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Name: Kotei


Last seen: 08-05-2015

Account type: Regular

Registration date: 09-28-2014

Posts: 1,718

Age: 14

Location: England

About: I am an artist, I draw look at my picture

Hobbies: Drawing, Pencil and Computer

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Previously known as

Kotei no Hosoku until 02-03-2015

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All round manga fan.
I love Toriko, Bleach, Naruto, One Punch Man, Nanatsu no Tazai, FT, somewhat OP, and many others.

Ozymandias wrote: “Haschwalth, you take Naruto. Uryu, you take One Piece.“

Albert Weskerr wrote:

Kotei no Hosoku wrote:

juju151111 wrote:

Blitzkrieg wrote:

MollyMolly wrote:

Luke__Skywalker1 wrote:

-Noctis Lucis Caelum- wrote: Too bad he can’t see Madaras limbo. That’s only possible with the Rinnegan. Madara negs him hard.

yhwach uses yama bankai no one in nardoverse has lava durability he burns the entire nardoverse in ashes cool

that won’t counter limbo you need sage power to touch/sense them

Limbo wont save them from the heat radiating from his bankai

Madara imperfect SASNOO took a bath in Lava and didn’t affect him at all.

Sun heat <

fixed please do it right the first.

Dem DBZ Gone Wilds wrote: Master Roshi with a power level of 130 or so = 100 meter dash in 5.6 seconds

100 meters per second = 223 miles per hour. 223 divided by 5.6 = 39 miles per hour. Roshi runs at 39 miles per hour. Safe to say that his combat dashing speed is double that. Can you see an 80 mile an hour fastball, wouldn’t that appear as a blur? Especially so if its moving around you instead of just being tossed once? Of course. With Ki enhancing, he can run at 58 miles an hour, combat speed at 120 miles per hour.

Radditz has a power level of around 1200, he is roughly 9x as fast as Roshi. Which puts him at 360 miles an hour in running speed, or 720 miles an hour in combat speed. That is fast. With Ki enhancement, he can run at 540 miles per hour, or combat speed of 1,080 miles an hour. This is faster than high speed bullets.

This means that Radditz is roughly 620,000x SLOWER than light speed. Good day.

Light speed is 670, 616, 629 miles per hour. Thats only 670.6 million miles per hour.

Try to Debunk my Post TardZ smiley
Roshi 130 PL = 5.6 Second at Full Dash 100 meter.
Raditz 1200 PL = 9x Faster than Roshi due to “PL”.


Now some users who may have left logic at home

Dafuqulookinat wrote:

R2 wrote: continent busting >>>>> continent splitting.

Sai is not even Ulquiorra lvl

lol Nah Splitting>>>>>Busting
Ulquiorra would get sodomized by Sai
Lanza ain’t got chet on his Kick

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