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Name: Dragon Ball Zeed - Friendship Is Yaoi


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About: my mission is brownies

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JJBA banned from shitfox for ever until 07-27-2014
JJBA banned spoderman forever until 03-01-2015
Zeed Fighters until 02-25-2016

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All hail Cid the butthurt fanboy

Dragon Ball Zeed - Friendship Is Yaoi- wrote:

JJBA banned spoderman forever wrote: OP, you don’t mind if i later change my username to yours do you?

Go A Head >smiley

Nerise wrote:

BeyonderGod wrote: I was asleep and woke up tried to login and I was banned for no reason xD

MackBagginBuggers wrote: *This tail slide

>>>>>>>>>what over shit DBZ pulls out of its ass.

Crismon123 wrote: Apparently dumbledore is gay...
Talk about headmaster

Am I right

Beyonder wrote: I didnt say anything about inhuman mutant beyonder being omnipotent
*Retard alert*

Actually they aren’t they few you and jojofags as just wanking fanboys

Plus you aren’t a girl.

Twilight Sparkle wrote:

Doctor. wrote:

JJBA banned spoderman forever wrote: i’m posing as i type. That’s how legit i am

^ Real man right here. All of you should take notes.

Gremmy wrote:

JJBA banned spoderman forever wrote: well personally i just like to assume the aliens always look like hot girls for possible future scientific purposes

^ True man, right here.

-Jade- wrote:

JJBA banned spoderman forever wrote:
what if i was fapping to men? cool

It means you’re the incarnation of manliness. cool

Zeed wrote:

Frenzy. wrote: I was expecting Dio.
Thank you good sir.

Fuck Fuck wrote:

JJBA banned spoderman forever wrote:

illuminatus wrote: FucknoFuckno

cum on fggt

I liek suny leone


Lance The Duck Made From Used Condoms wrote:

Rainbow Shuzen wrote: would bang

I like the second one. The rest are kinda “meh”.

AK-4Deception wrote: WHAT IS HER NAME????

Bryci Lea wrote:

JJBA banned spoderman forever wrote:

Casey Veggies wrote: I’m always horny and thirsty and I’m not black wtf

one of these days i swer, i’m just going to bait you with a spoiler of this

and a second spoiler of dicks

let’s see how you like them apples then, you baited me into loging out like that once and i forgot both my username and password for a week god dammit

stop using my thirst against me >_>

edit: it is HARD not to find a pic of her where she’s not showing a lot of curves or skin

SoD is a FaG confirmed

SoD_ wrote:

JJBA banned spoderman forever wrote:

Ozymandias wrote: Me, SoD, and AIDB:

god damm now i have to get a tree way pic of you faggots going at it like this

SoD_ wrote:

General Munsu wrote:

SoD_ wrote:

..................................r fags.

did u not understand?

no undestand

speak english amigo smiley


best avi ever

C. Dornez

starfire adoration corner

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