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12-12-2018 from heavenly king
thumbs-down "I came back to.give your bitch ass a thumbs down for being a cuck"

02-18-2015 from Beast Of Prey
thumbs-up ":("

02-15-2015 from God Castiel

02-15-2015 from The Reaper
thumbs-down "Guess what fag, i'm back for your ass."

02-06-2015 from Mitt Romney
thumbs-down "You got banhammered by the hand of Liberty. Sucks to be you"

02-02-2015 from Han Solo
thumbs-up "it all better now :)"

01-31-2015 from Gats

01-29-2015 from Jeff Hanneman
thumbs-up "Gonna miss you too buddy"

01-28-2015 from Oracle of The Pantheon

01-26-2015 from PrinceMontana

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DBZ Derp wrote: Shod eats the IG.

Satanel wrote:

Robert C. wrote: I take is IG and erase all of U, for the heck of it. than change all of you in fat sumo guys, than make you eat 24/7....

Now top that....
This thread now is what you gone do with IG. cool

You’re much more of an idiot than Shoddragon. You’d likely accidentally kill yourself just trying to figure out how to use it.

And top what you think you would do with it? I’d change your gender and make you a hot looking babe(Because I certainly know you’d be ugly as hell if you were a woman) and make you a part of my ever growing harem.

GanjuDaGanjaMasta wrote:

superfreshbiltz. wrote:

GanjuDaGanjaMasta wrote:

superfreshbiltz. wrote:

GanjuDaGanjaMasta wrote: Nobody goes out of their way to downplay One Piece, except Junior’s. That’s why.

Oh shut, it, Mr. Naruto is only multi-mountain level.

I call it as it is for every verse. Don’t like it, then you can kindly piss off. You’ve recently been getting more annoying lately.


Irrelevant dribble from a rabid Bleacher. Oh wait, that would be an insult for Sephiroth for comparing him to you.

Take a stroll in the park and piss on a tree or something. That’s all you’re good for in this forum. Be glad you got some replies for someone obviously much better than you.

Cry because I decimated you in a debate, you worthless piss. Your existence is beneath mine, you despicable white trash. Kill yourself, because you have no friends, your family hates you. You have no prospects. You exist to be inferior to me. That is all.

Any non Naruto fans agrees that you’re an idiot. How about you just accept it? You’re a dunce. A good for nothing. A waste of breath. Nothing you can say will ever change the fact that your life is worth less than anyone else’s.

Funneh wrote: I’m a straight dude and I’d take a thousand dicks up my ass

Infinity Flux wrote:

Doctor wrote: I bet u dont even photoshop

>Implying I don’t know the basics of Photoshop

As you can all see Lame Saber is Yamcha considering he is the thread’s personal punching bag

Sobek Da Oracle wrote: Yes indeed. Just shows how kids now-a-days, like Bleach-tards, cream loads of fruitiness to sword wielding homos in Bleach, even though the story is quite shitty, uninspired, and one dimensional, not to mention how badly it bites from Yu Yu Hakusho to begin with. Yusuke even with Spirits Cuffs inhibiting all of his full arsenal of Spirit Energy would mac Blow-ske Aizen faster than one could say “Ace is the Place” no Spirit Gun, no Shot Gun, no Spirit Wave, and most definitely no Mazaku needed. Younger generations of anime fans never cease to baffle and annoy me. Fuck Aizen and his “God-Complex” because in Yu Yu his status would only be comparable to that of an ant ripe for squashing. He couldn’t even wipe Kayko’s ass let alone Yusuke’s and if he tried fighting Yusuke for shit, he wouldn’t even get the smell. Once again restated, Fuck lame-ass, bitch-boy Aizen. Surprised to see a response that quickly though. Interesting indeed.

jay visiting for bit wrote:

Phantom Gentleman wrote:

jay visiting for bit wrote: Rofl. Who the fuck is this son vegeta kid?

Your lost son.

He should have stayed lost.

jay visiting for bit wrote:

Fluffle Puff wrote:
You got off easy with Ty.

But you’re in my house now.

Fuck, you make me so hot and warm inside.

Especially when u said “But you’re in my house now”. Ohh...GOOOODDDDDD!!!
Mmmm damn, show this nigga who’s boss, show him who’s the man. Go get him boy, take charge. Mmmm

likky split wrote:

Fan of HST wrote:

Damn. I knew fanfiction was bad, but this is just sad. I regret visting that site for a couple minutes lol.

My Grandfather smoked his whole life. I was about 10 years old when my mother said to him,'If you ever want to see your grandchildren graduate, you have to stop immediately.'. Tears welled up in his eyes when he realized what exactly was at stake. He gave it up immediately.Three years later he died of lung cancer. It was really sad and destroyed me. My mother said tome- 'Don’t ever smoke. Please don’t put yourfamily through what your Grandfather put us through." I agreed. At 18, I have never touched a cigarette. I must say, I feel a very slight sense of regret for never having done it, because this fanfic gave me cancer anyway.

ssjgoolong wrote: just look at this thread. DBZ has created more butt rage in real life than just about anything. Goku’s existence has probably taken a good 300 years of life from butt mad keyboard warriors who are going to an early grave due to the stress, depression and hair loss that goku’s glory has given them. Goku has taken the equivalent of at least 5 people’s lives by simply existing and being awesome enough to solo a nerd’s favorite verse, this puts him far above omnipotents because he’s real world level.

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