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Name: Crazy beats Sane


Last seen: 04-03-2016

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Registration date: 11-22-2015

Posts: 415

Reputation: 16thumbs-down

03-16-2016 from Hanbei
thumbs-side "Should be less of a bother now."

03-12-2016 from Xennotraun
thumbs-up "Funny guy"

03-10-2016 from Beholder
thumbs-up "Goku solos"

03-09-2016 from Cid Highwind
thumbs-down "B"

03-09-2016 from Cloud
thumbs-down "U"

03-09-2016 from Jenova
thumbs-down "T"

03-09-2016 from Sephiroth
thumbs-down "T"

03-09-2016 from Sheogorath
thumbs-down "H"

03-09-2016 from Speaker For The Dead
thumbs-down "U"

03-09-2016 from The Danger
thumbs-down "R"

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Snoke probably both created Anakin and killed leeched the living Force from Padme to use in saving Vader. Snoke also likely was the cause of the Jedi Order’s diminished ability to use the Force in the prequel trilogy according to the Aftermath quote in the previous video.

It was the original intention of George Lucas to make the Original Trilogy’s Emperor a political puppet of sorts. In the way the Sidious was Palpatine, Plagueis was Snoke. Finally, Snoke is the last and only Sith, trying to make Kylo his apprentice. He knows the dark side exclusively and it’s also stated in the TFA novelization that Snoke needed someone who’d been trained by the Jedi to become his apprentice because this would make a more rounded apprentice. Snoke knew of Vader’s life in the Novelization, referring to it as exemplary up until he saved Luke and redeemed himself. Snoke was probably the “supreme intellect” behind it all. Although there can only be two Sith at one time, Plagueis probably turned into Snoke to avoid that dilemma, denouncing himself from the Sith Order so that Sidious could operate freely as the Master. But all along Snoke was the true Master and mastermind.

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