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DC wrote: Zemoco or whatever has syndrome of the downs by the looks of it. Show one instance in the series, where Toph’s usage of bending, is strong enough to over power sand that halts A FUCKING METEOR. We’re not talking about some kind of rock from space that’s going 200mph. We’re talking about a city busting meteor. One, feat of strength that Toph has, too indicate her control is greater than Chakra-infused sand.

“It’s just sand”. Buddy, Gaara has an ability known as Magnet Release, which is how he controls gold and sand. He has a magnetic control through the use of his chakra. Yet Toph is able to break that magnetism apparently, at least according to you. By your logic, hell, Toph can take on Magneto. Magneto controls metal through magnetism as well, but Toph bends metal. GG Magneto?

Fuck it, Toph stomps Optimus Prime, Megatron, and Unicron at the same time. Because metal is metal. I mean hey, apparently preparing and anticipating (Waiting) for lightning to conduct means that lol your reacting to lightning, making you faster than it (even though you’re waiting). Send Toph out into space, she can survive by dragging the fucking planet with her while she’s at it.

Gaara is tanks hits with so much pressure that muscle fibers tear themselves into smithereens because of the force of the attack, yet gets one shotted by Toph. Can you even tell us one instance of Toph showing the strength to hurl these massive structures, and apparently being above island busting level.

I don’t want hypothesis or speculatory bullshit, I want facts and evidence from the show that Toph could destroy a city. Evidence that Toph can take a hit that destroys bones on contact.

But nah, you’re going to ignore the call for evidence by trying to convince yourself that Toph can just bend the Earth in half with stats that never even appear on the show, right?


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