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Naruto Vs Discussion Thread: Power, Strengths, Abilities etc.



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Posted by Revolution bitches
08-31-2015 10:09 AM

Poalas wrote: nobody in naruto is planet buster the are mountain+ buster at best.....

Naruto tiers:

Moon level:

Six Paths Naruto
The Last Naruto

Continent / Country level:

Perfect Susanoo Sasuke
Rinnegan Sasuke
Juubi Madara
Juubi Obito

Island level:

100% 9 Tailed Fox
Biju Sage Mode Naruto
BM Naruto + 8 tails
Cursed Mark Susanoo Sasuke (isn’t far behind bsm naruto)
7 Gates Might Gai (Hirudora bigger than turtle island)

Multi Mountain buster:

Perfect Susanoo Madara
Biju Mode Naruto (initial)
Obito (using gedo mazu)
Rinnegan Madara
The 5 Kage (combined attack)
Combined ninja alliance attack

City level:

8 Tails Bee
1 through 7 Tail Biju Beast
Rinnegan Deva Pain
KCM Naruto
EMS Madara
EMS Sasuke
Sage Mode Naruto

City Block level:

Base Sasuke
Base Naruto

Posted by Shodaime Kazekage
08-31-2015 09:54 AM

Six Paths Mode should be considered a special event
Kishimoto took away six paths mode because it was too OP
It’s like Super Saiyan God Mode, Goku can only use this form when 6 saiyans give him super saiyan energy. In Nardo’s case the form can only be accessed when naruto has all 9 tailed beast chakra inside of him. Which most likely faded over time.
After the war Both halves of Kurama are sealed into Naruto like his mother before him. Giving him the full power of Kurama Mode making him twice as strong. He uses 100% Kurama mode or Biju Mode in sync with Sage Mode. Granting him powers like flight. It’s practically the same form used against Juubi Obito except twice as powerful and having the power to fly.
If naruto has six paths mode he would’ve used it by now. He didn’t use it against Toneri who was going to destroy the Earth with the Moon. Nor did he use the form against Momoshiki who was also a world threat. He even needed Sasuke’s help to take on Momoshiki. So I doubt nardo was holding back in any of these two battles.
Either that or Naruto retained some of the chakra from six paths mode and combined that with biju mode allowing him to fly.

Posted by NORNAM
08-19-2015 06:37 AM

According to Toriyama, Master Roshi is apparently stronger than Raditz now. He’s also currently stronger than Krillin.

Posted by Poalas
08-15-2015 02:25 PM

nobody in naruto is planet buster the are mountain+ buster at best.....

Posted by Toph from avatar
07-26-2015 05:32 PM

Keishin wrote:

Fan of HST wrote:

Keishin wrote:

Fan of HST wrote:

Keishin wrote: Not natural light gg.

In some of these VS threads on other sites I’m reading, they say that Deidara’s and someone else’s somethingsomething attack are considered as outliers, what do you guys say?

What attacks?

the 10km blast

You talking bout the C4 blast.

So how is it considered a outlier?

Idk it’s just considered as that, probably due to it not really busting much anything and powerscaling.

Well lots of people in Dbz are supposedly moon level through power scaling. Like raditz is moon level by power scaling but in reality only mountain buster by feats. He failed to blow up the entire area piccolo and Goku were fighting in only a few mountains something that biju mode naruto could do easily

Posted by Pre-Crisis Toneri
06-23-2015 04:36 PM

person wrote: We need some kind of shitstorm to get memenbers to at least login again

But what kind of Shit storm? I mean, there are only 3 users online baring any mods or admins we can’t see....That’s brutal.

Posted by person
06-23-2015 04:34 PM

We need some kind of shitstorm to get memenbers to at least login again

Posted by Pre-Crisis Toneri
06-23-2015 04:27 PM’s gotten Slow on here.

Posted by person
06-21-2015 11:24 AM

be wrote: Sasuke’s are the same as always.

nope, he couldn’t dimension hop before

Posted by be
06-19-2015 11:30 AM

Sasuke’s are the same as always.

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