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Name: RAG


Last seen: 11-19-2018

Account type: Regular

Registration date: 08-23-2014

Posts: 11,899

Reputation: 81thumbs-up

Previously known as

Kye Wol Hyang until 08-23-2014
Won Sul until 09-15-2014
General Munsu until 09-28-2014
Griffith until 12-24-2014
General Marcusius until 03-01-2016

03-29-2015 from YuNarukami
thumbs-up "Itachi GOAT"

03-18-2015 from God Castiel
thumbs-down "Major comic book dork"

03-16-2015 from Augustine Yuu
thumbs-up "ABSOLUTE"

03-16-2015 from Giga
thumbs-up "JUSHIN"

03-16-2015 from Beholder
thumbs-up ";_;"

03-15-2015 from Gats

03-13-2015 from Krystopher Malus

03-04-2015 from Beyonder
thumbs-up "Animetards hate the truth"

03-03-2015 from Tokusatsu
thumbs-up "Solid member of MVC"

02-20-2015 from Atheist
thumbs-up "X Necrosha Selene is too sexy."

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Snap wrote:

Griffith wrote:

Snap wrote:

Aslan wrote: I actually completely forgot you were one of those Fate thugs.

I’m not.

You Fate/ bullied Raniero out of MvC

He caught the Fade/stay night

xxlegendoflinkxx27 wrote:

General Marcusius wrote:

Shiro nli wrote:

General Marcusius wrote: Hitagi is so 4th best girl. Screw the haters

Dude I heard Guts was traveling and he bumped into Musashi and started talking shit so Musashi cut him down and took Casca LOL

“Get too preoccupied with a single leaf, you’ll miss the tree. Get preoccupied with a single tree and you’ll miss the forest." - Musashi as he cut Guts down and took his girl

Chronarch wrote: Back from my first Problem of Whiteness class. I learned that white is actually a disease of the skin and that brown and black are the only natural skin tones. White is the result of bleached babies and those who hate brown and black. This bleach eventually became part of our DNA. Creating the white “race”. It’s why white people can’t see racism because the bleach affects our brain. I’m in the process of reverting my skin tone to the natural color of brown as it should be. It will take a couple years to wipe the bleach from my DNA but now that I’ve learned about the white race’s true origins I can’t be white anymore.

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