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Last seen: 05-19-2011

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Age: 18

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PhallicRage until 07-05-2009
JuiceLayer until 12-08-2009
PhallicRage until 06-27-2010
JuiceLayer until 01-31-2011

11-12-2013 from Munsu a.k.a Legendary General
thumbs-down "Doesn't have the balls to log in anymore."

07-04-2013 from fuck bjarne all my homies hate bjarne
thumbs-up "Amazing."

04-08-2013 from Lord Death
thumbs-down "NGRFGT: the sound he makes when Alec Baldwin is ramming him from behind."

08-23-2011 from Tippership Commander
thumbs-up "Actually has good taste in techno"

06-07-2011 from Corpse
thumbs-up "PNEAPL"

05-06-2011 from Wade Wilson
thumbs-up "For Having a Community Avatar and Sig."

03-16-2011 from Champion Lance

03-14-2011 from geargrinder
thumbs-up "Good taste in Music."

03-08-2011 from ebm
thumbs-down "Still butthurt eh?"

03-02-2011 from DominoMan

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Weeman wrote:

J peth wrote: no joke..... <.<

derpderp my politkal sturnce is meh littehl internut clurb HUUURRRRR

J peth wrote:

Blue Smoke wrote: My parents are dead... I think I know pain...

that isn’t even close....

King Arthur wrote:

PhallicRage wrote:

King Arthur wrote:

PhallicRage wrote:

King Arthur wrote: 99.99% of Americans 'THINKS' that Obama runs their country, lol. Hes just the VOICE behind your politics, just like any governing body. Some say in a nuclear war only the president can give the final order to 'push the button'. Nope, its all POLITICS, and so many people fails to realise this.


Suck my 10” dick or STFU yourself.

you fucking tard, i was agreeing with you.

QFT = Quoted For Truth

btw, your incestuous mom says otherwise.

She did have such a tight twat, BEFORE I fuck that bitch to kingdom come.


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