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Name: Anti Monitor


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03-23-2015 from God Castiel
thumbs-up "Get on my level"

03-07-2015 from Gnomishness
thumbs-up "For showing scans"

03-01-2015 from Fuck you Luis
thumbs-down "ahhshshhs"

02-15-2015 from Komikku Tai Anime
thumbs-up "You know what your talking about"

02-08-2015 from Beyonder

01-19-2015 from -Shard-

01-19-2015 from The Fantom Convoy
thumbs-up "Even if you ruined one of my threads with typical DBZ fanboy ignorance, take this."

01-04-2015 from Ryan Burns

01-02-2015 from - FS -
thumbs-up "tez's waifu"

12-10-2014 from The Monkey King
thumbs-up "Thanks bro, you too :)"

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Kamen Rider Soul wrote: Silver Surfer and hulk have literally nothing to do with this.
Please don’t try to use comics, the most inconsistent medium as a comparison for how we should judge these sort of feats.

so truu

surfer solos


Crayons wrote:

Anti Monitor wrote:

Crayons wrote: Magic > TTGL

I dont see TTGL uses life energy and shit like that. Magic is above that Ki blast

So babidi solos TTGL according to you, what a troll

TTGL stomps

Of Course Babidi solo TTGL. He cast his own spell on the pilot. Abra Cadabra that shit. that dimension? he just open sesame street that shit.

Super Perfect Cell Returns wrote:

Get furious cool

Magikarp. wrote:

Shinji Ikari wrote: Shit, I heard the manga was better than the anime but now I just have confirmation. This might just make me become a DB fan

Paged forever without including the context

General Marcusius wrote:

I never said he’s light speed. I did say that he can easily react to light speed blitzes and kill everyone in DBZ which is truer than true


Tezcatlipoca wrote:

Pride The Solo King wrote: I know he is getting stronger as the story goes. In the beginning,the army captured him and he strugged with bellow 100 tons of weight,now he is above planet level,but still,you get my point. There will always be some inconsistencies here and there that seem way off.

Yep and now he’s about to start getting even more insane feats, probably to the point where he’d be able to rip both whis and bills apart at the same time.

Blitzkrieg wrote: No one before perfect cell is lightspeed.

epic math fail screwattack

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