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Name: Bjarne

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Account type: Superuser

Registration date: 11-03-2003

Posts: 1,884

Age: 30

Location: Denmark

Reputation: 182thumbs-up

Previously known as

Bjarne until 10-10-2010
Bjarne2 until 10-10-2010

03-27-2018 from Valaraukar
thumbs-up "Welcome back"

02-15-2018 from Phobetius
thumbs-up "Goodbye and good luck, Beowulf. :-)"

07-26-2016 from Crismon123
thumbs-down "You failed us tbh"

02-28-2016 from - FS -
thumbs-up "Good going"

02-21-2016 from Dessy Spy from hell
thumbs-up "Make this place alive again"

02-21-2016 from Only Faggots Get Postive Reps From Me
thumbs-down "It's too late. The damage is done."

04-18-2015 from Souls

02-22-2015 from Beholder
thumbs-up "Gokuu"

02-21-2015 from The Living Tribunal
thumbs-up "the post number per day is really small"

02-07-2015 from Beyonder
thumbs-up "IamOptimusPrime is butthurt."

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03-27-2018 from Valaraukar
thumbs-up "Welcome back"

02-15-2018 from Phobetius
thumbs-up "Goodbye and good luck, Beowulf. :-)"

07-26-2016 from Crismon123
thumbs-down "You failed us tbh"

02-28-2016 from - FS -
thumbs-up "Good going"

02-21-2016 from Dessy Spy from hell
thumbs-up "Make this place alive again"

02-21-2016 from Only Faggots Get Postive Reps From Me
thumbs-down "It's too late. The damage is done."

04-18-2015 from Souls

02-22-2015 from Beholder
thumbs-up "Gokuu"

02-21-2015 from The Living Tribunal
thumbs-up "the post number per day is really small"

02-07-2015 from Beyonder
thumbs-up "IamOptimusPrime is butthurt."

01-18-2015 from The Fantom Convoy
thumbs-up "Y'know, you really don't need 2 do $#!t for this site, so please, just shut it down."

12-23-2014 from Iodine

12-21-2014 from Alpha and Omega

12-07-2014 from -Fantom-
thumbs-up "The emperor of MvC"

12-06-2014 from Vance Prime
thumbs-up "best user and boss of mvc"

11-28-2014 from Son Vegeta
thumbs-up "Grant me modship and ill grant you a life"

10-30-2014 from Yami Marik Sebastian Ishtar
thumbs-up "An old friend."

10-27-2014 from Munsu a.k.a Legendary General
thumbs-down "Shittiest member of this site."

10-04-2014 from Flamelord
thumbs-down "Doesn't have the balls to log in anymore."

09-21-2014 from Nerise

09-13-2014 from Vampirelord

08-30-2014 from Babbages
thumbs-down "Vil give dig et negativt omdømme som jeg aldrig vil vide, hvis du er aktiv."

08-27-2014 from PrinceMontana
thumbs-up "this forum exist in 2003?"

08-04-2014 from Jurassic DIO
thumbs-up "The creator!"

08-03-2014 from sergent colt
thumbs-up "i live in denmark just like you."

07-20-2014 from Kyubey
thumbs-up "God #1"

06-22-2014 from Super Kanzentai Cell
thumbs-up "For making such an epic forum."

06-21-2014 from Koichi

06-20-2014 from Rockington
thumbs-up "Get back here."

06-01-2014 from HeteroLord

05-14-2014 from Ryan Burns

04-22-2014 from Nerd
thumbs-side "Did someone just ask Bjarne to be a Admin? Eh oh lol."

04-18-2014 from -Jade-
thumbs-up "Solos goku"

04-05-2014 from Eien no yoru
thumbs-up "need an admin?"

04-01-2014 from See You Space Cowboy
thumbs-up "10/10"

04-01-2014 from Tactician
thumbs-up "My life goal is to be repped by the creator"

02-19-2014 from Alexander.
thumbs-down "Unlike the others, I am not an ass kisser."

02-17-2014 from bossness
thumbs-up "god emperor of mvc"

12-30-2013 from Maximum D
thumbs-up "The legends are true..."

12-16-2013 from R3
thumbs-up "If you need a part time admin, id consider it."

11-18-2013 from Steelo
thumbs-up "A great person"

11-07-2013 from Zevroid
thumbs-up "Gasp! You DO exist!"

10-27-2013 from red line
thumbs-side "guests are MVC, dont forget that"

10-20-2013 from Kinasin
thumbs-up "I'm hungry for that comic section. ;)"

10-17-2013 from EL HERMANO DE JIREN
thumbs-up "You exist :O"

10-17-2013 from Fag
thumbs-down "thank you for everything! :D"

10-14-2013 from Izayoi
thumbs-up "refresh for fixing the sigs :D"

10-14-2013 from Snap
thumbs-up "I appreciate all you've done so far, thanks~"

10-13-2013 from Snap.
thumbs-up "Seeing you posting is like seeing Halley's comet :-)"

10-13-2013 from Aegis
thumbs-up "For improving the site a little bit."

10-12-2013 from -Tyreaus-
thumbs-up "Myoooooooow."

10-12-2013 from Shinji Ikari
thumbs-up "Ty!"

10-12-2013 from The Librarian
thumbs-up "ur awesome"

10-12-2013 from Re Edgar..

10-12-2013 from Spector
thumbs-up "For returning and fixing things up"

10-12-2013 from monster lord member
thumbs-up "Welcome back I guess"

09-24-2013 from LOLStomp
thumbs-up "If you're the creator of MvC, you're the Devil as MvC is Hell!"

09-20-2013 from Haki
thumbs-up "talk about abstract beings."

09-19-2013 from Ori
thumbs-up "Hey, you do exist!"

09-09-2013 from Fuck you Luis
thumbs-up "If you cared You'd be there"

08-24-2013 from Deathspartan117
thumbs-up "Hope you get the latest posts list back up soon"

07-30-2013 from Demi
thumbs-side "The maker of this site, but really doesn't do anything for it."

06-13-2013 from Atheist
thumbs-down "I see the ass kissers have assembled."

05-30-2013 from nWo
thumbs-up "MvCU's omnipotent"

05-03-2013 from Tornado The Dragon - a.k.a Big Brother
thumbs-up "Witnessed the god of MVC! Too bad older members don't come anymore. They are the reason I joined."

05-03-2013 from Crazy Bitch Zinnia
thumbs-up "Star strucked.:DDD"

04-09-2013 from Brock Chopper

04-08-2013 from Lord Death
thumbs-down "A shadowy beacon in the light."

02-19-2013 from Stygian
thumbs-up "I sure hope that you're here to stay. This site needs you."

02-17-2013 from Polar
thumbs-up "Rephresh"

02-16-2013 from Shinigami Loli
thumbs-up "double rep"

02-16-2013 from Vampire Loli
thumbs-up "so your the guy who made this site....... can i have it?"

02-07-2013 from OrganizationXV
thumbs-up "Rep for the creator!"

02-04-2013 from gojira4life
thumbs-up "finally found you! Would love it if we could have a chat."

01-26-2013 from - - King Arthur - -
thumbs-side "Needs To Wake-Up To The Realization Of RESPONSIBILITY Towards The Site & Its Members."

11-30-2012 from - King -- Arthur -
thumbs-side "You need to show a little more respect to the people that keeps your site alive bro."

11-19-2012 from needforspeedfreak
thumbs-down "Fuck the Police :D"

10-09-2012 from Kinny Cakes

10-08-2012 from Nefarious
thumbs-up "Myth"

09-12-2012 from The Brothers Grimm
thumbs-up "And some people denied your existance..."

07-30-2012 from brolyeuphyfusion
thumbs-up "thanks for fixing the avatar problem"

06-16-2012 from Rust
thumbs-up "I like the new layout."

06-08-2012 from Jin
thumbs-up "Because"

05-16-2012 from Tippership Commander
thumbs-up "Thanks for allowing me to help out on MVC- by the way, How are you doing?"

04-17-2012 from The Reaper
thumbs-side "get on more dawg"

03-31-2012 from speed of darknesss
thumbs-down "Unlike the faggots under me i dont kiss up to the webmaster."

03-04-2012 from Man of Sin
thumbs-up "Finally took my advice!"

02-25-2012 from NearRyuzaki

02-25-2012 from Freddie Mercury
thumbs-up "105"

02-22-2012 from ShredGuitarManiac

02-21-2012 from Slayer
thumbs-up "For adding a spoiler button"

12-17-2011 from tfw you log in after multiple years

11-21-2011 from The Broker
thumbs-up "Ultimate"

11-06-2011 from Omniwhatever
thumbs-up "For making such an epic site."

11-05-2011 from King Kazuma

10-23-2011 from LA Capone

09-15-2011 from Its Over

09-11-2011 from Vibra
thumbs-up "I'm not doing it to wank or anything...>_>. But Seriously, awesome job."

08-30-2011 from Patrick Bateman

08-22-2011 from DominoMan
thumbs-up "Now you can have my babies"

07-07-2011 from Champion Lance
thumbs-up "Needs to be on more often"

06-25-2011 from Flashlight237
thumbs-up "2003? All hail the 1st one."

06-23-2011 from Harlequin of Hate
thumbs-up "For doing something. =3"

06-13-2011 from Nerevar
thumbs-up "Actually did something."

06-10-2011 from Redx

05-07-2011 from AIDB
thumbs-down "Suck my dick, faggot."

04-28-2011 from Izzy

04-28-2011 from Clash
thumbs-up "Get on more often."

04-28-2011 from ebm
thumbs-up "Stay. We need you man."

04-20-2011 from Princess Arthur Chibis personal bitch
thumbs-down "FAILED wanker is such a FAILURE. Delete this REP faggot &; your gain a PERMANENT dDoS. LOLOLOLOLOLOL"

02-08-2011 from Acrius Reborn
thumbs-down "balling"

11-14-2010 from Dead Head

11-06-2010 from Vinnie Gognitti
thumbs-up "do i even need a reason?"

11-02-2010 from Ghost of Faggotry
thumbs-up ":O"

10-19-2010 from Gearbreak
thumbs-up "Rep by default."

10-10-2010 from Fabulous Falsey
thumbs-up "Underrated"

09-25-2010 from Black Cat
thumbs-up "I don't really think that people should be allowed to give you neg reps. You made the site! Thanks."

09-05-2010 from The Legend
thumbs-down "While you're away, idiots tend to play. Get more active before you lose all your members"

04-04-2010 from Zack.

03-19-2010 from Stalin Krom
thumbs-up "Getting rid of that idiot Wanted."

03-16-2010 from I R .R.E.A.L.I.T.Y.
thumbs-up "70th rep, thanks for making the site buddy."

02-16-2010 from geargrinder
thumbs-up "I met a guy who had the name Bjarn today... wasn't you but it reminded me of MvC..."

02-10-2010 from -Wanted-
thumbs-down "Make is harder for people to hack, dipshit ..1.. [-.-] ..1.."

02-02-2010 from Krystopher Malus

11-15-2009 from MikeUN
thumbs-up "Thaks for creating MvC. It is a nice site where I have meet great people."

10-18-2009 from Sasuke  Uchiha

09-30-2009 from Red_Calibur9
thumbs-up "Update admin list. Also we could use some admins that are actually online occasionally."

09-28-2009 from James Falcon
thumbs-up "It was a long time coming :]"

08-10-2009 from surferdude1212
thumbs-up "for being the almighty ruler of the site of codec"

07-13-2009 from Brutus Kicks Ass
thumbs-up ":D"

05-26-2009 from Trogdor_the_Burninator
thumbs-up "Gratz on the site and all."

05-16-2009 from ReadThisIfYouLoveItBallsDeepInYourAnus

04-30-2009 from Crys18
thumbs-up "Thanx"

04-30-2009 from some one new

04-18-2009 from Silent Pyramid
thumbs-up "luvs ya site :P"

04-14-2009 from Never Give Up
thumbs-up "God."

03-06-2009 from Gab
thumbs-up "Make me a mod of the games section plz?"

02-24-2009 from Hijacc
thumbs-up "Poor webmaster :("

02-16-2009 from Machiavelli
thumbs-up "How dare you!"

01-16-2009 from Pyroman Dan
thumbs-up "I know your last name... its Stroustrup! :D"

01-02-2009 from Magnum Miracles

12-06-2008 from needforspeedfreak4
thumbs-up "Thanks Alot Mate :)!"

11-30-2008 from Sqeel
thumbs-up "Yay #50"

11-19-2008 from Sir Dudlington
thumbs-up ":\"

11-17-2008 from Psychopeth
thumbs-up "thnx again!"

11-07-2008 from Sakura
thumbs-up "Your epic!epic win ;D"

11-01-2008 from Oliver Proslmeyr
thumbs-up "Great Work Bjarne. But get on here more often!"

09-29-2008 from SHIT_HAPPENS
thumbs-side "You banned me but I guess it;s tough to be a mod."

09-13-2008 from needforspeedfreak3
thumbs-up "Awesome Website!!!!"

08-24-2008 from Rigor Mortis
thumbs-down "What?! Bjarnes 1st bad rep?!"

08-02-2008 from Necron Lord
thumbs-up "I obey."

08-02-2008 from King of Pussy
thumbs-up "Thx for unbanning my other account :)"

07-23-2008 from Ezzie
thumbs-up "Yeah! o.o"

07-23-2008 from Helly The God
thumbs-up "The true webmaster!"

06-28-2008 from HALOOOOOOOO
thumbs-up "I can't believe I haven't given you rep yet..."

06-22-2008 from tapout666
thumbs-up "For the help with the "incident""

06-22-2008 from Amarrez
thumbs-up "Thnx for returning the site to order :)"

06-22-2008 from Mein Square
thumbs-up "You seriously own."

06-21-2008 from Stix86
thumbs-up "thanks for the new position!"

06-20-2008 from Treenymph
thumbs-up "This goes without saying"

06-17-2008 from Marly
thumbs-up "Can I be a superuser? Thx."

06-10-2008 from PussylickingHighIQbadasswithADD

05-24-2008 from Black Knight
thumbs-up "King of all internet King :)"

05-20-2008 from I_SMOKE_METH
thumbs-up "to our king...THE WEBMASTER HUZZAH!!!"

04-27-2008 from bant car dice
thumbs-up "yay"

04-08-2008 from BausMan is HD
thumbs-up "Webmaster= super mega epic win x 9000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000"

04-03-2008 from TERROR and HUBRIS
thumbs-up "*Maybe if I give him Positive rep... He'll make me a Mod*"

04-01-2008 from Dante666

03-31-2008 from Squipple
thumbs-up "The force will be with you. Always"

03-28-2008 from tuscan1
thumbs-up "you are the man"

03-25-2008 from PS3 Fan
thumbs-up "Keep up the great work.:)"

03-24-2008 from Hiroshama
thumbs-up "Thumbs up"

03-23-2008 from Corpse

03-22-2008 from syphon  pro
thumbs-down "heheheheeheheheehhe"

03-22-2008 from mimi38
thumbs-up "keep up the good work:)"

03-22-2008 from xXSILVERXx
thumbs-up "The one.....the only......the Webmaster......."

03-20-2008 from MOO_555
thumbs-up "MvC Admin =)"

03-20-2008 from zeta
thumbs-up "God of teh Lands of Codec =)"

03-20-2008 from Firewolf81
thumbs-up "You da man!!!!!"

03-19-2008 from Etain

03-19-2008 from -The Author-
thumbs-up "The REAL legend =)"

03-19-2008 from Green_Ninja
thumbs-up "Rawr,"

02-23-2016 to God Doom
thumbs-up "You sure are old"

02-17-2013 to Keishin
thumbs-up "test :-)"

08-26-2009 to Etain

02-15-2009 to Dante666

04-03-2008 to Green_Ninja

03-22-2008 to anonymous
thumbs-up "Very important member :-)"

03-20-2008 to Zucas

03-19-2008 to -The Author-
thumbs-up "Legend of MVC :-)"

03-19-2008 to Mein Square

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