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Name: My name is Marik


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Well youíre not exactly wrong.

Without Goku, Frieza would have NEVER found the motivation to train for the first time in his life, and become stronger. I believe TOEI...

Which one would be rated as more painful? The Japanese hornet isnít even on the Scmhidt paid index.

As the title explains, this is SSJ2 Kefla vs SSJ Vegetto. Not necessarily as mismatch, as Vegetto has unrivaled potential as well bein...

Do you think Toppo couldíve taken down the same Ultra Instinct we saw VS Kefla? In a serious fight, with Toppo being a God of Destructi...

If Juggernaut went all out against Hulk in a what if scenario, if he played it smart, he would demolish Hulk. That is if he doesnít giv...

Jiren is by words, more powerful than a GoD, as stated by Whis. ďHe is the one who has reached that state(GoD level), maybe even SURPAS...

Iím one of the few oldies still using this site, the only reason itís dead is because we as users donít put in enough effort, you do th...

Yes but based on feats, GoD toppo appears to be stronger... until Jiren broke his limits that is. Toppo destroyed the arena and changed...

Whatís up with everyone saying this place is dead? Of course, we know that. Still a good place to chat.

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