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Last seen: 07-18-2014

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Age: 17

Location: Canada, Polarbearville.

About: SLAYER!!!

Hobbies: Golf, Video Games, skateboarding, music, sleeping, reading, and of course, swimming (the coldest water I can find)

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Previously known as

CPO Fraser until 03-25-2009
Hallowed Be Thy Name until 09-27-2009
CPO Fraser until 03-10-2011

07-17-2014 from Shinji Ikari
thumbs-up "Hey there old timer"

07-17-2014 from PG15
thumbs-up "Reppin due to that glorious name."

11-24-2013 from Munsu a.k.a Legendary General
thumbs-down "Doesn't have the balls to login anymore"

10-21-2011 from needforspeedfreak
thumbs-down "Kid with no life, how sad"

03-21-2010 from Tippership Commander
thumbs-up "A quiet guy.....longtime MVC vet .."

03-06-2010 from Squipple
thumbs-up "You're an asshole but you have the scream from Contractor in your sig. +1"

12-31-2009 from Man of Sin

12-08-2009 from Gab
thumbs-down "You're a fucking douche."

11-07-2009 from Sasuke  Uchiha
thumbs-up "LOL MEANT POS"

09-25-2009 from Rorschach

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User Page

waiting in my cold cell when the bell begins to chime
Reflecting on my past life
and it doesnt have much time
Cos at 5 oclock they take me to the gallows pole
The sands of time for me are running low

When the priest comes to read me the last rites
I take a look through the bars at the last sights
Of a world that has gone very wrong for me

Can it be theres some sort of error
Hard to stop the surmounting terror
Is it really the end not some crazy dream

Somebody please tell me that Im dreaming
Its not so easy to stop from screaming
But words escape me when I try to speak
Tears they flow but why am I crying
After all I am not afraid of dying
Dont believe that there is never an end

As the guards march me out to the courtyard
Someone calls from a cell God be with you
If theres a God then why has he let me die?

As I walk all my life drifts before me
And though the end is near Im not sorry
Catch my soul cos its willing to fly away

Mark my words please believe my soul lives on
Please dont worry now that I have gone
Ive gone beyond to see the truth

When you know that your time is close at hand
Maybe then youll begin to understand
Life down there is just a strange illusion.


When I look around me, I can’t believe what I see
it seems as if this country has lost it’s will to live
the economy is lousy, we barely have an army
but we can still stand proudly because Canada’s really big
we’re the second largest country on this planet earth
and if Russia keeps on shrinking, then soon we’ll be first!
(as long as we keep Quebec)

The USA has tanks, and Switzerland has banks
they can keep them banks, they just don’t amount
cause when you get down to it, you find out what the truth is,
it isn’t what you do with it, it’s the size that counts
most people will tell you that France is pretty large
but you can put fourteen France’s, into this land of ours!
(it’d take a lot of work, it’d take a whole lot of work

we’re bigger than Malaysia, we’re most as big as Asia
we’re bigger than Australia and it’s a continent
so big we sell them butter, to go see one another
but we often go to other countries for vacations
our mountains are very pointy, our prairies are not
the rest is kinda bumpy, but man do we have a lot!
(we’ve got a lot of land, we’ve got a whole lot of land)

so stand up and be proud and sing it very loud
we stand out from the crowd, cause Canada’s really big

For a clenched fist is our emblem
Of the way we play the game.
With strength, the guts, the stamina
Whether healthy, bruised or lame.

And when a team takes on the Rodneys
They will know they’ve met the best.
For when the big black really starts to roll
They go down like all the rest.

A clenched fist is our emblem
And the Rods team is our name.
And we’ll always fight towards the goal.
To uphold its Glory and Fame.


The Rods are the longest continually operated minor football club in Canada. We began in 1946 as the Fort Rouge Rods. The club was named after the common 1940’s nickname for a young man - a rodney.
Over the years, the Rods have been known in professional football as the Player Manufacturing Company, a reputation earned over the years for developing more professional players than any other junior club in Canada. The years saw the Rods dominate the football scene in western Canada with ten trips to the Western Canadian Final and picking up three Junior Canadian Football Championships.
The 1955 Rods team was inducted into the Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame for being the first Manitoba team to win a national championship.
There are 42 players who have gone on to play professional football..... all starting with being a Rod.

During a Polar bear attack, remember that the nose is it’s weak point and diving under the ice ISN’T Safe.

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