6000 posts in just a couple of months.

He makes spite-threads every time he is disproved (which happens all the time) for either the character that defeated his beloved property or for the member who bested him, he threatens to kill people (me, twice), he becomes super-enraged over the most insignificant shit where he starts of a rage-storm of “dicks” & “faggots” while writing “u mad?" to others, in the spite-thread he made, because he’s so incredibly butthurt that somebody said that Goku would get defeated by Galactus or some other random character.

Oh, we all laugh so much at him. His obsession with dicks, faggots and anal sex with men (seriously, he writes about it all the time) has led to the conclusion that kinasin is in fact gay, his father “turned him” during the years of sexual molestation kinasin suffered at his hands, and that’s the reason why kinasin’s father is in jail, raping other men, and telling his son about it, who then tells us.

The comic I posted illustrates the Kinasin experience, of a mongoloid tard raging over some stupid shit, while people are indifferent to him. Then he asks; “u mad?".

It’s classic.

Dick N. CideR wrote:

ChibiDiscoDhaos wrote: So I discovered today

That you’re an adult, need to stop watching anime and get out of mom’s house?

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