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fucc u ur wrong m8

User Page

Van Hohenheim wrote: Can I get moderating power over this page?
Since, our user page has limits to the amount of content you can put, I’ll be using this thread as an extension of my page.

Please do not post in here, thank you.

Van Hohenheim wrote:

AK-4Deception wrote:

Renna wrote:

Atheist wrote: They needed one black person so it wouldn’t look racist.

AIDB is black.

He’s a nigga, be he aint black.


-Shard- wrote: my b there arn’t balloon stars the nigga who told me that was fucking around

-Shard- wrote:

Les Matadorss wrote:

-Shard- wrote:

MasashiHideaki wrote:

Kaioshin Planet
Area: Afterlife
Special Characteristics: The planet that the kaioshin live on. It’s distinguished as a place with a pink sky and numerous suns.

Inside this sphere are numerous suns (some of which are depicted as moons in the anime), and at the center is the Kaioshin Planet.

first off those are balloon sized stars not the suns so no your point doesn’t really matter there

Lol, we broke Shard. Now he’s going to play it off and pretend he was trolling. Lmao.

balloon sized stars do exist but i didn’t expect you to know that

Mokou wrote:

Fluffle Puff wrote:

Mokou wrote: Peth you bitch, why did you ban my main?

Scared of me speaking the truth about you being a horrible admin?

Jealous of me and Souls or something? HAHAhAa

Fuck you

and fuck this color posting to boot. I’m done with you.

How’s that depression treating you recently, been rubbing your face against cat plushies? LMAO How fucking disgusting can you get?

All you ever fucking do is pester me on skype all day, like a disgusting old man.. Really fuck off, I’m fucking sick and tired of your shit and it’s really FUCKING annoying.

November Rain wrote:

Swan wrote:

DSA Darsches - The Lost wrote: @Swan
According to this we arent that far off...

Well whaddya know. lol That’s pretty cool

No it’s pretty pathetic that you’re considered 80% introvert. I mean you could ride a unicorn with all that virginity.

If you go off-topic, then your argument will be ignored, derp.

znjfl wrote: Infact, refusing to adress an argument, and just continuing on with your own is not debating in the first place lol.

Furezet wrote:

Cid for the Season wrote:

Furezet wrote: Ok


let me get this straight

There are those whove been apparently conspiring against me, I received no warning, I wouldv easily changed sets if i was simply sent a note. Hell, I wouldnt even be that mad if they just removed it and sent me a note for a reason.

But nope

Aparantly people hate me, so i was forced to be banned cause of some stupid suicidal kid on the Internet.

Pretty much, you had an admin and half the site against you so Tigger was forced to ban you to promote “fairness”. (Even though the situations were different)

I dont give a damn.

You see, Snap has a history of being pretty retarded at times.

Iv never harmed a soul. smiley

Edit: UNless you count Morph’s delicate innocence

Second edit: Judt cause half the site hates me doesnt make it fair. Its not fair to me aint it?

Staz Seraphinus wrote:

owo wrote:

MeIvin wrote: We don’t like your kind around here, boy. This is a Christian-frenly forum


Ki, is now molecular energy...

Tezcatlipoca wrote: If they condense it down, then it’s no longer a planet destroying attack lmao.

It’s just an increase in molecular energy. The more energetic and intense the blast the more they are capable of harming them.
Like this is going to be really hard to explain, especially to an idiot like Ophanim but I’ll do my best.

Think of a water hose, and how it withers a way dirt when you point at towards your car at full power. The more you keep on the pressure the more likely it is to wither it away. The more hard the dirt is the longer you have to keep the water hose on or turn up the pressure. Now just replace the water hose with a KHH and the dirt with molecular bonds.

-Sheko- wrote:

Tezcatlipoca wrote: I changed my mind, I want to watch the circlejerk unfold.

This is for Dr.Scientists.

Shoddragon wrote:
the entire posting of this thread was a troll move purposefully made by the original poster.

the vs forum shouldn’t be deleted, its just some of its members start massive shitstorms just to troll, the main culprits being:

Tyrant, Morpheus, Moses(AKA: Captain Charisma/Charles Barkley), Goku10000 ( a new addition), and Nyq someshit ( the most recent addition, he goes around purposefully flamebaiting and trolling in the hopes of just pissing people off or simply getting the banned.

@ REALITY: considering your attitude towards afterglow, it seems that much more apparent that their flamebaiting and trolling got to him.

banning him won’t change those five’s ways. like I said before, I can’t say I encourage AG’s behavior, but in fact, me and him and even hao I think in this thread proved what our points, and got trolled by those people.

Understatement, on the: “not totoo savivysavvy."
Is he implying he can do it?

Tezcatlipoca wrote: Ehhh It’s a yes and no answe that requires a lot of complicated math, physics, and shit I’m not to savivy in and can’t really be bothered to get into that stuff right now lol.

Tezcatlipoca wrote: In all serious no, they weren’t planet busters but they were more dangerous than a planet buster because energy increase and blah blah all this complicated physics nonsense.

Tezcatlipoca wrote:

Lord Xehanort wrote:
So Bleach characters are above supernova-level now? Fuck outta here, Tez.

Yeah probably.

Tezcatlipoca wrote: Plus it says the explosion tore a hole in space itself, that requires more force than a supernova to accomplish.

Hulk being skilled, lol. Doomsday was built to adapt, not to be a super martial artist.

Tezcatlipoca wrote: Hulk isn’t even unskilled, he’s no martial arts master but to call him unskilled is ignorant as fuck, and the funny thing about it is that he’s actually displayed smart strategies during a fight as well, like exploiting Hyperion’s weakness. And wasn’t Doomsday sort of genetically made to be this unstoppable fighter?

Well this is progress of a sort.

Tezcatlipoca wrote: Looks like the so called “logical person” is the one one extra chromosome mountain rather than the “Stan” in this instance.

Tezcatlipoca wrote: Ali wasn’t a technical fighter.

HelIy wrote:

Les Matadorss wrote:

HelIy wrote:

El Matas wrote: Just what I expected from someone like you. The purpose of reading a book out-loud or in-your-head, is to think, while you read.

If you have someone else read it for you, then you don’t pay-attention to what the content. And only children get books read to them. Pick-up a book and read it like an adult.

Sounds like you’re just trying to apply your own inferior experiences to me, tbh. I can take in information whilst reflecting on it and manage another task without any problem, a wholly useful ability that I suppose I may take for granted at times, since not all of us can be as brilliant as I am wink

@Aizen, nope, nothing like Harry Potter. That series was tame af especially compared to Bartimaeus

Hell F teacher:" this nigga for real? Bitch couldn’t even compute kid books."

Whom, are you trying to fool? Yourself?

If you need someone else to read you:
Bartimaeus and Ender’s Game, then you need a new brain.

Ender’s Game, bitch please, lol.

Uh ok dude I can understand that you’re trying really hard to come off as being smart or whatever, but at least have the intelligence to look up the correct usage of “whom”, lmao

You’re a dipshit, dude.....

- White n Neurdy - wrote:

Anime18 wrote:
lol. I’m totally sure he does dude.

But honestly shouldn’t users be given mod/admin status on their “main” accounts? I mean wouldn’t it make more sense to be able to fully and completely identify who the person possessing ban power is?

Sorry, it’s just it seems weird to me that an “alt” could be given modship....... just curious...

But’re an admin so i guess you must know what you’re doing at the end of the day.

I wish you would go away. You literally have never contributed anything worth reading to this site.

Atheist wrote:

The Living Tribunal wrote:

Atheist wrote: No

no shit sherlock !

So you knew I didn’t believe in god before now?

Krystopher Malus wrote: wow a lot of christians, thought their numbers were dwindling due to biology class but I guess not.

Van Hohenheim wrote:

Phob wrote: I’ve moved this to Off-Topic. tounge Do feel free to add your “extension” here, though I wasn’t aware a userpage character limit had been implemented.

It’s best to PM an administrator regarding such concerns as requests to moderate threads, incidentally. ^^

And I pm’ed an admin.

MeIvin wrote: wow u actually reached a limit? get a life,

So you don’t feel left out, I’ll add you in. I know how much you like attention.

Atheist wrote:

Hem Vanisgahn wrote: Sexist pig:
“Not long ago, a female senior executive we know was sitting at a board meeting next to several more junior male colleagues when the board chairman asked her to fetch him a soda."

You should be ashamed and condemn this behaviour.

Maybe she was the fastest at the table.

Tez wrote:

El Mata wrote: Itís like you never took a science class.

Iím the one who never took a science class and your stupid ass has no idea that there is a such thing as liquid plasma?

Tez wrote:

El Mata wrote:

Tez wrote: I know what the fuck plasma is but I mean itís liquid like,

Then you donít understand what plasma is. And no you fucking didnít, you should have used your google fu, before you spoke.

How strong is my google fu master?

Tez wrote:

El Mata wrote:
Oh, and it runs backwards, too. Iím quoting the gif that Sheko posted to describe you, lol.
Nobody calls plasma as being in a LIQUID STATE
How the fuck does this look like a liquid?

There is a such thing as blood plasma too retard.

Tez wrote:

Scooby Snacks wrote:
To the bolded: We donít call it that. We call it Plasma. Stop being an idiot. Seriously. Anyone who calls it that(you) is a moron.

I understand you are EXTREMELY butthurt and have a vendetta from the time I owned you in that one silver surfer thread, so you have been BEGGING for the time for me to slip up and make a mistake, and you feel as though this is your chance.

But blood plasma does exist you fucking idiot lol.

Tez wrote: Again, you act like I made an entire fucking case on whether or not plasma is liquid, itís not that serious and Iím not religiously arguing that plasma is a liquid.

Tezcatlipoca wrote: He said the AMOUNT of life it has. I know the biosphere is all about life.

WWtf does geography have to do with biology, are you retarded? Lol.

He didn’t know the biosphere had to do with life, he thought it had to do with the size of a planet.

Tezcatlipoca wrote:

Mu-two wrote:
The size of the planet has nothing to do with how nourishing it is. It’s the amount of life it has. A dead earth sized planet wouldn’t satisfy Galan.

he eats the biosphere of the planet, he doesn’t eat the people on the planet lol. It wouldn’t satisfy him yet he fuck was trying to eat an old dead earth in the god of thunder series. Boy are you full of contradictions.

It was already stated he needed an earth sized planet at least. If he didn’t why didn’t he just go for pluto or mars instead of fighting Thor?

He mentions geography because when the website that explained what a biosphere was posted, the link of the website mentions geography.

El Matadors wrote: Mu-two is correct.

A Big Ball of Life
the atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere together in one picture The biosphere is all about life.

Someone didn’t take biology as a kid.

What Tez doesn’t realize is that geography has to do with the ecosystem as well, and that’s an important part of biology(biosphere is used in both biology and geography).
That was besides the main point in that argument, though.

Tezcatlipoca wrote: Yes I know it’s apart of the ecosystem but this is in relation to the earth, no the physiology and anatomy of plants, animals, and humans.

No, he doesn’t.
This is how Tez debates. He implies or says something and when you mention it, he says that he never said it or that he didn’t mean that.
It’s obvious what he meant and what he said

Tezcatlipoca wrote: I never said the biosphere had anything to do with the size of the planet,

Tez is the type of person that will try to deny this means what it means.

Tezcatlipoca wrote: he eats the biosphere of the planet, he doesn’t eat the people on the planet lol. It wouldn’t satisfy him yet he fuck was trying to eat an old dead earth in the god of thunder series. Boy are you full of contradictions.

It was already stated he needed an earth sized planet at least. If he didn’t why didn’t he just go for pluto or mars instead of fighting Thor?

Tezcatlipoca wrote: I said Galactus needs earth sized planets in order to become fully nourished, this is marvel’s explanation not mine. And no the study of earth honestly has nothing to do with hard biology, it correlates with biology but overall it’s not about biology.

El Matador wrote:
Tez, who said anything about the study of Earth?
Did you attend to a single lecture in your life?

You can’t change the fact that the ecosystem is a fundamental property of biology.
You can’t have an ecosystem with life/biology, Vice versa.

“ecosystem is all the living organisms in an area along with the nonliving, or abiotic, parts of their environment. The abiotic parts of an ecosystem include physical substances such as soil, air, and water; forces such as gravity and wind; and conditions such as temperature, light intensity, humidity, or salinity.

Components and Boundaries

Physical substances can include organic materials that were once alive, such as bits of wood from trees, rotting plant material, and animal wastes and dead organisms. The physical substance of an ecosystem also includes inorganic materials such as minerals , nitrogen, and water, as well as the overall landscape of mountains, plains, lakes, and rivers.

The organisms and the physical environment of an ecosystem interact with one another. The atmosphere, water, and soil allow life to flourish and limit what kind of life can survive. For example, a freshwater lake provides a home for certain fish and aquatic plants. Yet, the same lake would kill plants and animals adapted to a saltwater estuary.

Just as the environment affects organisms, organisms affect their environment. Lichens break down rock. Trees block sunlight, change the acidity and moisture content of soil, and release oxygen into the atmosphere. Elephants may uproot whole trees in order to eat their leaves, beavers dam streams and create meadows, and rabbits nibble grasses right down to the ground.

Ecosystems are not closed; in fact, an ecosystem’s boundaries are usually fuzzy. A pond, for example, blends little by little into marsh, and then into a mixture of open meadow and brush. A stream brings nutrients and organisms from a nearby forest and carries away materials to other ecosystems. Even large ecosystems interact with other ecosystems. Seeds blow from place to place, animals migrate, and flowing water and air carry organisms—and their products and remains—from ecosystem to ecosystem.

All ecosystems taken together make up the biosphere, all living organisms on the earth and their physical environment. The biosphere differs from other ecosystems in having fixed boundaries. The biosphere covers the whole surface of the earth. It begins underground and extends into the highest reaches of the atmosphere.“

Van Hohenheim wrote:

Volter.. wrote: ...Careful, as the site has acted funny in the past with large amounts of material.

I will grant your request(and beat whoever you PM’ed to the punch in answering...)

I don’t see why not, but do not abuse this

I’ll keep that in mind.

Thank you.

Hmm, I was intending to lock the thread and use the edit function to add text. But it seems like I don’t have the power to lock and unlock this thread.

Van Hohenheim wrote:

-Shard- wrote:
when you mmentioned me i seriously was listening to a guy who was messing around(although i will admit it was something very stupid to listen too) btw that person was Pride, he was actually impersonating someone

Very well, I won’t erase your response and I’ll let it be on record.

Advice, don’t get your scientific knowledge from random people in the internet, otherwise you’ll end up like Tez. He gets his scientific education from comics.

Van Hohenheim wrote:

Saffron wrote: Pretty sure there is no limit on UP size
I’d argue that Proto Dude’s page is easily larger than yours

He seems to have more gifs and images, but overall the same amount of data.

RussianCoffeeAddict wrote: Whenever I tried to put a quote, inside a spoiler, into my page, it just didn’t after a certain point. BTW, if you REALLY need to extend your page, make an account, and put the stuff there, then put the link of that account, into your page. Essentially extending your page. It’s what I did, and it works without having to make a thread (where people will inevitably post in it).

I prefer to have a limitless amount of space, rather than making an alt (which is against le rules) which would eventually run-out of space.

Van Hohenheim wrote:

Why Tez, is so bad at science, this kid gets his scientific education from comic books:

Tezcatlipoca wrote:
He doesn’t understand that marvel AACTUALLY follows science.
Listen to Stan the man Ophanim for yourself.


Tezcatlipoca wrote:
“Molten stars” is not a metaphor at all, it’s just to refer to it being extremely hot. And technically stars are made of plasma which is a liquid substance.

Tezcatlipoca wrote: I know what the fuck plasma is but I mean it’s liquid like, in the same way you’d refer to something being humanoid if it’s not actually human. But it’s close to one which is why we call it that, though I failed to find any other term that refers something that’s only liquid like so I just said liquid.

Tezcatlipoca wrote:

El Matador wrote:

Tezcatlipoca wrote:
“Dead time” has nothing to do with the size.

Do you not get the point or are you playing dumb? I was pointing out the figurative language being used.

Also notice on the first scan were it mentions the cell, it also says that the night will last thousands of more years...yet it doesn’t because it is shown that when Odin leaves there is light again.

They just use that kind of wording to set the tone, it’s not literal.

it’s not figurative language, I swear you need to pick up some old literature, sit down, and read what figurative language and metaphoric speech realy is.

Tez wrote:

El Mata wrote:
It’s like you never took a science class.

I’m the one who never took a science class and your stupid ass has no idea that there is a such thing as liquid plasma?

Tez wrote:
There is a such thing as blood plasma too retard.
Noteable quotes:
Electromagnetic Radiation, is Kinetic (photons are in motion). Yet, Tez spend pages arguing they weren’t.

Tezcatlipoca wrote: That’s like saying kinetic energy is the same a solar energy, my fucking god the buffoonery...

Humans>Plants, in biomass...?

Tezcatlipoca wrote: So let me guess, your stupid ass didn’t know what biomass was so you looked it up on wikipedia, saw that biomass is in plant material, and assumed that animal cell’s which human beings and other forms of organic material don’t have? Tell me, what the fuck else would he be absorbing you dumbass? Plants and shit obviously don’t possess enough biomass for him to absorb.

Read this without trying to laugh.

Tezcatlipoca wrote:

El Matador wrote:

Tezcatlipoca wrote:
Plants and shit obviously don’t possess enough biomass for him to absorb.

Yes, that’s why human’s main source of fuel is humans, not trees.

Right because humans will obviously endanger their own population for fuel, you’re a fucking idiot. I’m done with you.

Trees aren’t plants, according to Tez.
Trees >>Humans is now synonym or equal to Daisy>>Elephant?
Talk about reaching.

Tezcatlipoca wrote: Yes plants in general, you said trees you fucking idiot. lol. I do know that plants have more community biomass per unit area. But something like say, a single daisy having more biomass than a full grown elephant is preposterous.

Tezcatlipoca wrote: Like I already explained to your mongoloid ass, the biosphere is the only thing biology related when it comes to biography. But there are much more wider studies when it comes to geography BEYOND the biosphere.

My theory on this one is that he tried to mash together: Biology and Geology into one word and came up with biography. I rarely, if at all, see any spelling mistakes from him or misplace words. So, I’m sure he thought that biography was the study of biology and geography and that--that term biography was used to describe both.

Of course he later denied he meant that, when inquired what he actually said he only responded with: use your brain.

El Matador wrote:
LOL, this is where Tez got his science cap from:
I was wondering why or rather how he would say biography when debating about biology/geography.
I think he meant this:

Biogeography - is the science that investigates the spatial relationships of plants and animals.

He must have realize it didn’t prove his case, but hurt it, once he re-read what it actually said.

More importantly, now he doesn’t say:“WWtf does geography have to do with biology, are you retarded? Lol.”. Now he says as seen in the quote above, that it only has to do with biology in small part.

Backtracking at its finest.

Tezcatlipoca wrote: The sun actually emits energy though, rocks are completely devoid of life though.

One of my favorite: The Sun is a living thing.

Tezcatlipoca wrote: Your stupid ass literally tried to insinuate that Solar Energy is the same as kinetic energy in it’s basic form just because solar energy is a TYPE of kinetic energy.

Still doesn’t understand what kinetic energy is.

Tezcatlipoca wrote: Because in the gran scheme of things, hard biology has nothing to do with hard geography. Literally the only thing they share in common is one thing, and that’s how the biosphere supports life. They’re connected but not the same.

They don’t share just one thing in common, Tez just doesn’t know what he’s talking about. No one said they were the same thing,Tez, reaching some more.

Tezcatlipoca wrote:

El Matador wrote: ]That’s not my point you fucking idiot, you just said they were inorganinc. Ironically after attempting to school me on how much biomass(organic biological material) that trees have compared to humans, then you say some dumb shit like “hurr durr plants are inorganic” what the fuck?

Illiterate and stupid, this is what I said:

“That’s an educated guess, stupid. In fact, it’s reasonable to conclude that inorganic and motionless things don’t increase power level, based on the shows clear explanation of how you get more ki.
Why and how are you so stupid?"

Notice I said, motionless.

Debating with Tez, is impossible. You can’t reason with him and he can’t read.

Tezcatlipoca wrote: You didn’t point shit out, you looked up an article then used an appeal to authority fallacy. You don’t even know what “kinetic energies are electromagnetic energies” mean do you? There are different types of electromagnetic radiation determined by their wavelengths too.

They’re not different, they just have more or less energy.

Tezcatlipoca wrote: You’re just quote mining and bringing up threads and topics that have little to do with what’s being explained. You haven’t made a point, you’re just attempting to demean me with some mistake I made in some old ass thread that has nothing to do with this topic as a whole.

Even when he admits he made a mistake, he argues he didn’t make a mistake.
Look below.

Tezcatlipoca wrote:

El Matador wrote: I repeat:
“ WWtf does geography have to do with biology”
You imply there not corrected at all.

Because how a tibia forms has nothing to do with how mountains form.

Notice the dumb reasoning he uses. I guess physics has nothing to do with math, because physics is the study of the world around us and math is the study of numbers, functions, etc.

Van Hohenheim wrote:

HelIy wrote:

Deus Ex Nihilo wrote: OP has a serious case of autism.


Autists >>>>>>>>>>>>> OP by a wide margin. See the above two posts :^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^)

I would appreciate it if you would kindly leave this thread, considering you don’t know the difference between “who” and “whom”, but still tried to correct me on it.

Don’t you learn anything from those audiobooks? Speaking of, don’t you have some audiobook to go listen; instead of being here?

Van Hohenheim wrote:

General Marcusius wrote:

Cirno wrote:

General Marcusius wrote: Filthy PC peasants

Get this through your thick heads: PC sucks, consoles rule

#controller #couch #largeTV

worst argument I have ever heard in my life

I’ll just go ahead and relax on the couch with my PS4 controller in hand playing all my 10/10 PS4 exclusives while you play your Minecraft with keyboard and mouse sitting on a chair

*drops the mic*

Deus Ex Nihilo wrote: I don’t even have to read that shit to know that he’s just posting the same quote over and over again and repeating the same shit. This dude is incredibly boring to debate against lol.

If I wanted to be really anal, I could just say that since lightning is plasma, stars are made of plasma, and since Odin’s attack was lightning that it couldn’t possibly be a metaphor for his emotion. But I don’t think anyone besides Matador is dumb enough to interpret Frigga’s stating “the fire of moltent stars” is referring to anything other than the attack he was frying the Angel with. Ok maybe Ophanim and Superderp would cosign that as well.

Deus Ex Nihilo wrote:

El Mata wrote: Lol, you literally just found that out via wiki page.

No I found this out years ago in science class and plus I own a plasma ball.

Tezcatlipoca wrote:
People can’t talk in space either, and lightning can’t be created in space either.

These quotes are separate by days not years.

Deus Ex Nihilo wrote:
You go your proof, but then when you get your proof you nitpick the source and try to twist and distort what was really being said in the source. “Oh Thor’s portal isn’t created exactly how it says in this article so therefore it’s irrelevant” that’s how stupid you are. When if you had half a brain-cell to rub together in your tiny noggin you’d realize that just because Thor isn’t using the exact same method being used in the article to open up a wormhole, does not mean what he made is not a wormhole.

Your argument is basically akin to saying “Ok well see birds use wings to fly, and since superman isn’t using wings to fly he’s not flying, he’s doing something else.“ Do you realize this is how stupid and desperate you sound? Or are you really going to try even harder to make a fool out of yourself?

Deus Ex Nihilo wrote:
Not exactly, human beings need negative energy to keep one open. But why do you assume that a mythological Thunder God needs to use the exact same method to keep one open? It’s not something I NEED to prove because it’s already been shown in the past that his lightning has irregular properties, the fact that it can be created in the vacuum of space should speak for itself.

El Mata wrote:
This nigga just denied he ever said this:

Tezcatlipoca wrote:
People canít talk in space either, and lightning canít be created in space either.

But guess what happens in said comic?

DEM wrote:
And when the fuck did I deny that I even said this? Can you not read or are you taking what I say out of context once again?

Tez wrote:

El Matador wrote:

Tez wrote: I never said comics didnít follow physics.

Are you denying you said it didn’t matter that Thunder was heard in space and that the shock wave could travel ftl, because it was fiction?

Yes because that’s suspension of disbelief, like how we’re supposed to believe they can talk in space without air. Or even create fire and lightning without an atmosphere. I said that it’s not going to be 100% scientifically accurate because of suspension of disbalief.

But that doesn’t mean that every scientific theory is moot, especially if said universe tries to be scientifically accurate. It applies to some degree.

Tezcatlipoca wrote:
People canít talk in space either, and lightning canít be created in space either.

But guess what happens in said comic?

DEN wrote:
Does you stupid ass even know what suspension of disbelief is?

Here let my try to break it down further for you because you’re having a difficult time though.

Basically what you’re saying is because marvel breaks a few laws of physics that therefore ALL grounded rl physics theories are non-applicable? But what you fail to realize is that marvel only breaks the laws of physics when it’s convenient and to make things less complicated and easier to understand. Like talking in space where there is no air for sound to travel, this is the most basic one.

BUT that doesn’t mean shit like energy conservation or gravity should be blatantly ignored if the comics have already shown them to be true. Like stan-lee said, they TRY to be scientific but they aren’t going to be accurate 100% of the time. That doesn’t mean just say “Oh well it’s fiction, so every scientific principle to ever exist is non applicable” because the comic might as well be a fucking looney toon at that point.

DEN wrote:
That’s not a special pleading fallacy lmao, and ironically enough you say this after saying I’m the one who doesn’t know how to apply them properly.

I said they do follow physics but they are not 100% accurate all of the time for the sake of suspension of disbelief, because they will obviously take certain liberties on some things, do you comprehend now? I didn’t say “Oh no they follow physics but sometimes they don’t." you’re just too retarded to tell the difference between the two.

But you keep coming up with this black and white premise of “OH THEY EITHER FOLLOW PHYSICS ENTIRELY OR THEY DON’T!" and then bring up some bullshit about “even loony toons follows physics." Jesus christ this level of buffoonery is unprecedented.

DEN wrote:
No one said you needed basic physics knowledge to understand how the work down to the very detail, but yes it’s not hard to recognize that a wormhole is a shortcut to a different point of space/time connected to another poitn in space/time. In other words a fucking hole in space. Like I said, it’s really not that complicated, I’m talking about the very basic definition of what a wormhole is. And no just because it leads to a dimension does not mean it’s all of a sudden not a wormhole, the fact that you can’t provide the terminology for what it would be if there WAS a hole that leads to another dimension just goes to show that you’re just a fucking idiot grasping at straws.

DEN wrote:

El Mata wrote:
Things that deal with quantum physics aren’t of common sense, you would know this if you didn’t act like you know everything.

Just because it’s hard for you to understand, does not mean it isn’t common sense. Anyone interested in science knows that a wormhole is simply a portal/hole to another space, be-it alternate space or just a different location within the same space.

DEN wrote:
They are literally called shortcuts in space/time. This isn’t something I’m bringing up on my own, I mean what do you think I mean when I say shortcut? Do you know what a shortcut is? And why would no evidence of them make them NOT shortcuts?

DEN wrote:
The rest is fuckng useless though, it’s just droning on with your retarded quotes and your inability to understand the difference between saying an article is describing how to open a rip in space/time and declaring that an article actually describes what a rip or tear is.

DEN wrote:
Yes I said it CURVED space/time. Which I myself avowed to, and never once did I imply that the article described what a rip is. You’re just saying that it’s not the same as “ripped” so at the end of the day it’s just your opinion, you’re not explaining why curvature can’t mean ripped. Besides your retarded yo-mama analogy which doesn’t really prove anything to begin with, you can curve something until it rips open.

DEN wrote:

El Mata wrote:
Again, spacetime is not a piece of paper so your example doesn’t work.

I didn’t say that it was or had to be, so what’s your point? Are you implying only paper can be ripped and teared? If so you’re an idiot, plain and simple.

DEN wrote:
To cut something is to apply pressure to a singular point and make an opening or incision with a sharp-edge. When you rip something you are forcibly pulling it away from something or someone, you’re a moron.

DEN wrote: What is material by your definition?

DEN wrote:

El Mata wrote:

DEN wrote: Space/time consist of little tiny reality strings, which are physical and the smallest thing in the universe.

Sure. And space/time is physical.

Surely you have a credible source to prove this.

Are you trying to imply that space/time cannot be seen or felt and thus is not material/physical? Even though planets pull in other objects towards them by curving the space/time beneath them? Do you know what a gravitational pull is?

Van Hohenheim wrote:

Pocket Rocket wrote:

Unimaginably Heterosexual Gentleman wrote:

Odysseus wrote:

Unimaginably Heterosexual Gentleman wrote: he was just like an unfunny robderp, lol

y, imp, y

Fail moses tricks!!

Lmao, I’ll give him that one. Still, there have been funnier jack-asses. Like that Huge Crasher dude.

That boy literally wanted to crash his not-huge dick into Pocket’s ass, lmao.

Sometimes, when the moon is full and the night is quiet, I can hear him scratching at my door and breathing heavily.

LT wrote:

Deus Ex Nihilo wrote: What did you refute?

Your main argument, that my signature which is a parody of Internet Atheists is a straw man.

The reason it can’t be a straw man is because it isn’t an argument.

It’s trying to portray both examples as standards,

You just had to shit the bed didn’t you.

Of course all Christians are selfless doctors... fucking retard.

Deus Ex Nihilo wrote:

Nerd wrote: Tez is having triggers of the time he used to get beat up by multiple guys at his school.

Just give him a moment guys.

I’m having triggers about the time I used to get assaulted by toddlers on big wheels and poorly stitched together biker jackets with shiny orange reflective tape helmets.

Eren Swagger wrote:

Magnum Miracles wrote: And the only reason I got that D is because I do all my homework. I haven’t missed a math homework assignment in my school life so far.

I’m kind of the opposite. I get A’s in math despite rarely attempting my homework. Lol.

PG15 wrote: You&#146;re right, Shakespeare is actually pretty boring, aside from the fact the way it&#146;s written gives me a migraine. >_<

I just feel like the amount of effort put into studying some outdated novel for lengthy periods of time drastically outweighs what little benefits come out of it. Like, srsly.
I’d gain more IQ points from reading Twilight.

Van Hohenheim wrote: Ricdog says he would be willing to kill innocent people if god commands so.

And atheist are the ones that are questioned when it comes to morals?

Ricdog wrote:

Van Hohenheim wrote: Tell me,if god told you in your sleep to shoot a public place; would you do it? Kill a baby? Rape a woman?

Now that is a good one. Hmm, even though I like the rational approach to theology...this is an issue that I love leaving to Kierkegaard! Basically your asking if I would follow Abraham&#146;s footsteps in sacrificing Isaac? Yea I always take Kierkegaard&#146;s side and say YES I would (or at least wish I would). But I can&#146;t garauntee that i&#146;d have the guts too though.

Poor guy, I could almost see his tears by the way he wrote that post. So Ricdog would feel happy to see his mom be raped if god commanded it.

Ricdog wrote:

Van Hohenheim wrote: Let me phrase that differentially. God ordered the man to torture, rape, and kill your mother and told you not interfere.

Would you just stand there with a smile in your face because you&#146;re pleasing god?
Or are you pleased because what the man is doing to your mother is good?

HAHAHAHAH, your so pathetic at times (well all the time actually). Apparently I explain a position to you on a dumb Jefferson quote, and that means I change my argument. Here your constantly changing the set up of the question (Changing the Goal Post Fallacy FYI) after I thrash it..... and you say its simply rephrasing it differently!!!! LOOOOOOL

Again, for the BILLIONTH TIME ALREADY.... Kierkegaard said that if one wishes to become a Knight of Faith....yes he must do any act required upon him. Jesus what part of the whole Isaac and Abraham story don&#146;t you understand? Your like that retarded classmate who asks the same question 2 seconds after the professor answers it!

Van Hohenheim wrote: Since I can’t have more than 1 image/video in my sig.

“Soy lo que más odio, un payaso deprimido..."
I’ll just save this here.

Van Hohenheim wrote: My current sig:

“If I don’t, then who will!“
ďIím your huckleberry.Ē

Raniero wrote:

Van Hohenheim wrote: Origin of Species and Charmides are now -according to you- dbz?

You always go out of your way to be a pseudo-intellectual?

Van Hohenheim wrote:

Helly destroyer of Atheists wrote: When did I act like I didn’t know you?

Van Hohenheim wrote:

Helly destroyer of Atheists wrote: When did I act like I didn’t know you?

“Aren’t you the same dude”
P.S. I’m going to delete this conversation after we’re done.

Helly destroyer of Atheists wrote: That’s not me pretending I don’t know you

I’ve no doubt you will delete it. I know you couldn’t stand to be humiliated by Helly The God in your own thread. Lol.

El Matas wrote: If you don’t know me then why were you talking about me?
This post is from weeks ago:

Helly The God wrote:

Big Black Cock wrote: EDIT: I knew I remember you from somewhere.

LMAO aaahhhhh good times

Mata truly is the laughing stock of a dead site, that’s just priceless

You dream about me.

Helly The God wrote:

El Matas wrote: If you don’t know me

You still have not explained how I pretended I didn’t know you.

This post is from weeks ago:

Helly The God wrote:

Big Black Cock wrote: EDIT: I knew I remember you from somewhere.

LMAO aaahhhhh good times

Mata truly is the laughing stock of a dead site, that’s just priceless

You dream about me.

Hey man I can’t help myself. Souls and Titan Maximum crumbled under my might long ago, I need to fulfill my bully quota somehow! :^^^^^^] Speaking of Titan, I notice you edited his hyperlink out of the quote! Truly, what a testament it is to the power of Helly the God when the best you can manage are quotes where you got verbally suplexed into another dimension!!!!11!

El Matas wrote:

Helly The God wrote:

El Matas wrote: If you don’t know me

You still have not explained how I pretended I didn’t know you.

This post is from weeks ago:

Helly The God wrote:

Big Black Cock wrote: EDIT: I knew I remember you from somewhere.

LMAO aaahhhhh good times

Mata truly is the laughing stock of a dead site, that’s just priceless

You dream about me.

Hey man I can’t help myself. Souls and Titan Maximum crumbled under my might long ago, I need to fulfill my bully quota somehow! :^^^^^^] Speaking of Titan, I notice you edited his hyperlink out of the quote! Truly, what a testament it is to the power of Helly the God when the best you can manage are quotes where you got verbally suplexed into another dimension!!!!11!

This is a new low, even for you.

Guest can’t post hyperlinks, idiot. You can’t even stay on point, and you expect to one up me like this?
I’m done with you for today, and be thankful I’ll delete this massacre.

Helly destroyer of Atheists wrote:

El Matas wrote: This is a new low, even for you.


Ok bro

Damn, dem refutation skills, doe!!!!

Guest can’t post hyperlinks, idiot.

They can’t, huh


You consciously didn’t want it in your thread. Which is why you’re insistent on deleting this latest ass whooping handed by helly the god

I’m done with you for today, and be thankful I’ll delete this massacre.



I love you

You complete me

Souls and Titan, they were fun to piss off, but have such a fierce tenacity even after being snapped in half by Helly the God time and time again. Partly it’s because you’re one of the most deluded members this site has ever seen, partly it’s your own enormous ego

Helly the God is gonna enjoy draining you of all that defiance....!!!!

Helly The God wrote: That’s not all, either

Check post #83

Mataderp is a guest, yet he’s posting a quoted url????

I think it’s pretty apparent you simply don’t want proof of the thread anywhere in your sacred little safe space, my dear mataderp! :^^^^^^^^^^^^]

Is Hellfighter stupid and pretending to be stupid or is he just stupid? First he acts like he doesn’t know me then I prove he knows me, he then again says he doesn’t know me.

Now he’s saying guest can post hyperlinks...

Xennotraun wrote:

El Matas wrote:

Helly The God wrote:

You guys are my OTP

Asian Reporter Tricia Takanawa wrote: considering this is an extension of your page, should I put even more neg reps here?

- FS - wrote:

Asian Reporter Tricia Takanawa wrote: considering this is an extension of your page, should I put even more neg reps here?

you can always put one on me smiley

My rep count hasn’t increased in a while.

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