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Between Mansion: Character Hub [-RP-]



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Posted by Kuru
08-10-2014 04:04 PM

Gemini walked up to the mansion doors. “A mission from Kuru..... wonder why he sent me here” He gripped the katana that bore the same name he owned and pushed the door open.

Posted by Maximum D
08-10-2014 03:13 PM

Kyo noticed someone pass by him, actually he was able to detect the person via sixth sense, but when he turned his head he didn’t see anyone. “Someone there?" He asked.

Edited 08-10-2014 03:14 PM by Maximum D
Posted by Izayoi
08-10-2014 02:57 PM

Flynn walked into the mansion. He had heard of many other beings of all kinds that had been there, and wondered if there will be any like him: unable to interact with the outside world due to forced isolation. The male silently sighed to himself and walked further in.

Posted by Maximum D
08-10-2014 02:55 PM

“Hm?" Kyo looked around for the voice. “Thank youuuu~" He yelled before throwing his cigarette out of the window.

Posted by Butt Stallion
08-10-2014 02:52 PM

Marcus jumped back from Victer, or, more specifically, where he used to be. The massive hunter just disappeared, vanished into thin air. He wondered if this had something to do with the ghost voice or not.

Please welcome our newest guest, Kyo, to the mansion.
There was that voice again, introducing another being here. Hopefully, this one wasn’t an apparition like the last. He had his hand on the handle of his dagger and looked around for the new one.

Posted by Maximum D
08-10-2014 02:11 PM

Soon, another man by the name of Kyo would enter the doors of the mansion. His emerald eyes looked around, viewing the scenery as he leaned on the wall. He pulled out a cigarette from his back pocket and placed it in his mouth, he then simply held his index finger to the end and it lit up. “This place sounds like fun." He said to himself.

Posted by OrganizationXV
07-23-2014 12:39 AM

Marcus froze when he heard the armored guy speak- and directly to him, no less. He felt like he had no chance to run, and he couldn’t bring himself to run through any of the random doors posted around him. Maybe the guy was telling the truth, and he wouldn’t hurt him anyway.

He walked past the corner and approached the big guy, grateful for the weapon laying on the ground instead of in his hands.

“Sorry for... freaking out I guess," Marcus said awkwardly. He stuck out his arm for a handshake. “I’m called Marcus. You’re the Victer the ghost mentioned?"

Posted by Rust
07-23-2014 12:29 AM

Victer’s senses were quite attuned, being a hunter.
“Show yourself, critter. Wont hurtchya. Dont think any big beasts be lurkin' here anyways."
The sound of him dropping his Bowgun and satchel of ammunition rings through the mansion with a loud thud and clang.
“Buckshot wont hurtchya neither!"

Posted by OrganizationXV
07-22-2014 11:55 PM

Marcus jumped at the sound of the intercom, which was technology he was far from familiar with.

“Hello?" He asked again, feeling nervous but keeping it out of his voice. He traveled farther in, and saw who was presumably the man the intercom mentioned, standing around a corner.

Victer (as Marcus assumed he was named) was a beast; taller, wider, and much better decked out than he himself was. That armor made him feel vulnerable in his black cotton teeshirt, baseball cap, and mid-calf-length shorts. That massive weapon on Victer’s back made the dagger sitting in one of Marcus' belt loops look like a safety pin.

Marcus backed up in a hurry, hiding behind the corner for whatever cover he could get, but he had a bad feeling that the behemoth already saw him. His eyes (with white irises) darted back and forth to try and find something to help him that wouldn’t run the risk of making enough noise to be heard.

Posted by Rust
07-22-2014 11:36 PM

“Please welcome our newest residents, Marcus and Victer, to the Mansion. We hope you enjoy your stay.“
The mechanical voice of the intercom rung through the dim hallways. The Mansion has been long abandoned, its surfaces still perfectly dust free and its fridges still stocked with the finest foods and wines somehow.
Shortly after the Boy’s arrival, the sound of spurs, heavy armor and the high-pitched cries of an eagle fill the foyer.

“Dont think anyone’s here, Buck."
The man’s voice was sonorous and rugged. His skin was a deep shade of rust, his eyes a brown like dark rum. He was covered in head to toe with armor thats splashed in tones of orange and brown. Its made mostly of thick leather and hides. The gauntlets and greaves are plated with a bronze-like metal, which hit the polished wooden floors with a loud clunk. He removes his cowboyhat-like helmet and the bandanna covering his lower face. His hair is jet black, its length running to his shoulders.
Perched on a statue nearby is a very large eagle-like bird the size of a large dog. Its piercing eyes a shade of yellow, its feathers a color like a washed out gold, brown, and cream.

On the Man’s back was a huge, cannon-like gun. It’s folded in half. Its barell thicker than his leg.

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