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Profile: Asian Reporter Tricia Takanawa

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Name: Asian Reporter Tricia Takanawa


Last seen: 03-24-2019

Account type: Regular

Registration date: 04-28-2014

Posts: 1,642

Age: 21

Hobbies: stylin'

Reputation: 27thumbs-up

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Organizized until 05-23-2014

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Swiggity Swag whats in the bag?

sCam is a fag
its in the bag
niggas ragin of his sag
when he bangin a hag

bitches don’t know his thirst for loli

what bitch?

Bruce Wilson C. wrote:

Asian Reporter Tricia Takanawa wrote: wonder if robderp here was the guy spamming all the pron

Nope. If i ever spam pron is lesbian pron

Crimson Fucker wrote: I would be one in a few states. But luckily it’s perfectly legal for a 23 year old to fuck 17 year old in Jersey. However, she also said that she was 20 one time. But I don’t care about age. Just a pretty face and a good poon.

Asian Reporter Tricia Takanawa wrote:

NiTian ErXing a.k.a Grand Marshal wrote: for you Shob:

Keep blazing @ 420

RottWeiler ll wrote: Snap can’t do you like the Notwen... its like girl... you don’t know what you missing? What about my lil nigga Kagami? You just playing the field huh?

Snap wrote:

dont get me wrong wrote: MVC is not safe

I actually laughed out loud.

Crazy beats Sane wrote: I’ll let you pop 5 coricidin (because I know you cna’t handle DXM like me), and I’ll get put down drugged up on 15 coricidin and I’ll beat you even worse because I’ve actually played in a psuedo-conscious state and have improved playing in that state.

I can be drunk or high and it doesn’t really effect me. But DXM is a horrible dangerous drug, only thing that makes you less cognitive is being put down under a heroine high.

That’s a good studying or martial art aid, fighting or studying while fucked up on psuedo-anesthesia when your body and mind is unresponsive. I’d recommend it.

Erron Black wrote:

Nikola Culpa wrote:

With that goatee, you look like a guy I punched in the mouth outside of Little Ceaser’s once. Lol

Jin wrote:

Heartless wrote:

Jin-Kun wrote:

Heartless wrote:
It’s more the fault of the shirt. It goes up pretty high and it like makes it fan out and shit lol

So I heard you really are bisexual.

I didn’t know it was a secret. Lol

That’s pretty hot.

Oh and just an info:

Since I’m asian, I’m extremely tight. I’m so tight that it’s incredibly hard for me to take a shit because my poop just won’t come out.
I literally have to turn into a Super Saiyan just for it to drop out of my asshole.
Just lettin' you know.

I also got bootylicious ass.

Jin wrote:

23 wrote:

Dr. Smoothy wrote:

Meh. Buying flashy cars is usually a sign of insecurity. An alpha male shouldnt have to buy anything to project dominance.

I was pretty young and unsure of myself in that picture.

I need to have sex with you.

Heaven-Sent King wrote:

Jin-Kun wrote: My legs are pretty long and sexy lookin. Lol.

You are socially awkward.

Heaven-Sent King wrote:

That Guy With No Heart wrote:

Jin-Kun wrote:

Knight 0f Steel wrote:

Oh wow. Holy shit, this dude is a bad ass.
For a second there, I thought this guy was Rocky or some shit.

Damn man, look at those lightning reflexes and bullet-speed punches.
I’m so jealous of you.

He actually does have pretty quick punch speed; I’m somewhat surprised.
Might even give me a run for my money. Lol


If I hadn’t been on geodon for 7 years I would have been a state champion at least 3 times wrestler and would have merked prime Mike Tyson in a boxing match.

And by merk I mean kill Mike Tyson in his prime with gloves on like Ivan Drago killed Apollo Creed in Rocky IV but worse.

I was being a psycho at school and at home so they had to put me on shady medications that are like downers like heroine except they cause the body to produce excess female hormones. As you can see I’m producing less now than before. But before the medication I was all that is man, precocious puberty, uncontrollable sex-drive, and that was when I was 10. I was fast as hell in a long distance sprint, able to do Bruce Lee stretches, and nearly my Twae Kwan Do instructor. I had to quit one year into the medication I was taking because I gained 90 pounds of body fat.

You should never take Geodon, Abilify, or Risperdal under any circumstance, I don’t care if you’re a psycho murderer.

I need to start taking crack, hgh, testosterone gel, snake oil, and genetic modification like the deletion of blood flow to my adipose tissue and the removal of the myostatin that regulates muscle mass so it just makes all muscle possible at once. Maybe adding some Nazi cocaine to make my body always tap into absolute strength (everything the body can dish out looong after the body breaks down and is destroyed).

Then I might be able to realize my bygone physical potential.

Technically, because my astrology sign and what happened at the same time I was born with the Branch Davidians in the Waco facility in 1993, I was supposed to be this unbeatable super-intelligent God. I succumbed to the sabotage though. It’s Superman living with red sunlight being poured on him all the time. So basically not a Superman, but a man.

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