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Name: Purgatory


Last seen: 03-26-2016

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Registration date: 06-28-2014

Posts: 1,582

Location: Does it matter?

About: Myself

Hobbies: Being alive

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02-23-2015 from Shu-ulath
thumbs-down "lol"

02-16-2015 from Komikku Tai Anime
thumbs-down "Sorry I'm not a shit lover like you"

02-16-2015 from The Living Tribunal

02-16-2015 from Dafuqulookinat

01-10-2015 from The Fantom Convoy

12-13-2014 from Alpha and Omega
thumbs-down "Faggot"

12-10-2014 from Flamelord
thumbs-up "You deserve this for that post in Souls' thread."

11-29-2014 from Tokusatsu
thumbs-up "Why not"

11-28-2014 from Bloody Panties

11-28-2014 from Son Vegeta
thumbs-down "Who are you dude"

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Drake wrote: Who’s more manly?
Who’s more heterosexual?
Who looks better?
Who has a better fanbase?

Broli wrote: Broly for 1,3,4

Only people who like Itachi are Faggots who need or wish for Sex changes.

Alpha and Omega wrote: Too faggots maybe

Shunsui Sozosuke Jiro Kyoraku wrote:

Son Vegeta wrote:

Purgatory wrote:

Pride The Solo King wrote: intimidatesd


Purgatory wrote:

Slayer wrote:

Purgatory wrote:

Slayer wrote: Oi, Stay On-Topic.

You no 360 with scope fags.

>360 scoping fag

This isnt about you. Mucho you’ll be a fool to make an enemy of me.

>Thread mentions me.
>Goes off topic
>Tells it isn’t about me
>mfw n00bz tries to ">" but forgets the color

Obviously thread is made by you so it mentions your name somewhere lol.
Off-topic? no just new on-topic.
Original on-topic wasnt about you.
2014>>2011. 2011 was soooo 3 years.
I forget a lot of things, your mother isnt one of them.

Mucho wrote: Ooh kill em

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