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Profile: Bruce Wilson C.

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Name: Bruce Wilson C.


Last seen: 06-07-2015

Account type: Regular

Registration date: 08-28-2014

Posts: 5,082

Location: Gotham..duh

About: You might already know me

Hobbies: Batman fanboy

Reputation: 50thumbs-up

Previously known as

Batgod returns until 08-28-2014

03-25-2015 from Dafuqulookinat

03-18-2015 from P408370R
thumbs-up "Rob! <3"

03-17-2015 from Madoka
thumbs-up "You're my favorite poster Rob <3"

02-10-2015 from Giorno Giovanna
thumbs-up "Boss"

02-05-2015 from bossness

02-05-2015 from Freddie Mercury
thumbs-down "*sigh*"

01-31-2015 from PrinceMontana

01-13-2015 from Hell no
thumbs-down "Lol"

01-12-2015 from Nappa stomps

01-11-2015 from Mucho
thumbs-down "And I'm negging niggas left and right if they ain't stepping right"

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Reiper wrote: Well, you’re wrong on accounts.
DC isn’t full of overpowered gods, as you seem imply, Marvel gods are still above of them; and people outside of these forums do not really underestimate DBZ, they just don’t overestimate it.

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