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Name: King John-


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About: I'm a "G" and you aint got to know the alphabet to "C"(see)

Hobbies: Lyrical Homocide

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thumbs-down "sorry but I have to do this"

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thumbs-down "Are you serious? You would get wrecked.."

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thumbs-side "drank"

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thumbs-down "You are a faggot in denial, stop trying to cover up that fact by posting half nude pics of girls."

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thumbs-up "Funny man"

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.R.E.A.L.l.T.Y. wrote: Being in a gang means your a gangster? Dude dont judge me so fuckin fast..

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......____________________ , ,
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.....), ---.(_(__) /
....// (..) ),
...//___//ﷲ ﷲ ﷲ ﷲ ﷲ

Top Ten Rapper of All Time:
1.Jay Z
5.Big L
6.Big Pun
8.Big Boi
10.Ghostface Killah

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2.He Got Game
3.Any Give Sunday
4.Paid in Full
6.Fight Club
7.Donnie Darko
8.Jacob’s Ladder
9.Dark Knight
10.Happy Gilmore

Most Recent Massacres Battles:

King John wrote:

Vintage wrote:

Vintage wrote:
To King John:


my flow beginnin,run as long as the globe is spinnin//
you got as much hope of livin as chris brown when he drops the soap in prison//haha
shit,this clown could spit rounds,but his aim has no precision//
always 'miss your targets when you pull it out' like when lil kids stand up pissin//
put your hands up,Vintage is the man that you’re fearin//
my voice replaying in your head till I damage your hearin//
..but listen, his best is less when the kid steps to vets//
Rey Juan? or Raekwon?if this dude is a 'King',ima have to “Inspect Da Deck”//OVER
but yo while this kid mess with Meth,I impress with crystals//
if this kid mess with techs,I send jets with missiles//wow
my inflection reps,I’m from the north where hip hop is led//
your from the south....where hip hop is dead and children are inbred//
dude knows I spit lead,get head and go against the brain//
funny how I manage to get “bread” while I “go against the grain”//
so don’t even mention names unless you want a gravestone//
I slayed holmes,rhymes left em blind,now go and find ya way home//
plus im spanish like Tego, so watch what you say bro//
Johns the type to drop dime like Muhammad Ali at a Payphone//...done

Talking down on the South, that’s some funny shit///
Cause Jerz is the Speakerzzz of states, riding New York’s dick///
Your flow’s sick?that’s bullshit, it’s not even fucking warm///
I’m inbred? naw demented, a fucking child of the corn///
You like to suck on dicks, well I got the blam blam in my arm///
So I’ll put the Tommy in your mouth like Pam Anderson porn///
Been wild since I was born,my rhymes are hard on your health///
How am I the king of the deck? It was just the cards I was dealt///
He’s hard on the net, but in real life he’s a fucking fairy///
So if we ever met,he’d be scared to say my name like Bloody Mary///
Too fucking scary,he’s a candy ass so the gat’ll melt this Hersey///
Cause the bullets’ll “Pierce” his back like a Celtics Jersey///
Saying he’ll blast?Fuck that,this fag’ll run back in a hurry///
So he couldn’t throw missiles with a Jet if his last name was Testaverde///
Not Thanksgiving,so i’ma say fuck this turkey,go and get a chicken head///
My pocket’s the Kentucky Derby,cause it’s always got thorough bread///
Hit you through your fucking leg,whenever I buck the nine////
Your opinion’s irrelevant,so keep ya two cents cause I only fuck with dimes///

King John wrote:

Kyree wrote:

Ill be the big man in this situation//
Cause we all know your bigger cause when your asked to sit you hatin//
Got on the lounge thinkin it was a site to buy a sofa//
cause your so fat you run outta breath tryin to finish the sentence, “I’m so fa..."//
Get broke like aig cause i can tell your pockets slim from all the foods you ate i see//
Order an extra throne not for a queen but for his fat ass//
You cant have sex alone get lean or you cant grab ass// pics of j-lo on his profile lol
im the rottweiler to this pitbull (mexican rapper for those who dont know)//
Know the results of your stupid actions when these teeth sink fool//
Your parents had to get across the border to bore tha son who comes up short like a prince (king is higher than a prince)//
Cause theres no way your fat ass would make it over the fence//

lol, fucking light work nigga

Kyree,why me? is what he’s askin when he flies past
Your rap’s smack? naw your not even a dime bag///
My rhymes crack, yall ask, how’s he so nice///
And since he likes Em, my raps’ll make em relapse twice(over right there)///
He’s fixing to be by christ,cause it’s over when I hit this nigga with tha trigger///
So he’s just a dead man walking like Mike Jackson in Thriller///
Half his rapping is filler,you say I’m a fat ass?///
Well this white fag is what’s for dinner///
Please carry on,before I put the “rounds” in your mouth cause this pussy is mad square///
Call me Barry Bonds,way I put the bat to his chest like the jersey this fag wears///
lol peep it ^^^^^^^^^^^^

FYI, I’m not fat and Pitbull isn’t Mexican dumbass

King John wrote:


bring it....

Speakz [3x]

Oh no, tell me somethin yall dont know
john keeps runnin his mouth, lets go
for real, never seen rap fucked by ho’s
with all these bitches in here

And to the other who claim he king like shit’s serious
get at me ho, im like “vin”, i come “too fast, spit furious”
“diesel” in this shit...quick to take your lip and “brand” it
cuz you aint money if half the shit is outlandish
pop gats, fuck that...been heard that shit for years
only fucked with tools when his ass was workin in sears
claim tough? ayo.. bring it, meet me in person u queer
your style old, surprised your flow ain’t workin a beard
and i dare you...double dare you to just bring it back
he like sanitation, just comin and bringin some trash
throw it on a site and then claim he spittin some cash
but he on vin’s dick..never knew he loved lickin like that
ayo, vin’s on some speakerzzz shit? straight ridin N-Y?
u just a “insert shitty punchline here in the end” guy
fuck it, you just another “jump over the fence” guy
my drops quick to make weezy’s mexican friend fly

Chorus 1/2

Speakz [3x]

Oh no, tell me somethin yall dont know
john keeps runnin his mouth, lets go
for real, never seen rap fucked by ho’s
with all these bitches in here

You aint heat, so why you starting b, you aint harming me////
You want me to meet you in person? Nigga this aint E-Harmony///
Please somebody ban this man, he’s a fag,black chaps and leather boots///
Plus, he’s a Stan ass fan, like " P.S., We should be together too”///
No it’s time for us to meet, why posts a track if you’re not rhyming to the beat?///
No wonder you spell your with three Zs, cause your rhymes are putting me to sleep///
This nigga’s brainless, ignaramus, that’s gonna be instrumental when “you lose”///
Matter of fact, this dumb fuck couldn’t even find the instrumental on youtube///
(lol dumbass Front to Back Instrumental)
So it’s the truth, when I rap about how I got more cheddar than you, carry a berreta or two///
But why did you make that tune?To show how much X to da Z is better than you?///
You better than who? You’re a veteran fool,so start spreading the news///
That this dude’s, acting a bitch, so I’m snatching his chick///
So I nut quick right after she sucks this///
Then she goes back home to this dumb bitch to tongue kiss///(Uh Sick)
Fuck this, quoir boy that’s never committed a sin or two, so this is it for you///
Cause even Nastradamus aint predicting a win for you///

King John wrote:

AznSkillz wrote: King John

You couldnt 'Snap shots' At Me if you were Takin 'Photography'
Couldn’t 'read' me like a 'book' if ya Look at my 'Biography'/
Only 'Crown' You got is in your 'Teeth and your Mouth'/
I got you 'Trapped' like some 'Beef in your Mouth'/
Face the Truth, only 'Gold' you got is a mofukin 'Tooth' ask
'the Fairy'/I got you 'Bloody' Like 'Mary'/My 'Thunder' Leave
a 'Scar' on your forehead 'like Harry'/ Compared to you, my
worse enemy is 'the mirror'/ King John Isn’t that the Old man
From 'ShakeSpeare?" Punchline King? 'John' is named after a
'Toilet' He’s more like a Punchline Peon/PEE ON/ Your Faker
than a story, King but no glory, I put “king john' in books
cause even Shakespeare says he’s History/

Call me your flyness, like your highness is so ill, I’m just lining up my kill
Yeah I got a crown in my mouth, and it’s shining on my grill/// (Peep it)
Shit, you acting like I aint packing a gun,bitch I’m just blasting for fun///
Speaking of history, what’s the last battle that you actually won?///
So now he’s longing for win,but I keeping on popping till he’s fin(ished)///
I drink 100 proof, you aint got nothing stronger than Jin(Gin)?///
Well then, you can call me Serius(Sirius), cause I’m the brightest of stars///
This bitch the lamest by far,so he stay on Venus,while I’m residing on Mars///(get it?Peep it)
This queer talks about Shakespeare like he’s knowing some shit///
Stop blowing on dicks,we can all see you’re no Romeo, so I guess that makes you Juliet///
King, you know he’s fire, you’re never in the street lier///
You’re just an Asian bitch, like Chun Li from Street Fighter///

The MaFuckin Supra wrote: Google editing your name on dont make you a boss, it just means your Phony false, a mexican Rick Ross//
Just because you put your face on a dollar dsnt mean you floss, I spit shit hotter than Fire Taco bell sauce//
look at this German Valdes, does what ever another vet says. ignorant but cock, hispanic Fez//
He takes so much dicks in the ass when you tilt his head back cums out his mouth like gay porn star Pez//LOL
I pack that “fever pitch” heat that’ll makes audience jump out there seat and make niggas run bases//
Matter of fact the only clips he’s loading are into Pez cases..................................................................
Im known for putting fake niggas in there places, haet em up with the hot steal like hot breathed nerd with braces//
HA! well this ass whoopin was fun, but now Im done, I hope its very obviouse for you I won//

King John wrote: Opponent: Supra

Listen you punk,you get hit with the pump, your ground will be spinning, hear that? that’s the sound of me win’in///
I’m hungry as fuck, so I’ll get ya whole section ate(eight) like the housing you live in///
I stay robbing(Robbin) like Givens,how you a Philly rapper with no lyrics?
Hear me,you’re no Gillie,and if you wanna be Freeway, I’ll get you ran over in a Benzi///
You couldn’t have a “Black Thought” if you studied smoke like a weed scholar///
And saying “In God We Trust” only way you (read dollars) Reed Dollaz///
I’m from Texas so I shoot out like the wild west,you’ll see when I’m blasting b///
And you can try to act butch, but you’re still not Cassidy///

.2.2.6. wrote: hahaha


ok John, “beanie trick” always talk bout “heat n clips”
only dude that thinks hes the best rapper, u on sum “Weezy shit”
with ya pillow soft rhymes, “bitch you aint hard!"
only time you roll deep is with 50 dudes “squished in a car”
you “flow like your strong?" nah ya flow’s like you “roll in a thong”
man u should quit spittin, u probly more useful “mowin my lawn”
“alot can tell” bout the “shots n shells” you drop are “not yourself”
cant even make decent raps if he worked at “taco bell”

King John wrote:

Opponent: 226

My money tall like SHAQ AND WILT He’s soft like FELT AND QUILTS///
I heard dude “lay down tracks”,but I didn’t know Cali needed more RAILROADS BUILT///
This chick is “acting now”,he a flip like “Pacquiao”,but this bitch wouldn’t even HIT THE DECK///
Watch me rip the CLIPS AND TECHS and fuck the “youth in Asia”(euthanasia) I’ll still ASSIST HIS DEATH///
You whole verse is a lie, everything I “read bull”(Red Bull) so when the “Lead pull” It’ll GIVE YOU SOME WINGS///
My STYLE IS THE BEST if you forget your NYLON VEST,I’ll put FIVE IN YOUR CHEST///
What you “air is not dope” no one “cares what you wrote” unless it’s an ALGEBRA TEST

King John wrote: King John :

Naw I aint SLACKING OFF I’m BLASTING OFF cause everything he’s RAPPING SOFT///
He’s a fruit, so call em “Apple Sauce” cause they caught him JACKING OFF to ASHER ROTH on his MACINTOSH///
I’ll take everything you got and when I send you shots, it aint HENNY SIPPIN, it’s SEMI GRIPPIN///
And on my {next plate} I’ll get {V(intage)8(ate)} like a HEMI ENGINE///
Vintage is like OLD HOES cause he’s got NO FLOWS, he’s a joke like monologues at AWARD SHOWS///
And Even THEM HOES KNOW, that WHEN BLOWS THROWN, we’ll see “Vintage fold”, like SOME OLD CLOTHES///
Shit where’s your audio you need stop TEXTING YOUR SPITS and my guns hard, they stay ERECTED WITH CLIPS///
Go off and start DISSECTING YOUR RIBS then I’ll {HEAT YA SEAT} and put the {P(istol) to V(intage)} like I’m SEXING YOUR BITCH///

Vintage :

I be CRUISIN WIT MA BABY,give her “cock” in the “drop” so i “ROOSTER” THE “MERCEDES”//
your chick blowin like a TUBA AND ITS CRAZY how you call me a “tool” when I be “SCREWIN” ALL YA LADIES!!//
she go down like a SCUBA in ARUBA AND SHE THANKED ME//
I said whatchu want??..she said she wants “a rod” like she was ROOTIN FOR THE YANKEES!!//
but yo you couldnt “serve Vintage” if you sold PINA COLODAS!//
peep it, I BE WITH YA MAMA,she gave me the 'secret service' like the dudes who BE WITH OBAMA!!//
you probly sleep with FEETY PAJAMAS, tryna be the HARDEST MEXICAN//
cuz hes STARVES ATTENTION and his parents ARE NEGLECTIN HIM//....easyyyyyy

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