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Name: Byakko


Last seen: 09-08-2014

Account type: Regular

Registration date: 07-12-2014

Posts: 1,058

Age: 9000

Location: Under your bed

About: I like Macaroni and Lasagna :/

Hobbies: Watching you while you sleep

Reputation: 16thumbs-up

Previously known as

Analcagon The Black until 07-18-2014

11-22-2014 from Nappa stomps
thumbs-down "Why did I neg you again? Keeping it as a neg"

09-04-2014 from -Jade-
thumbs-up "Awesome debater."

09-01-2014 from Koichi
thumbs-up "Ouch"

09-01-2014 from Eien no yoru

09-01-2014 from Spector
thumbs-up "Person below is fag"

09-01-2014 from Beholder
thumbs-up "Dont rep the thirst of magikarp / lahar."

09-01-2014 from Madoka
thumbs-up "King of grammar"

09-01-2014 from - FS -

08-26-2014 from SePHIIIroTH
thumbs-up "rep4rep"

08-26-2014 from Y-3

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Under Construction:

Yaksha wrote: No. The way we say faggot is, La-har.

Son Gayku wrote: It’s going to be hard harnessing all the energy within my body required to give a fuck! I can’t do this alone, please lend me your energy!!!

PG13 wrote: I was only 13 years old
I loved reps so much, I’ve repped all of the MVC members and mods
I pray for reps every night before bed, returning favors for the reps
I’ve been given“Repping is love” I say. “Repping is life”
The mods hear me and they call me an autist
I knew they were just jealous of my current rep count
I called them idiots
They neg me and send me to VS forums
I’m crying now, and i can’t rep anyone
I lurk through the forums and it’s really cold
My rep count goes up
I click my page
Its the rep whores
I am so happy
One adds under the rep “your rep virginity is mine”
They rep me with their powerful green thumbs and increase my rep count
Im ready
I spread my reps through them all
They return all my favors
It tires my fingers but i do it for them
I can feel page tearing as my reps go up
I rep4rep them back
I want to please them
They roar a mighty roar as they fill my page with their love
A mod clicks my page
They look him straight in the eye and say “when you can return the favor”
They leave through the homepage link
Reps are love, Reps are life

How beating a newbie in a game feels like:


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