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Profile: Son Goku a.k.a Kakarot

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Name: Son Goku a.k.a Kakarot


Last seen: 06-17-2015

Account type: Regular

Registration date: 03-07-2014

Posts: 854

Age: 774

Location: Planet Vegeta

About: Sent to Earth adopted by Grandpa Gohan

Hobbies: Sparring, Eating, Spending time with friends.

Reputation: 24thumbs-up

02-20-2015 from God Castiel

02-15-2015 from Komikku Tai Anime

02-15-2015 from The Living Tribunal

02-15-2015 from Beyonder
thumbs-down "Goku does suck dick."

01-10-2015 from Hell no

12-29-2014 from Y-3

12-28-2014 from Flamelord

10-25-2014 from Beholder
thumbs-up "Krillin and Goku, the best."

10-24-2014 from Maximum D
thumbs-up "Gokuuu"

10-24-2014 from Crosswind Vortex

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ssjgoolong wrote: just look at this thread. DBZ has created more butt rage in real life than just about anything. Goku’s existence has probably taken a good 300 years of life from butt mad keyboard warriors who are going to an early grave due to the stress, depression and hair loss that goku’s glory has given them. Goku has taken the equivalent of at least 5 people’s lives by simply existing and being awesome enough to solo a nerd’s favorite verse, this puts him far above omnipotents because he’s real world level.

Alpha and Omega wrote: Keep them, don’t be a pussy and face them [repetitive vs threads] many times

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