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wtf 1SPAMMY1 wrote: I remember this kid. What a furry zilla feggit. smiley

Really geeku Pr0n is not the best choice its fanfic crossovers that basterdize the characters

:P GeekuXGodzilla - I SHIP IT FUCKERS

Lord Xehanort wrote:

Xenno wrote: Xenomorph Solos

Duck Butter wrote: I would fight Geeku and by that I mean smack my dick in her face and feel up that reptillian ass then start licking it.I would also motorboat her boobs and lick them as well.

IamOctumusPrime wrote: Get a growth you wartless pieces of data

UnyoN wrote:

Pocket Rocket wrote: IamOptimusPrime will have a huge advantage to solo this when Ryan and Gallavant start making love right on the spot.

I just wonder what Unyon’s opinion on this is.

But that’s what created u.o.e.n.o. They’d reproduce so rapidly that they overrun the forum with their furry spamming man-children

GT wrote:

Pool. wrote:

GT wrote:

What do you think you’re doing?

Whatever you guys say is of literally and absolutely no consequence whatsoever.

That other thread contains everything I have to say to you and your fellow gang of hypocritical, worthless pieces of data:

Including you Ladd.

So do me a favor, read it and justleave me alone. I want nothing to do with any of you anyway, so why do you keep following me around?
I mean, you’re the ones obsessing over a member that nobody cares or is supposed to care about, so you’re the ones at fault.

And if you really don’t care, then why do you still reply to anything I say, huh?

Smh Worthless pieces of data

Aizen Sosuke wrote: If you blow moderators & administrators under the proverbial table you get a free pass.

MVC has a high school mentality. And whenever one of the “groups” gets attacked; its members join in congress together to masturbate one another (circle jerk).

Ofc. some regulators are part of said groups & circle jerks. And actually encourage many times victimization of members who are either silly, have had their jimmies rustled, or clearly been misunderstood by others. But once a circle jerk starts it doesn’t stop till everyone participating in said circle jerk has reached an e-orgasm.

If you try to be fair to everyone you will pretty much end up getting hated on by everyone.

2 good examples of this is the entire anime/manga & vs sections.

This is also a major reason why as to most previous quality members left a long time ago. When said faggotry had invaded the lounge. The earliest probably starting around '07.

So now the only members who are left are either weebs, vs fags, pedophiles, racists, bigots, trolls, children (whether they are actually children, or have a mentality that of a child, or otherwise it doesn’t matter), pokeniggas, pokeweebs, shit spammers, bots (fake & generated), fur fags, google scholars galore, newfags, comicstans, pseudo intellectuals, ztards, keyboard warriors, porn spammers, narcissistic individuals/member whores (members who try to get as many other members to like/prefer them over others by pretending to be something on the internutz which they aren’t irl), circle jerkers (the ones who join a circle jerk just for the sake of jerking it), rep whores, alt whores, & Gokuworshippers, etc. (if in case I missed any notable group).

If you are in any one or more of those groups, then congratulations: You’re a faggot. Hence as the saying goes: “Anyone who is on mvc is a faggot." Denial & attempted rejection of this fact is only to be expected.

If anyone who doesn’t fit into any of the categories above. Then this site is no longer for you; which is the vast majority of the human population. Whether healthy or unhealthy; at a glimpse of this sites first page would gtfo. And they would be right in their mind to do so.

For those extremely rare & fleeting individuals who have gotten stuck here due to acquaintances here (I.e. Tigger & like ~3 other people) I feel sorry for all of the things you have had to put up with; trying to make this site better in any way you could. One can only imagine so far. Peace to those rare individuals.

As for the rest of you keep doing what you do best. That is being faggots.

OT: This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who has spent even a week lurking. This is the present & for the foreseeable future lounge mvc. You reap what you sow faggots.

INB4 “tl;dr”, “lol”, “lmao”, “ur s0 rong”, “k.", “top kek”, “lel”, & other generic replies and or circle jerks.

Krystopher Malus wrote:

RyanBurnsTheHaruhiSuzumiyaFantard wrote: Just simply wondering

You’ll probably have cute daughters

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