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Complete Fiction Tier List



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Topic Review (Latest First)

Posted by jimmytim
12-09-2015 11:09 PM

naruto will win this here quick an easy in a hit aswell

Posted by Khalil
12-08-2015 12:44 PM

Suck my dick!

Posted by God Doom
11-12-2015 12:41 AM

majorkunn wrote: Saitama solos DBZ/DBS.

I agree

Posted by majorkunn
11-01-2015 03:17 PM

goku solos.

Posted by God Doom
10-06-2015 04:13 PM

Zeed Fighters wrote: tier 000: Skeleton man and God Man’s verses

by omnipotent you mean an active omipotent or not?

JJBA has a functional omnipotent and nigh omnipotent but if you disregard God and Jesus then it’s tier 3

JJBA has no Omni lmao the hell outta here jojofag.

Posted by General grievous
08-25-2015 12:54 AM

Solar system level:

Dragonball Z

Big Planet level:


Small planet level:


Continent level:

One Piece / Bleach

Island level:

Fairy Tail

Posted by Loki_d
03-22-2015 04:36 PM

So Vegeta’s Big bang attack is considered planet level despite it not destroying the planet in the process. Is that now how this site works we look at what the technique done to the area and disregard the power of the character.

Now you should place Kaguya in tier 2 and bleach anywhere above tier 4

Posted by Hmm..
03-09-2015 05:18 PM

Stone Cold Loki wrote: What determines tier, exactly?

The concept of 'Who defeats who' or 'Character x is stronger than y' is what determines Tiers, and everything in between house cat level to destroy/recreating universes....

Posted by Thar
03-03-2015 10:44 AM

What determines tier, exactly?

Posted by Mendicant Bias
03-02-2015 11:20 AM

Lost Prophecy wrote: - Transformers (The One may be Omnipotent.)
- Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann
-Mortal Kombat
-Halo (May be higher if Flood/Precursor hype proves true.)
-Star Wars (May be higher if Celestial/The Ones/Bedlam Spirit hype proves true.)
-Bionicle (May be higher if Great Spirit hype proves true.)
-Sailor Moon
- Pokémon (May be higher if Creation Trio/Arceus hype proves true.)
- Samurai Jack

There ya go. A condensed and accurate list.

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