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Topic Review (Latest First)

Posted by Spector
11-15-2014 03:11 PM

UltmateBROS25 wrote: How do you use spoiler tags?

Like this

You need the start and end tag.

Posted by The Living Tribunal
09-15-2014 06:46 PM

Zeed wrote:

The Living Tribunal wrote: Good improvements, but tell me what can stop a fearless troll form creating an utter shit storm.

*holds up the Bansword*

Let me know, if I’m around.

Sure will homie

Posted by Re Edgar..
09-15-2014 05:10 PM

Not sure if I’m helping, and assuming its obvious, but what about specificity on 'Composite'? (Not sure if you edited it while I was typing this, or if I missed it).

Posted by Izayoi
09-15-2014 04:45 PM

The Living Tribunal wrote: Good improvements, but tell me what can stop a fearless troll form creating an utter shit storm.

*holds up the Bansword*

Let me know, if I’m around.

Posted by The Living Tribunal
09-15-2014 04:44 PM

Good improvements, but tell me what can stop a fearless troll form creating an utter shit storm.

Posted by See You Space Cowboy
07-05-2014 12:25 AM

These rules are new and hopefully improved. They’ve been streamlined for easier understanding and better enforcement. Starting off, for the next week or so, we will be more lenient with these, but after it settles in and everyone has a chance to see them, we will be enforcing them strictly. You’ll get one warning and your next offense will result in a ban.

With that said, do not be fooled into thinking that this week’s leniency means you won’t be banned. It simply means you’ll get a two or three warnings prior.

If you have any questions, then feel free to PM me with them.

Feel free to make suggestions as you wish and discuss the new rules.

Posted by See You Space Cowboy
07-05-2014 12:24 AM

First and foremost, all of The Lounge’s normal rules all apply here. Though some here in VS may be enforced more strictly or leniently depending on the section.

VS General

If I see a violation of the rules, what do I do?
If you see somebody breaking the rules you’re about to read, then we have a thread for that.

Post the issue here, and also note that the website has a built in report function that will send your problem directly to an administrator.

What is this section for?
VS General is for all things directly involving a VS Debate, that isn’t the actual debate itself. Discussion threads about a series' strength, abilities, and etcetera are all placed here. As well as Respect Threads and threads inquiring about a character’s power ranking in another universe. If you want a serious discussion but don’t want a direct VS match, this is where you’d do it.

_______ Discussion about how powerful they are, reasons, etc
These poorly named threads are the definitive discussion threads for the series they’re named after. If you have questions concerning abilities or characters in a series or if you simply want to discuss the series' strengths and weaknesses then these are the threads to do it. Find you favorite ones and bookmark them. You’ll probably use them a lot.

What type of threads aren’t allowed here?
Casual and joke threads as well as direct Character/Series VS Character/Series are to go into their respective sections. You aren’t allowed to make threads of a degrading nature such as racism or sexism fueled topics. And you aren’t allowed to make weird sexually themed threads. Anything else concerning the VS Forums belong here.

Rules and Regulations

#1 -Spam: Keep off-topic conversations to a minimum. Some general discussion is fine but try not to let irrelevant conversations go for more than a page or so at max. Discussions spanning more than that, should be taken to the appropriate discussion threads or PMs. Long conversations that disrupt the topic, especially after being asked to move the conversation can result in a ban from the thread. Posts such as “Goku Solos” or any variation thereof will be deleted and numerous posts like these will require further moderator action such as bans.

#2 - Flaming: Try to stay civil. Only very light flaming is acceptable. This rule will be heavily enforced in the Vs forum.

#3 - Trolling: Don’t make attempts to derail a thread with it. If you’re suspected of doing it you risk being banned from the thread. Examples of trolling typically include purposefully downplaying (or wanking) a series without proof, especially in attempts to upset other members, making erroneous statements to do the same, or continuously asserting a particular argument even after it has been debunked. Trolling does not include making arguments that nobody agrees with. But only so long as you have proper amounts of evidence to support it and your argument coincides with the Debate Guidelines listed below.

#4 - Backing Claims:Provide proof for your points, whether proving or disproving (e.g. calculations, scans, etc.), otherwise your argument will either be ignored or moderated.

#5 - Posting Scans: When you do provide scans or evidence from a manga, comic, or video to back up your claims, please place them in spoiler tags. Dozens of large images or videos across a page can make the site difficult to browse, especially on mobile devices or slow connections. If you don’t put them in spoilers, your post may be edited or deleted entirely.

#6 - Series Themed Threads: If you have a specific question about a character or series, please use the discussion threads instead of creating a new one. More likely than not, your thread will simply be locked with a note providing the appropriate series thread. The only reason a thread might be allowed to stay open, is if the question would benefit more from a forum discussion with people not particularly interested in the series itself.

#7 - Moderation bias prevention: Moderators should not moderate threads in which they are participating. Issues should be delegated to other moderators. A moderator may issue a warning, however no punishment can be enacted unless another moderator or admin (that is not participating) agrees with the warning and chooses to act upon it.

Bleach Discussion
Dragon Ball Discussion
Final Fantasy VII Discussion
HST General Discussion
Kingdom Hearts Discussion
Naruto Discussion
One Piece Discussion
Toriko Discussion
Yu Yu Hakusho Discussion

*if you find another discussion thread or create one yourself, send a Private Message to one of the four moderators and it will be added as soon as we get around to it*

Anonymous Guidelines
*Borrowed and modified from Marquess' Original Guidelines*

What Is Canon?
In fiction, canon is the material accepted as part of the story in an individual fictional universe. The term “canon” can be used either as a noun, referring to “the original work from which the fan fiction author borrows," or as an adjective to describe whether or not certain elements are accepted as authoritative parts of the fictional universe. There are, however, levels of canon that are accepted. Main/Primary Canon, Secondary Canon, and Tertiary Canon. In debates, primary canon is held as absolute law and any contradictions stemming from secondary or tertiary canon is the fault of those and not of the primary. Secondary canon CAN be used in debates, but only if there are absolutely no contradictions and only if it properly fits in line with what the primary canon describes. Tertiary canon should normally be avoided as most of the time.

Primary Canon: The primary canon of any media is usually described as the initial source or works that the creator both endorses and is heavily involved with. In some cases, the original creator will even verify that a particular source is definitely part of the series canon. These often include the comics for companies like Marvel, DC, and Darkhorse, the original manga for most anime, and the games and directly related media for video games.

Secondary Canon: The secondary canon of a franchise is usually the things officially produced by a company and officially endorsed by the original creator and which comes some time after the primary canon was released. However the difference secondary and primary canon is that the original creator usually has little or no involvement beyond general guidelines. Secondary canon usually has the primary issue of time placement within the original material. This usually involves movies, both animated and live action for comic books, anime and movies for manga, databooks, and other similar things.

Tertiary Canon: The tertiary canon of media involves things that are merely licensed for use from a parent company. The original creator usually has no involvement whatsoever with tertiary canon beyond his or her contributions to the original source material. Tertiary canon often has glaring inconsistencies in both the time it would take place in a series, the portrayal or the characters, or the plots introduced. This often includes video games based on media, novels written by various authors, or other variations where a license for use is the only link.

Power scaling can often times be a tricky subject and is often the source of much conflict in the section. For this purpose, powerscaling will be tightly regulated and will likely be addressed on a case by case basis. A general idea of correct powerscaling would be something like “Character A is able to destroy a large city, character B is considered above him so he should be city+" a general idea of incorrect power scaling would be “Character A is able to destroy a large city, Character B is considered above him so he should island level”. If you have a basis for your scaling then post it, but if you’re basically pulling numbers out of nowhere then your argument will probably be ignored and repetitive uses of it may lead to bans.

Art Style and the context of fights
It is important that the context of events is taken in to consideration. As well as author’s drawing style. For example, collateral damage in one arc is not always with the one before it. But if the context of the story says they got stronger, then they did. As for art style, characters in one series can seem slower than one of another while not actually being slower.

Plot Induced Stupidity
Plot Induced Stupidity, or PIS as some call it, is when a character either over performs or under performs solely due to plot restrictions. PIS can sometimes be mistaken as outliers such as Superman getting knocked out by a gas station explosion when he’s taken attacks that have destroyed city blocks. However, that is not the case. An actual plot restriction would be when neither the majority of Captains nor Vizards used their Bankai against Aizen solely because Kubo didn’t want them to reveal it yet. This should be discounted in actual fights. If you consistently reply on PIS in debates, you can be considered trolling and will probably be banned.

Character Induced Stupidity
Character Induced Stupidity is when a character does something that directly causes them to be less effective in a fight. An example of this would be Kenpachi refusing to finish off wounded opponents or Superman trying to talk his opponent down before actually attacking. Please note that a character having CIS removed does not mean that they will completely change tactics. This should be discounted in actual fights and as above, consistent use to downplay will probably lead to being banned.

Outliers refer to both ends of a character’s spectrum. If Superman was knocked out by a normal street thug in one issue but blows up a multi-verse in another issues these would both be considered as outliers. Outliers should be discounted in actual fights and all characters should be expected to use consistent showings. However, the OP of a thread can specify if they want only high-ends or low-ends in their topic. This rule can and will most definitely be handled on a case by case basis as needed.

Being in-character means that a character will perform the same way they do in the source material. Being out of character means that they will employ tactics they rarely or never use. For example, if Goku is in-character, he would never attempt to destroy the planet, however if he was out of character, he would attempt this even if it might kill himself in the process. A character is usually expected to perform the same way they do in the source material although it can be specified if a character should act out of character.

Bloodlust refers to a character having intent to kill. Spider-Man would never attempt to kill his opponent despite the circumstances. However, in the Versus section it is assumed that he’ll be going all out instead of vastly holding back. This does not mean he’ll employ out of character tactics like shoving his webbing down a character’s throat to suffocate them. It is normally assumed a character is bloodlusted. Of course, this does not refer to being out of character.

It is important to remember logical fallacies when debating. One fallacy that is accepted across versus forums is the No-Limits Fallacy. This refers to characters who have abilities that seemingly lack limits, like Gremmy. His capabilities can be assumed, but there’s a ceiling and we wouldn’t assume he could erase the universe on a whim. Or for character statements such as Itachi’s claim that only an Uchiha could defeat him. For a list of other fallacies, please refer to this site.

Assumed Incarnations
If not specified, it will be assumed that the current version of a character is being discussed in a thread with their standard equipment, which will be addressed in the next section. This means that the current New 52 version of Superman will be in a thread and not Pre-Crisis Superman.

Standard Equipment
A character is assumed to have their standard equipment in a versus thread unless it is specified otherwise. For example, it’ll be assumed that Thanos has his shields but not the Infinity Gauntlet.

Assumed Battlefield

1) It’ll be assumed that the combatants are fighting in a generic, grassy plain that exists in a neutral universe identical to our own except it allows characters to use the full extent of their abilities just in case they are weakened in what would be considered the normal universe.

2) They’ll start starring at one another from a distance of about 15 meters.

3) It’ll be assumed that the time of day is one that’ll prove neutral for both characters.

Outside Help
No form whatsoever of outside help from separate characters is allowed in a fight where the separate characters were not meant to be present by the OP. For example, you cannot say MoM wins a fight for Spawn because he would not let his progeny die. Unless the OP specifies, outside help is not allowed.

Summoning can be allowed if the capability of summoning is within a character’s normal capabilities such as Summoned Monsters from the Final Fantasy franchise. This rule can also be changed in the opening post.

Moderated 09-24-2014 01:23 PM by Psychopeth

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