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Name: Crismon123


Last seen: 09-11-2016

Account type: Regular

Registration date: 06-23-2014

Posts: 4,763

About: 2014 Memebr of MvC if you're reading this then you're reading a relic. This site in the year 2015 was plagued with attacks and spammers. All active members left and moved to where it's not the same but they try.

Hobbies: Crismon aka Crismonius the King if you know me <3 if you're a new Memebr hi :)

Reputation: 59thumbs-up

Previously known as

crismon_hunter until 07-07-2014

07-26-2016 from Helios
thumbs-up "Been there. Highly dislike it."

02-20-2016 from Helly The God
thumbs-up "ur goddamn right, kid"

01-18-2015 from The Fantom Convoy

12-22-2014 from -Fantom-
thumbs-up ":-)"

12-06-2014 from The Living Tribunal
thumbs-up ":)"

12-06-2014 from Yoshikage Kira
thumbs-down "U asked for it"

11-29-2014 from Louay
thumbs-up "Smart"

11-29-2014 from Negative Supremacy

11-28-2014 from Staz
thumbs-up "Quality user, can't believe I haven't repped u."

10-19-2014 from Wobbuffet
thumbs-up "My most secret alt"

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Fuck Fuck


Dragon Ball Zeed - Friendship Is Yaoi


Fistbeard Beardfist

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The good ol times sad

Snap wrote: ^doesn’t know everyone’s on skype laughing at him

Zeed wrote: Prez? Please, I am the God of Yaoi, the Primordial Fujiyoshi, the man that all weaboos wish they could know, but they never, ever will because I don’t associate myself with Japan-worshippers.

Morningstar wrote: Can somebody ban this fag Crismon?

superman a hero wrote:

Pancake McFluffers wrote: OP is a fag

sweety you are a fag because if someone ashamed of something they project it on others besides i only like balls once in a while.An taking it in the ass is not gay

Phillipqwr wrote:

Snap wrote: Homeschooled.

You would’ve been pretty unpopular regardless anyways

RAS wrote: Oh, I’m not repping you tho.
You stupid, useless, worthless fuck.

Ozymandias wrote: Still haven’t laid that Crismon fag to rest, huh?

Rarity wrote: You’re the worst poster I’ve ever met, and you only had to say five words.

Urban Dictionary wrote:

Magikrapping is a move to use during anal sex in water. As the taker of the intercourse is about to climax the giver must pull out and grab the taker by the hair and dunk their head in and out of the water repeatedly whilst screaming “SPLASH WAS SUPER EFFECTIVE”
Also the giver must not finish before the taker to make this possible.

Snap wrote: Who are all these idiots saying penises don’t smell?

The man-scent of a penis is the first ingredient in mindbreaking a woman and turning her into a cum-starved whore.

My hentai manga told me this.

RAS wrote:

Won Sul wrote: it doesn’t have to smell for me to take a sniff...
It’s perfectly normal I don’t know what you two are on about lmao

Tell me Won Chon
What does your dick smell like?
Explain in details bruh.

Felina wrote: Just ban Crismon for trolling
I can fabricate the posts via editing

Snap wrote: I am racking my brain trying to think of some arbitrary rule I can exploit in order to get Crismon out of here.

Ladd wrote: I really don’t like Crimson.I’m so tempted to click that ban button, but I mustn’t.


Magikarp wrote: “One of my alts”

Golden dragon visiting for a bit wrote: Lmao this nigga

I get fucked with dildos and I’m not gay

Liking ass don’t make you gay either.

Magikarp. wrote: Me





GG power rangers

Crusader wrote:
^ Mah nigga, you wished you had this hair....just fuck off jay.

Or else I’m gonna fuck that nice asian ass.

PG13 wrote: I was only 13 years old
I loved reps so much, I’ve repped all of the MVC members and mods
I pray for reps every night before bed, returning favors for the reps I’ve been given
“Repping is love” I say. “Repping is life”
The mods hear me and they call me an autist
I knew they were just jealous of my current rep count
I called them idiots
They neg me and send me to the Vs Forums
Im crying now, and I can’t rep anyone
I lurk through the forums and it’s really cold
My rep count goes up
I click on my page
Its the rep whores
I am so happy
One adds under the rep, “your rep virginity is mine”
They rep me with their powerful green thumbs and increase my rep count
Im ready
I spread my reps through them all
They returns all my favors
It tires my fingers but I do it for them
I can feel page tearing as my reps go up
I rep4rep them back
I want to please them
They roar a mighty roar as they fill my page with their love
A mod clicks my page
They look him straight in the eye and say “when you can return the favor”
They leave through the homepage link
Reps are love, Reps are life

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