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Name: Wenjun Chew


Last seen: 04-09-2020

Account type: Regular

Registration date: 08-24-2019

Posts: 335

Age: 40

Location: Singapore

Hobbies: Anime, manga, porn, hentai

Reputation: 13thumbs-up

04-04-2020 from mutex variable
thumbs-up "You are the best user of all time on this crap forums. You don't deserve the bad rep."

03-29-2020 from Islam is a potential threat to society
thumbs-up "Yeah! Islam should not be allowed to dominate the world. May China crush Islam and Muslims!"

03-28-2020 from I wish pedophilia is legal
thumbs-up "I agree with you, pedophilia should be legal"

03-28-2020 from Chew Wen Jun

03-28-2020 from I love to rape underaged schoolgirls
thumbs-up "I agree with you. This society is fucked up by the toxic feminists, chads, SJWs, and elites."

03-28-2020 from I love cum in mouth sex scenes

03-28-2020 from Only closet incels get neg reps from me
thumbs-up "lol at closet incel Ausgard giving you neg rep. Hope he and his entire family dies"

03-28-2020 from My neg rep is a curse on your family

03-28-2020 from only losers get neg reps from me

03-28-2020 from Alpha 5
thumbs-up "Very friendly user maligned by society"

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[url][/url] As the article said, why sho...

[url][/url] --> "Live updates: Coronavirus is infecting...

I just want the coronavirus to start to get rid of everything. Why the fuck does the society scree over each other. why the fuck are hu...

[youtube]pUT2cEJ5WQ0[/youtube] She's one of the younger pornstars as of time of this writing. Kinda like her. Oh yeah, she's from Ut...

A number of years ago, I happened to have a business trip in the state of Virginia. I remember the place was huge, at least where I u...

time to get back to my job. working from home today.

America offers higher pay than Singapore does but also had higher taxes, overall higher cost of living, with more self-independence and...

I am already pushing 40 and still am unable to afford my own home. I am still living with my parents, and I don't let them know about m...

When i want to take action to improve my career/finance/relationships, my action results in failure or non-existent results. When i ...

Everytime I wank off and finish I imagine shooting off onto the face or into the mouth of a pretty woman. I mean, creampie sounds se...

I heard that CIM is the standard industry practice in Bangkok, where the male customer can finish in the woman/she-male's mouth (CIM, o...

I am aroused by the shot of semen landing on a woman's face.

still think that society hates me

Sorry to say but Singaporeans don't set a hard and fast rule on whether to use American or British spelling. The general population sti...

[youtube]7PiMIwJjRXc[/youtube] unfortunately no nudes. Also, the name's too short and too non-notable. gotta find out about Audre...

as far as I know from Nigerian 419 scams, Africans had bad english and they don't use American slang like "fuck boi"

well for someone who claims to be from Africa you sound a hell lot like an American. Zimbabwe is it? Its not like its as bad as what...

Knowing the words "lockdown" would put panic in the minds of the pampered sissy cuck-head Singaporeans (I am Singaporean but ...

You said it yourself. Some of MGTOW tend to be incels in denial. There are MGTOW that are basically the male counterpart of a "mod...

[url][/url] Coverage of this group of ideologies are predominantly negative as you can read ...

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