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Goodness is usually not rewarded, while evil often is: Why life doesn't make sense anyway



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I don’t teach facts, I pandor, I speak heresy, I speak truth, I speak lies, I am a little good and very evil (but that’s okay because even sinners can make you think and cause evolution and revolution), I teach you how to think.

The Bible tells us to take every it presents as the truth. It is a tool to empower a type of social cohesion.

We take in some odd millions of facts annually, and each time we believe or discard such, we make choice and become cogs in a machine that serves a higher purpose. Because our choices reflect our actions. A scientist, a true scientific mind and I don’t there’s been too many of those, is like a magician who is able to find higher purpose in the randomness of nature by asking questions, and bending his mind every which way.

If you can alter your own psyche, you’re as close mind control as one gets.

Open your heads, you talking about metaphors in the bible meant as metaphors in a very literal way and automatically picking sides with the the Bible calls “good” as if there’s either good or bad from the perspective of say the planet, or the sun, or some of other stellar body of matter.

If a succubus is hooker I would be the sugar daddy with his pimp cane.

Posted by Anon_436x41B
12-15-2016 01:35 PM

Is there a reason that you seem convinced of her existence?

A super sane person can rearrange an insane mind.

I.e., the Joker to Harley Quinn.

She’s a succubus, I’m a more clever type of parasite. Like Vampirism mixed with a Mongol Warlord and a Sage that utilizes dark magic.

Edited 12-15-2016 01:34 PM by Vampiric Mongol Warlord and Sorcerer of

A sado masochistic feminist, no greater challenge for pure sadist selfist (so by virtue patriorichal), but it works in theory since she’s only sadist part time (when you give an inch), you make her take the inches and she’s no longer a vampire, but something completely opposite. Reverse demonic vampirism. Now I’m the Vampire.

But you’d have to be a lot cleverer, more observational, and more secure than any psychiatrist. I might fit that bill.

Edited 12-15-2016 01:19 PM by Vampiric Mongol Warlord and Sorcerer of
Posted by Anon_436x41B
12-15-2016 01:03 PM

The KoShin wrote: As the ultimate cougar. She might be 6,000 years old but she’ll fuck your brains out.

She was supposedly more or less a vampire.

A feminist demon-possessed vampire isn’t really my type.

But if you’re interested in that kind of monster, you’re free to try your luck. Assuming that she actually exists and is somehow still alive. If you want to find her, I think you could start by checking any caves around the Red Sea.

And trust me, she can take many, many forms. I’ve seen her get into the best of women.

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