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Name: The Living Tribunal


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tez the cock sucker wrote:


Pimpdady Slug wrote:

Alpha and Omega wrote:

JOHNTHEBEAST wrote: Anyway from what i learn vegito is strong as current thor,so it’s easy to use that to scale the rest of the verse

Vegito vaporizes Thor by looking at him lol

no need to argue with him, he was educated on these matter by tez

I wish he was here he can describe it in better detail then me

i am here why to you need me?

Pre-retcon Beyonder wrote:

Tezcatlipoca wrote:

Pre-retcon Beyonder wrote:

Alpha and Omega wrote:

moviecodec wrote:

Alpha and Omega wrote: Fine, bring Tez so I can crush him for the millionth time

crush him and make sure he doesn’t get back up hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahah

He will properly run away as usual lol

speaking of the 8th grade physics failure, i just wrecked him in a debate a few days ago.

I’m an 8th grade physics failure then yet you were talking about some mass being converted into kinetic energy bullshit? Bruh you didn’t even calculate shit on your own, you looked up facts and hoped for the best.

At least I admitted to not being savvy in physics and coming up with random figures.

you uneducated shit- there were 2 scenarios- one where the tiny volume disintegrates into energy- thus giving upper value for energy of that explosion, the other case was that the mass only collides like a projectile, in which case kinetic energy was the only form of energy in concern (though i did not use a relativistic equation there), they were clearly 2 different scenarios. you said that the small mass generates neutron star level of energy, that statement would have caused a physicist to get so angry that he or she would lecture you for about an hour, but no! Mr Tez thinks he is all smart, you not only lack mathematical and physical science skills, but also comprehension skills. Now learn your stuff and get out of here before I kick your ass again.

Raiden Blackthorn wrote:

Raiden Blackthorn wrote:

Raiden Blackthorn wrote:

Ezaru wrote:

Trigger. wrote: An author is bad because he doesn’t follow science in his own fantasy world.

DC comics, masters of physics

Spite Guy wrote: Well, we seen the male version of “WHICH BODY WOULD U LIKE TO HAVE?"
So how about the FEMALES?
Feel free to choose which body you’d like to have!!

Augustine Yuu wrote:

A Registered Guest wrote:

Augustine Yuu wrote: [url=/scripts/logout.php]lol[/url]

I don’t think anyone’s gonna fall for that lol +_+.

The Living Tribunal wrote:

Augustine Yuu wrote: lol

damn you

Told you

Tezcatlipoca wrote:

Sanic. wrote: -The Author-
Augustine Yuu
Bruce Wilson C.
Flame Saber
Kajin Style
Mister Teal
Pride The Solo King
Steve Buscemi
The Living Tribunal
Twerkules Johnson
What if turtles were fast

I was gonna punch you in your shit if I saw my name on there.

red line wrote: this due rijt here spitting logic from the top of machu pichu

tellem chico

Q:Who was it that sealed the Elder Kaioshin away in the Z Sword?

A:The Kaioshin (who create planets) and the Gods of Destruction (who destroy them) have never gotten along that well, but once every 1,000 years they go to each others realms and hold a coordination meeting. At this time, they got into an argument over some trifling thing, and a certain short-tempered God of Destruction sealed Elder Kaioshin away inside a sword. Naturally, it wouldn’t have been proper for him to destroy the Kaioshin Realm itself. By the way, that God of Destruction was Beerus."


“IV. The Kaioshin Realm
Translation: Kaioshin World, Kaioshin Realm
Other Names: Planet of the Kai (Funi), Kaioshin’s faraway planet (Viz)

The Kaioshin Realm is, well, the Realm of the Kaioshin. It is a special realm completely separate from the macrocosm that the afterlife, universe, and Demon Realm are all enclosed within. It’s made up of a giant crystalline sphere, about 1/10th the size of the macrocosm, and it revolves around the macrocosm like a moon."

The Set-Up of the DB World
Fundamentally, the DB world is a giant pokeball. The top half of the pokeball is the afterlife, and the bottom half is split between the regular universe that Goku and friends call home, and the Demon Realm that Dabra rules. There’s not really any name given for this giant ball thingy, but I’ll call it the “macrocosm”. The Kaioshin live in their own separate realm outside of the macrocosm, which revolves around the rest of the macrocosm like a moon.

Rawpower wrote: I’ll admit. I may be a troll, but at least I have boundaries for fuck’s sake.

Jewish depravity is seriously glossed over. You’d have to wonder who is behind all the pedophilia rings, the murders, and pretty much every crime imaginable.

Mister Teal wrote: raw power

Mister Teal wrote: you try and cock block me with a phone app i’ll rape you on principle

12-15-2014 from Flamelord
thumbs-down “Lemme help you”

illuminatus wrote:

Just watching shit burn

supes loses again

Alpha and Omega wrote: Alright guys, though Johnthebeast is making massive mismatches most of the time, he is still a member, don’t blame him, blame Tez for corrupting his mind

ssjgoolong wrote: just look at this thread. DBZ has created more butt rage in real life than just about anything. Goku’s existence has probably taken a good 300 years of life from butt mad keyboard warriors who are going to an early grave due to the stress, depression and hair loss that goku’s glory has given them. Goku has taken the equivalent of at least 5 people’s lives by simply existing and being awesome enough to solo a nerd’s favorite verse, this puts him far above omnipotents because he’s real world level.

Science Hero wrote: Gol D. Roger is part saiyan. He learned a little bit of Hokuto Shinken and put both Bleach and Naruto to shame by stealing all their abilities and techniques and improving them majorly as his own mixed fighting style.

His real final crime was too horrible to reveal to the public: He took a shit on Fairy Tail.

Kal El wrote:

Crismon123 wrote:

Kal El wrote:

Crismon123 wrote: There is a reason why this thread is in off topic
Thought I’d let you guys know

Also 2014 best MvC year

2014 didn’t have enough of me.

It’s ok

I was the best thing to happen to MvC smiley

Is “I” a codename for someone else? For a second there, you made it seem like you were talking about yourself.

once upon a time, good ol' uncle LT was digging a treasure older than the omniverse, i dug for 1000000000000000000000000000 eternities and removed 10000 omega omnispheres worth of dirt and obstacles, i then came across a coffin that read “do not read my name (lol, u can if u ant to)" and so,I read the name on the tomb.... the words were... “Mariomaniac”, and LO, THE OP WAS RESURRECTED!!!!!

Pocket Rocket wrote:

Xennotraun wrote:

The Living Tribunal wrote:

Xennotraun wrote:

The Living Tribunal wrote: the bad thing is that the author contradicts himself so many times by messing with his own vocabulary, its like a stereotypical vs fag’s wet dream

Except a vs fag’s wet dream would have better character designs.

i guess

I mean seriously, you mean to tell me that THIS kid can bust infinite omniverses?

Kagami is a part of Suggsverse?

Aztec fag wrote: Broly stomps

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