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Name: The Fantom Convoy


Last seen: 04-23-2015

Account type: Regular

Registration date: 06-13-2014

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Age: 16

Location: Banned permanent from *

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Hobbies: Banned permanent from *

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Which is the better fantasy out of these three...

Previously known as

SuperSaiyanPrinceVegetaII until 09-04-2014
IamOptimusPrime until 04-23-2015

03-05-2015 from Komikku Tai Anime

03-01-2015 from Negative Supremacy
thumbs-down "ty"

02-24-2015 from God Castiel

02-18-2015 from Beast Of Prey
thumbs-up "Hopefully you get over your obsession with this site."

02-08-2015 from Kinny Cakes

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01-30-2015 from BuroriReturns
thumbs-up "Why are you banned?"

01-26-2015 from Ruckas World
thumbs-up "Knows what's up"

01-23-2015 from Broken Genesis

01-22-2015 from Luke Skywalker
thumbs-up "i not han solo i am luke skywalker :)"

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User Page

Welcome to my user page smiley!!!


I am a fan of many things. Transformers, DBZ, Naruto, Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Ben 10(excluding Omniverse), Ratchet and Clank, The Chronicles of Narnia, Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario, TTGL, just to name a few. I am not a “tard” or “stan” of any single one of them. I believe now that fictional debates in general are nothing more than a massive waste of time altogether. And this is an undeniable fact that cannot be refuted.

Also, this account is not an alt, but it is instead my first ever account on this site, hence a highly developed user page. My registration date should explain it.

Anybody who thinks this is an alternate account is an Idiot, because making Alt accounts is a waste of time and so is getting 1k posts on them.


This was well-thought-out.

Crayons creatively rewords one of my posts

Crayons owns Naruto_God of HSTCrayons owns Naruto_God of HST

Crayons wrote: Videl took punches from SSJ Brolly.
Videl Vagina tank Mystic Gohan

What Kaguya gona do to Videl? That moon shit? man videl twerk that shit.

From this thread: Kaguya vs Videl

Lord Death wrote: Butthurt is butthurt. Anyways, any GUY who likes Twilight is an instant faggot. I even some friends (girls) that hate that stupid movie...

From this thread: DBZ vs Twilight

Quincy wrote: Particle is to Universe as Naruto is to DBZ.

Mihawk Doflamingo wrote: more like atom is to universe as twilight is to dbz.

From this thread: Twilight vs DBZ

Credit goes to me, because if I hadn’t caused the creation of the thread it came from (yes, that was me who dug up the image), and if I hadn’t bumped it the next day along with that R.I.P Snap thread then Tornado would never have written this golden post grin.

GUMI seriously thinks that Twilight>>>>>>>Naruto and DBZ:

Dudebro wrote:

Spiral wrote:

IamOptimusPrime wrote:

The Spiral King wrote: Did your parents ground you again? smiley

Wrong, where I’m from there’s no such thing. And this really doesn’t have to do with my parents.

No such thing as discipline? That actually explains a lot.

I don’t think he meant no such thing as discipline...I think he meant that discipline over there means an asswhooping of the highest order to the point you fear whatever you did instead of just taking your xbox or ps4 away...

On topic? Its case by case. Iím young as fuck but I think a lot differently now then when I was like 16 for example...And aside from academic knowledge I havenít exactly learned much more about anything regarding the world that I didnít already know. You see I think it has less to do with how much an adult knows more than a kid but the fact that your brain literally changes to how you react to things.

From this thread: Why do adults tend to go over the Deep end a lot of times?

Blitzkrieg wrote: ROFL, its completely the other way round. Its the DBZ tards who are the most butthurt group on the forum

Even FUCKING Han Solo and Crayons made so many DBZ tards asshurt!

From this thread: Why does dbz get stans/vs fags so butthurt yet they keep making more dbz threads?

Ophanim speaks wisely

Negative Supremacy wrote:

Alpha and Omega wrote:

The Unknown wrote:

Alpha and Omega wrote: K bye

Ok, whatever, concession accepted. Adios, stupido.

Son Vegeta is a good member, any member not giving a shit about the rules is a friend of mine.

In your opinion only. So you won’t care if you get Perma-Banned again? If you do get banned, then what will you have in this life? Oh yeah, that’s right, nothing. Because trolling on a useless site is the only thing you are good at in life. Oh, and since you said that “any member who doesn’t care about the rules is a friend of mine”, then it simply means that you’re admitting to be a childish DBZtard (Only stupid children don’t care about the rules), meaning that the Mods and Admins who you accuse of Bias are not biased at all, but are instead stamping out your idiocy.
Oh, and Son Vegeta cares about the rules now, so your point is moot.

Unlike you, crying little turd, go sit on the bench or go preach to a weasel

Who is crying here? Nobody. Not even you. All you know how to do is just assume nonsense about others and make stupid comments like this one.

Also, back to the second point, I really don’t care what you think, because you’re just another random nobody on the internet who can’t affect anyone’s life in anyway, and takes pride in being a nobody. Let me ask you, what do you have to gain from all this? [color=white]Oh yeah, that’s right, nothing!

Oh man, why is a nobody like you even talking, just get off, you are a waste of time

Lol commenting on this site is already a waste of time. Lol your a pretty bad nobody too.

Negative Supremacy wrote:

Hiro wrote:

Check Mate wrote: still Its mine and im not going to let anyone take anything from me admin superuser or whatever it dont matter.

Too late to be saying shit like that, innit?

You’re holding on to a bit of data for sentimental reasons, and nothing more. You’re like a kid who has a stuffed bear that he outgrew, but then when his mom gives the bear away he throws a tantrum.

He’s crying cuz of fucking REP COUNT jesus. Something so damn useless like an account with rep count on an Internet forum.


The most Famous Planet Buster in DBZ. He busts planets with just his finger while drinking wine.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

The Big 3 of Transformers. Any TF series without them is incomplete.

Shikaku, Matatabi, Isobu, Son Goku(An ape and has that name. Kinda a coincidence, don’t you think?), Kokuo, Saiken, Chomei, Gyuki, and Kurama.

Seriously, who wouldn’t know this as a Rip-Off?

N.B.: Not even close to a Planet Buster, not to even mention a Universe Buster, so don’t follow that BS statement that Madara made concerning this.


And a bunch of other Linkin Park and Coldplay songs I can’t put here for some reason.

Update: I am going to ban myself from this account.
And besides:

Zanji Suzunami wrote: When someone you don’t know gives you a hard time remember this...THEY AIN’T SHIT BUT DATA!!!


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