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Predicament Shamus (RP thread)



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Posted by Ori
05-15-2015 12:26 PM

A powerful demon slowly approaches the Milky Way Galaxy, his vast influence causing a chosen handful of humans to subconsciously prepare for his arrival.

Another fiend is introduced to the picture. Dennis, a freelancing door salesman, has rigged the hallways of Home Depot with doors. He has also sealed the main entrance, making it impossible to leave without finding three keys. The key holes are shaped as a triangle, a square, and a circle. All the other doors around the building are accessible, barring one, which is locked with a regular key lock and a 4-digit code.

Posted by Ori
04-26-2015 03:09 PM


It stops in its tracks and barks at you angrily. Close up, you see the face of a wolf, but he’s like a hairy person wearing a denim jacket.

Posted by Kuru
04-26-2015 03:00 PM

At this point he was convinced this thing was some sort of beast. The question is, why would it steal a woman’s purse? He didn’t have time to ponder as capturing the thing was the top priority.


Nefert sent a couple of his wrappings up to the top of the building and gripping the edge. With a bit of effort his boosted himself up to the top. The thing shouldn’t have noticed so he could ambush him on e he reaches the top of the building.

Posted by Ori
04-25-2015 08:23 PM


He looks behind him, noticing the wrapping, and immediately gets onto all fours, then jumps onto a car and onto a high-rise, where he grabs the ladder and climbs up the side of a building.

Posted by Kuru
04-25-2015 07:18 PM

What was this guy, an animal or something? Nefert noticed when he escaped his tomb that he could move his wrappings like limbs, perhaps that would help in this situation.


Nefert slid one of his wrappings out of his right pants leg and sent it flying low to the ground at high speed towards the man.

Edited 04-25-2015 07:21 PM by Kuru
Posted by Ori
04-24-2015 12:29 PM


You approach the strange looking victorian guy. You tell him 1800’s Britain called, they want their clothes back.


The burn meter tilts in your favor.


You become annoyed.

Posted by Hanbei
04-23-2015 11:27 PM

Ike followed after HKB, wondering what the trinkets could possibly be used for.

Posted by Ori
04-23-2015 09:32 PM


Even from a distance, you can tell he’s a very hairy man. He is jumping over things like some kind of parkour master. How are you possibly going to catch someone that fast?

Posted by Kuru
04-23-2015 08:03 PM


Nefert was confused until he remembered what he was wearing. Well getting a purse wasn’t anything too major. He just hoped she didn’t freak out about him being bandaged up so much.

>Chase down theif (gives one fuck)

He looked around and spotted a man with a purse running down the street. Nefert begins to pursue him

Posted by Ori
04-23-2015 02:10 AM


You are spotted by frightened woman. She starts shouting at you that someone stole her purse.

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