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Name: James Falcon


Last seen: 10-02-2009

Account type: Regular

Registration date: 09-27-2006

Posts: 1,185

Age: 18

Location: Lubbock, Texas

About: I live my life, and do so to a degree of both intellectualism and interest to the world around me.

Hobbies: Gaming, building models, and progressing forward

Reputation: 4thumbs-up

Previously known as

Captain Falcon until 03-29-2009

09-28-2009 from Rorschach
thumbs-up "Why you breathin all hard and shit, man. Take a breather. Chill."

05-13-2009 from UpNORTHxLADYBoss
thumbs-up "=]"

06-24-2008 from Mein Square

03-29-2008 from Di5turbed
thumbs-up "KANE LIVES!"

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Sometimes time isn’t powerful enough to slow people like me down. I’ve been off and on this forum for the past several years, and have had some long days of enjoyment RP’ing and simply socializing around this place. I’m 18 now, about to start college, and trying to basically figure out where God wants me to go in life. I’d stipulate I’m an intellectual person. Talk to me, debate me, get to know me, and you’ll see how much I rely on my mind and logic for various aspects of my personality. I’m also a bit of a gaming fanatic. If you have Xfire and do games on pc, let me know - I lead a pc-based FPS clan and am always looking for new people to join the action.

Other than what’s stated above - I simply stand ready to extend service to others in any way I can. I tend to share my knowledge freely and afford use of my gifts for others' benefit. In my own way - it’s the least I can do. And I do it well.

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