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Profile: Joshua Lee Kok Nam sucks a cock

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Name: Joshua Lee Kok Nam sucks a cock


Last seen: 04-04-2020

Account type: Regular

Registration date: 06-17-2014

Posts: 111

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Previously known as

Joshua Lee until 03-01-2020

04-04-2020 from mutex variable
thumbs-down "Die, you fucking Christian Fundie"

03-29-2020 from Islam is a potential threat to society
thumbs-down "You looked like someone Prophet Muhammad will want to force to suck a dick, faggot"

03-28-2020 from Chew Wen Jun
thumbs-down "Joshua Lee is a fucking loser of a closet homosexual pretending his New Creation Church is the best"

03-28-2020 from I love to rape underaged schoolgirls
thumbs-down "Joshua Lee Kok Nam is a Christian hypocrite and a homosexual, and deserves to die"

03-28-2020 from I get erections from hentai rape scenes
thumbs-down "I'd thought of Bible doujinshi, but that's too disgusting even for me"

03-28-2020 from Alpha 5
thumbs-down "Joshua Lee Kok Nam is from New Creation Church, Singapore, and is a hypocritical homosexual"

03-28-2020 from My neg rep is a curse on your family
thumbs-down "Joshua Lee Kok Nam was from Singapore Polytechnic, and is a hypocritical homosexual"

03-28-2020 from Only closet incels get neg reps from me
thumbs-down "Joshua Lee was from Singapore Polytechnic and is a big faggot pretending to be Christian"

03-28-2020 from I love cum in mouth sex scenes
thumbs-down "If God exists, I hate him"

03-28-2020 from I wish pedophilia is legal
thumbs-down "I hate self-righteous Christians"

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Its true. We must indoctrinate kids on the idea that our Christian God is the only God for them and they will suffer eternal painful...

do you want to hear about our Lord Jesus Christ? If you don't you are going to hell.

You may want to take a look at this website showing a girl getting many men's ejaculation into her mouth. I did not watch it in full be...

I believe in God because he is real. He is real because the Bible tells me so. God loves me. I know that because the Bible tells me so....

Moral standards and values are ABSOLUTE. We must never change our morals even after centuries of technological and cultural developm...

Abortion is murder. If a mother-to-be choose to abort to save her own life, or if a woman choose to abort a baby because he/she is t...

Yes, to show my obedience and faith to Lord Jesus, my God and Savior, if God really sends down an instruction no matter how dangerous o...

God hates violence. This is why God requests for the total genocide of those evil, violent nations (including children and babies) as d...

Look how progressive our Lord and God is as mentioned in the Bible! As you see, the woman is NOT punished for being a rape victi...

I have also attached my photo on this post. Do contact me if you have a business proposal or you want to talk about Lord Jesus Chris...

Some choice hentai screenshots (God forgive me for this)

Doesn't matter. In the last days there will be mockers and scoffers. God will save me from the hostiles at the end of it all.

You think there's a contradiction, but there isn't. We are humans so we are bound by the logic that God creates. God is the one w...

that's not nice

Yep. God will police your every single thought you had. No impure, evil thoughts, otherwise you will go to hell. Yes, this will a...

If you are not married to this girl, you are committing a sin by lusting after her, and just this sin is good enough to send you to hel...

I respect women.

That's not nice.

This is a very sinful video! Did these rapists pay the fathers of these girls a sum of money as compensation for the forbidden act? ...

Like a strict but loving parent who knows what is best for his/her child, a true Christian with love will discipline his/her child by t...

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