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crazyty237 until 12-29-2014

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In Order going to 20
1. Sonic Games
2. Boondocks
3. Elder Scrolls
4. Archie Sonic
5. Assassinís Creed
6. Marvel( Spiderman and Deadpool)
7. Mortal Kombat
8. Avatar the Last Airbender
9. DBZ
10. Teen Titans
11. Sly Cooper
12. Saint Seyia
13. Spongebob
14. Marvel(the rest of it)
15. Pokemon
16. Star Wars
17. Street Fighter
18. Ed EDD and Eddy
19. Batman
20. Yugioh and Digimon(just starting to watch their anime)

Sonic top 10
1. Knuckles the Echidna
2. Shard the Metal Sonic
3. Espio
4. Shadow
5. Sonic
6. Jani Ca
7. Emerl
8. Metal Sonic
9. Blaze
10. Shade

Top 10 Fictional Characters
1. Knuckles the Echidna
2. Spiderman
3. Deadpool
4. Piccolo
5. Gohan
6. Goten
7. Goku
8. Zuko(Avatar)
9. Connor(Assassin’s Creed)
10. Shard the Metal Sonic

Knuckles gets girls and the infinite jump glitch in boom is canon lol

Pride The Solo King wrote:

-Shard- wrote:

Pride The Solo King wrote:

Tezcatlipoca wrote:

Rich-616 wrote: Supernova level Bleach?

Tez wat

I said pronably you non-reading imps.

Saying probably means you are a rank A dumbass,not rank S. In comparison,if you had said possibly,you would be a rank B dumbass.

you rank it?

Not really. I was simply trying to explain how retarded Teztard sounds.

-Shard- wrote:

Maice wrote:

-Shard- wrote:

Maice wrote:

-Shard- wrote: in the main canon goku instant transmission is instant

In the main canon, Sonic can go at most a third the speed of sound, iirc.

in the main canon sonic can run fast enough to bring back space and time



Gnomishness wrote:

The Greatest of all Time wrote: Age of information is hell.

That is all.

Love life.
Be happy.
The world isn’t that bad...
Neither is the internet...
Think of all the things which the internet has accomplished...
Think of all the info which is now readily available for public use...
If nothing else, think of the porn...

Han Solo wrote:

Superdannyzx wrote:

Han Solo wrote:

Superdannyzx wrote:

Han Solo wrote: well this might surprise you but yes i think deathbattle was right to say kirby beat buu

buu have lot more on he side he more strong and fast and he swallow star too

kid buu get own by planet explosion if not for he regen he will have die

kirby swallow planet >>>> kid buu wit regen >>>> planet explosion >>>> kid buu wit no regen

That is True but i wonder how DBZ fans felt about this battle.

do no worry most people in mvc know me for optimism when come to dbz power

so if i not think dbz win it probably mean most mvc dbz fanbase feel same way

thank for listen smiley

You’re welcome and i was just worried lot about some dbz fans would become very mad for this battle or might even bashed on me.

dbz fanbase very respectable in fact i must say they most respectable group of anime people i know

for example if say goku not galaxy buster they only say bad thing about you or you mom but they will not respond to you argument

this mean they respect you opinion

-Shard- wrote:

DBZ Wrecks wrote:

-Shard- wrote:

DBZ Wrecks wrote:

-Shard- wrote:

DBZ Wrecks wrote:
Beyonder can’t even beat Goku

are you serious right now or just messin

Beyonder’s feats are all hyperbole. MM blast was stated to destroy a billion dimensions, but it didn’t even destroy the planet. Beyonder is all hype but lacking in feats.

are you fucking kidding me right now
nice way of becoming a hypocrite

oh and by the way its fiction

Please show me a scan of Beyonder destroying a planet. He’s not even at moon level. Master Roshi can even beat Beyonder


Amorphous wrote:

haha wrote:
Here is a prove about master mogul destory millions of mutiverse. Sonic hater
Always said it is a universe
Also prove that super dimentio is a multiveral?

And this is the difference between Shard and a sonicfag...

Super Mario POW POW POW wrote:

-Shard- wrote:

Super Mario POW POW POW wrote:
Super Sonic dies if he runs out of rings, and there are no rings on this battlefield. Meaning that he would die from his own power.

he doesn’t die if he runs out of rings lol

Yeah...I’m pretty sure he does.


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