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Name: Eien


Last seen: 11-01-2015

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Age: 14

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About: See Eien no yoru

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thumbs-up "magi one piece hunter x huter rules"

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Buddhist monk with Voyeurism fetish wrote:

Kaka Carrot Cake wrote: They’re all just very strange little boys who for some reason worship me.

O praise be to Goku, the Super sand! He who causes butthurt and it’s effect ripples all across space and time! Praise him and worship him Our lord and saviour GOKUUUUU~!

RottWeiler ll wrote: Snap can’t do you like the Notwen... its like girl... you don’t know what you missing? What about my lil nigga Kagami? You just playing the field huh?

the dudes wrote: no word of a lie, my friend got me an inflatable cock...

thread: what if Bjarne allowed porn?

Augustine Yuu wrote: Then we would be able to spread the glory of Boku no Pico in a better fashion

Karna wrote: I’d finally be able to post NSFW yaoi in the Yaoi thread :<

Mokou wrote: Everyone would still be shit.

Anti Monitor wrote:

Nerise wrote: It might scare off some vs fag kids
Thats a plus

dont you post in vs

Asian Reporter Tricia Takanawa wrote: tbh I would start to spam porn like I did back in 2010

ssjglaunch wrote: it wouldn’t affect much

but we would get a lot of gay shit or poop porn

-Sheko- wrote:

Karna wrote:

-Sheko- wrote: Update: Aiden was sentenced to 200 hours of community service and two years of probation. The judge strongly recommended to Aiden’s new probation officer that his community service be spent traveling to Mordor to destroy the one ring.

Please tell me you’re kidding. You got to be.

Are you asking me if a Texas judge ordered the kid to travel to Mt. Doom?

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