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Name: Bidder damois


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PG13’s alt.

Proto Dude wrote:

Bidder damois wrote:

Proto Dude wrote:

Bidder damois wrote:

Proto Dude wrote:

Bidder damois wrote:

Tezcatlipoca wrote: The most popular anime in the world is pokemon....

Do people really give a shit about Pokemon though?
I’d rather call it well known.
I’ve watched it, and I hated it.

Are you fucking serious right now?????

Do I sound serious?
Tell me.
Cause you have for 100% of everything you’ve said in this thread.
I don’t hear Pokemon anime being praised and loved everywhere, TBH.

Almost every single kid loved Pokemon back in the day and was trading Pokemon cards, getting the Pokemon games cus they loved the show [the 2nd best selling game franchise of all time by the way] and it is still running on TV and by that I do not mean some shitty saturday morning block or toonami, I am talking channels that your granny would have like YTV and Cartoon Network.

The only kids who disliked the Pokemon anime back in the days were fags like me who were huge Digimon fanboys that lashed out at Pokemon out of butthurt.

Wait, wait, wait, wait...
You’re a fag?
Weren’t you bashing gays earlier or some shit like that earlier?
You don’t like being called a gay pedo yet you just called yourself a fag, and you want to have sex with Konata.
And you go on about other peoples hypocrisy.

If your mind is screwed right now do not worry, it just means you are still human.

I think you should know what this implies.
Two things, actually.

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