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Name: Staz


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10-09-2016 from Luke Skywalker
thumbs-up "i admit your a enemy cuz your from narutard empire but your nice :)"

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thumbs-up "I didn't forget you!"

03-06-2015 from hi am new
thumbs-up "i dont wank avatar tbh"

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thumbs-up "<3"

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thumbs-up "I don't really recognize you that much, tbh, but you seem like a cool guy."

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Kishimoto be raking that doe

person wrote: All this hype/feats, kishi>Santa claus


MeIvin wrote:

Bujintei Susanowo wrote: I wouldn’t mind spectating such a display. :P Though if I recall, Bills does most of his dueling on DN, doesn’t he?


he’s an even bigger poorfag than i am and struggles to run Devpro on his '95 OS

- White n Neurdy - wrote:

Anime18 wrote:
lol. I’m totally sure he does dude.

But honestly shouldn’t users be given mod/admin status on their “main” accounts? I mean wouldn’t it make more sense to be able to fully and completely identify who the person possessing ban power is?

Sorry, it’s just it seems weird to me that an “alt” could be given modship....... just curious...

But’re an admin so i guess you must know what you’re doing at the end of the day.

I wish you would go away. You literally have never contributed anything worth reading to this site.

Pocket Rocket wrote:

PrinceMontana wrote:

Pocket Rocket wrote: OP wins by making complex battle strategies that only he himself can read.

been i understand not saying u what?

Strategies just like this folks.

No way of knowing whatever the hell he just said. lol

Souls wrote:

Oracle of The Pantheon wrote:

MVC Goku wrote: none

U gay?

Look at his name/set, he’s obviously gay

Gnomishness wrote:

Ezaru wrote: Waaaaa?

Its interesting to know that Dafuqulookinat watches those types of videos though...

Now I can disrespect him with confidence.

the Mudafuckin TROOTH wrote:

RyanBurnsTheHaruhiSuzumiyaFantard wrote:

The MUDAFUCKin truth wrote: Superman is weak and gay. However, Naruto is even weaker and gayer than Superman


ima fuck u in the hole

Alpha and Omega wrote: Uh no, it mean DBZ > Girls buddy

Fucking planet busting and blow shit up over going out with girls

Griffith wrote:

Alpha and Omega wrote:

-Sheko- wrote:

Alpha and Omega wrote:

-Sheko- wrote:

Alpha and Omega wrote:

-Sheko- wrote:

Alpha and Omega wrote: Kill it

Afraid he’ll cause your parents to divorce?

The fuck is wrong with you


No, I am not worried, because they will smash it before I get to it

I think your dad will put a ring on it.

my dad would smash it

Well then

Fuck Fuck wrote:

Son Vegeta wrote: <3 mvc is love mvc is life

Sht teh fuk up

Magikarp. wrote:

DBZ King wrote: Ehh, I’ll just focus on DBZ hentai first then move onto real life porno before I start anything tbh.

You’re so alpha dude

Teach me

Blitzkrieg wrote: Juhabach solos.

He can clear the saiyan saga easily since he can keep up with their speed and also has the hax to take them out.

Itachi solos:

Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann wrote:

UltmateBROS25 wrote:

Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann wrote: Totsuka blitz gg

Oh yeah I forgot about that reliable scan. Itachi solos low diff

And itachi is omnipotent.

oh wrote:

Yaksha wrote: Sub-sonic, maybe mach 1 if they are lucky.

So faster than bleach?

The True Shinigami wrote:

midora solos wrote:

The True Shinigami wrote:

midora solos wrote: WBH died from destroying the planet he was on (he and red-she hulk combined power did it so he isn’t even a leggit planet buster).
He didn’t die? then why did the wishing well kick in if he wasn’t dead?

Based on that and the fact that we haven’t even seen a toriko mid tier yet (cl 3000), Midora solos until further notice smiley

WBH didn’t even notice a blast from a guy who is stronger than bloodlusted Silver Surfer.

Inconsistency at it’s finest, that’s why marvel, dc and dbz characters shouldn’t be used in VS.

They say and I quote “you’ll suffer all that he does...fighting, burning and reforming” meaning THEY FUCKING DIED, LOL get that weak ass shit out of here XD

Four Beast couldn’t destroy even city
300th chapted in Toriko featured first supersonic attack in the series ever

Dumbledore a gay

Crismon123 wrote: Apparently dumbledore is gay...
Talk about headmaster

Am I right


Yoshikage Kira wrote: Bunch of faggot pony fucking mlp loving twats

-Jade- wrote:

The Dan Hibiki wrote: next bully gets a ban

This thread For real

lol worthy fanfic

JJBA banned spoderman forever wrote:

Zeed was a vs mod working in the city, charming users with his beauty and closing threads with his cunning

Flame Saber was the new boy in town, a vs mod that although retarded had a heart of gold.

The two met on a rainy day, when Lame Saber was trying to figure out how an umbrella worked and Zeed stopped by, offering a place under his wing. Flame Lamer looked up and smiled, stunned at Zeed’s beauty and charm, and that’s when everything changed.

From that day on all Lame Lamer could think about was about Zeed’s kindness and his smile but bullies would often go after Zeed, jealous of his puppy dog eyes which was something Flame Saber couldn’t allow so he stood tall, taller than he ever was, and used his mod powers to become a shield, Zeed’s big, strong, salty shield.

Zeed, moved by his actions held his hand, and Derp Saber, barely holding his tears placed Zeed’s head firmly in his chest.
“This isn’t how i pictured Senpai would take me, but it’s what i always wanted” he tough as he smiled

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